PlayStation Network and Xbox Live HACKED By Lizard Squad! (GTA 5 PS4 Gameplay)

PlayStation Network and Xbox Live HACKED By Lizard Squad! (GTA 5 PS4 Gameplay)

So you’ve just got your new console, doesn’t matter if it’s ps4 or xbox one, the
fact is you can’t go online and you’re wondering what’s up. Hey everybody how’s it going my
name is Usman and man it’s been a whole day Playstation Network was down, it went up,
and went down later on and it’s still down, mainly psn becuase xbox live went up for some
and went down again, but you can still do some stuff on xbox live as of now, but it’s very limited, you can’t use all of
it’s features and at the other hand psn is completely hacked, and of course as
of now you know who is behind all of this Lizard Squad who hacked PSN and Xbox Live,
not really hacked but they Ddos, I’m using hacking as a term, becuase it’s easier for
everybody to to understand, but if you are familiar with
what Ddos is, that’s good but I’m not gonna go in depth to explain what that is, but generaly
speaking Lizard Squad is sending packets over to PSN and Xbox live servers and they are
sending loads of them and that caused services to
shut down. So that’s that if you’re still not familiar with Ddos you can call this a
next level of hacking. So Lizard Squad Ddsod servers mainly for fun and because they wanted Sony and Microsoft to improve their level
of secruity, they wanted them to step up, so in the future it won’t happen again that’s
what Lizard Squad have said. And they did this on Christmas time because
that’s when a lot of people get the chance to play, a lot of people buy new consoles,
games, etc… and of course that makes a lot of people mad and that’s what cause them to
rage on Sony and Microsoft, and like I said it’s been a whole day that sevices aren’t
working, but it shouldn’t take too long to re-instate
the servers. But I would say it’s a little bit of sony and Microsoft fault too, becuase
Lizard Squad took down their services couple weeks ago and around late November they started to say we will re take down servers on Christmas
day, of course Sony and Microsoft knew that and they still did absolutely nothing to prevent
this, they probably took this very lightly to be honest, hopefully servers will be back up soon, because it sucks a lot of people
bought new consoles and they can’t play. So I would like you guys to leave a comment
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  2. lizard squad…
    pfft 1st he isn't a lizard or has a squad well he has a group

  3. just dumped 465 dollars on a brand new PS4 and Battlefield 4, and got Destiny for free with it, only to come home and not be able to play online.. fucking great

  4. Can you give me some information of what the plantation network is doing besides getting the servers back like are they tracing the lizard squad keep me posted thx for the vid.

  5. The loser squad should be linched and yes i think it's part sony and microsoft's fault why didn't they take security measures to protect their networks this is what the 3rd time Psn and xbox live were hacked they threetened to do this at Christmas time and they should have taken measures to prevent it and they didn't 

  6. I have a PS3 and I have been playing lbp2 all the time and I can't play online witch SUCKS cuz I'm trying to make a level and I need pan to work ;^;

  7. if he is such a good hacker why not give us all 10000000000 dollars in gta five or 100000 dollar in our accounts so we can buy games

  8. What happened is my new laptop [which im using now] is randomly installing new things without notifying me, forcing me to go to my PS3. Which the servers are down. So I have nothing to do because almost all my games are online & i beat all of them.

  9. What is the point of hacking online that is so dumb!! What are these people possibly going to get out of this!! This just pisses me off!!


  11. this is the second time you would think they would have back up ready to go no? must be dumber then they look, or inside job… 😉

  12. fuck……. thts fucked up… i cant even play non of my downloadable games on my ps4. a waste of money. fuck u hackers fuck u PS.

  13. On christmas day my brother bought playstation plus and then the servers went down and it says we have no ps plus so we just sort of wasted $50

  14. With the money people are paying for multiplayer(online) they should take security measures period but they definetely lost some money maybe thell take things seriously next time

  15. I can't get on PSN, I got a new PS4 game for Christmas and I can't even play it, I'm so mad. I hope this gets resolved soon, I'm loyal to sony, but this is making me sad, I just want to get online to PSN.

  16. I want my money back for the online services that I PAID FOR! I can guarantee after this is all over both Microsoft and Sony are going to go on like nothing ever happened! SO ANNOYING!

  17. Hero Kim Dotcom Stopped & Protected XBox & Playstation From Further Attacks..Full Report on this + Movies/Games/Videos and CIA Secrets on dreamteamdownloads1(.com)..& Thanks for the video.
    NB::Many Sections/Downloads are FREE-but NOT ALL are Available to Guests,so-Please SUPPORT and REGISTER to become a member to download & Enjoy a LOT more -ALL Members info is kept confidential, and NOT recorded by us, nor on our Server

  18. 1:20 , so your talking about that they are some kind of white hats (hacker that attack to find out the way to protect the network)? I'm actually glad that PSN.

  19. That's fucked up cause some kids have winter break and now they can't play online and winter break will almost be over for some kids

  20. so you can play online on advanced warfare but gta apparently playstation pluss not available in uk can anyone explain whats going on 

  21. Everybody if there was every a time to come together Blacks,Whites,Asians,Mexicans,Aliens,Terrans,walkers whatever it is now. They have taking our PSN and Xbox Live away from us, we will not Tolerate this BS. These are our games and we want it them to work NOW. 


    nah but seriously get our sh*t working Please.

  22. Is it still affecting xbox one ? I just got a new xbox and got bf 4 and it's taking ALL DAY to instal and when it gives me the option to play it is taking FOREVER to load a game, to the point where it won't load at all !!!!! Please reply man 🙂 give me a update on this storey

  23. I couldn't play on ps4 cause of these assholes they hacked the new systems those bitches. They just wanted to ruin Christmas

  24. guys! its easy to connect to psn servers again!just go to setting and keep going until u get to ur mtu or whatever its called to 1473!anonomous told us that!1.settings 3.set up connection(choose the one ur using) custom 5.choose ur thing ur connected to 6.automatic not scpecify 8.automatic 9.manual 10.enter 1473 11.then just back out ater test connection sighn in and have fun it worked for me   shoutout to Bondy and anonomous 4 giving us this good info

  25. I just bought ps4 console and didnt understand why i cant log in. Now i know why. I hope those lizard guys will all die very slow dead and burn in hell.

  26. I just got Rise of the Dark Spark for Christmas and while I was playing, the game shut off. Afterward, I couldn't get on PSN to play Escalation. This, i think, is the reason.

  27. Lame

    The definition of this is what they are! Like if you get it! If you don't get…. Get off your fat asses and PLAY 60!

  28. I got Xbox live on Christmas eve and now I can't play online because of some fucking retarded hackers who have no life but to hack people and for what purpose

  29. he hacked ALL PSN & xbox live networks including xbox original & 360 & ps2. i still has xbox original ps2 ps1 xbox 360. my mom still has her sega & jaguar….  we like playin old games lol

  30. i don't think that ddosing would be considered hacking at all and yes i know there's going to be a lot of people saying that it is let me give those people a run down on what ddosing is. so it's basically sending a bunch of requests like hitting the refresh button over and over again just doing it really fast and having more then one person join in as well. but all they are doing is sending a bunch of phony requests to the xbox and psn servers and taking them down due to all the traffic there generating that's all they are doing

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