Playing Minicraft on Chrome (Minecraft Ripoff?)

Playing Minicraft on Chrome (Minecraft Ripoff?)

  10 Nov 2019   , ,

Hello people this is johnster space program Today i am playing this minecraft ripoff online game It’s called Mini Craft The reason why the recording looks like this is because i recorded it on a chromebook Normally, i record on my windows 10 laptop, but since i don’t have it at school, i had to use screencastify Also the game has no sound so that’s why there’s no sound Not really sure what else to say… I guess enjoy this short video and answer the poll about whether i should play the one night two crazies mod My next video should be back to my normal ones, i might sometimes make ones like this in the future Anyways bye for now Pss… Your still watching? Ok I just wanted to say i think johnster might be working with 1st baldi on full game demo map recreation decompile Just ask him on discord or something …

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  1. JohnsterSpace Program Why You Didn't Want Me To Help You In Baldi's Basics Deep Dark Depths Remastered? I Was Trying To Give You A Link On My Arts And Crafters Sound But You Didn't 🙁

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