Playing Children Learning Games We Forgot Existed

Playing Children Learning Games We Forgot Existed

Stop it. Just stop fighting. Stop. No, you are the worst person to say that Mac. Because if people stop fighting and posting problematic shit your gonna having nobody. IM gonna lose my business *cursed jumpstart sounds MMMMM SOME GOOD ASS FOOD! 😉 yeet I need to stop doing this close up thing to my face. I’d like to get past this point of my career I need to start looking pretty (✿❦ ͜ʖ ❦) I don’t know why i just need to like start looking like PrettY Making people feel inferior to my BEAUTY Maybe i’ll finally hit two million You never know. yOu nEveR kNoW! Maybe that’s how it works What up squirrels. It’s your main raccoon MAC That was racist So today we’re gonna be doing some stupid shit But like at the same time what’s new I was having a conversation with *mlelm* somebody I don’t know who I was talking too but I hope they were listening. I think I was talking to myself Then that was a lie because I don’t listen to myself at all bitch So a few days a ago I was just talking to the great void of existence *as usual* About the universally collective things, the majority of us did while in elementary school. And talking about the things you grew up on is trending right now so we’re gonna do *silence in gay* We’re gonna kill it basically. Were gonna kill it So, as I was reminiscing about my past, something I never want to do ever once again in my life. Please This imagery of a game came into my head that I swear to god once in my life used to be a fever dream (?) But I guess it’s NOT ‘Cause today we’re gonna play it Yeah, that’s- that’s how we’re introducing this Today we’re gonna play a game that we all thought was a fever dream. BASICALLY Some of y’all probably like “I nEvEr PlAyEd ThIs MaC” But once I press start, b***h, y’all gonna be like “Oh D**n , WaIt A mInUtE “METH?” And today we’re going to play it That’s what you guys wanna see Me playing children’s games on my youtube channel *Rethinks career Maybe I shouldn’t get two million subscribers That’s the problem The game is called Jump Start Shoulda led with that Multiple grades to it JuMp StArT pReScHoOl JuMp StArT kInDeRgArTeN JuMp StArT fIrSt GrAdE ThIrD GrAdE SeCoNd GrAdE I think, maybe I don’t know second grade was a blur. Did that exist? And now, today I am playing that for my channel… *Rethinks life this time When did I become so weird? Just imagine the people on amazon being like “Did this person literally just buy a game made in 1994?” Hell yes I did bitch and I’ll buy it again if I need to Also HI I have a podcast now I don’t think I ever mentioned that at all I don’t think I’ve ever like *told* the youtube world what’s happening in my life, but that’s something that that I’m doing if you guys wanna hear two completely opposite human beings talking in a microphone. Mostly yelling in a microphone actually. Then check out Messy w/ Mac & Mike It’s exactly what I just said Messy as f**k so sorry Bitch you sloppy and you’re welcome. Shut up, I’m amazing I took a week off sorry I’m back HII Instead of coming right back after my apology I did what every other youtuber does wait until that video stops making so much traction and then make another one to keep that revenue going you know what I mean? You know what I mean. (I really don’t, Mac) Lets just play this g*ddamn gAme HERE WE GoOoO and now we- OOooO – Elephant: Hi my name is Eleanor *gay confusion* Eleanor: I’m so happy to see you! My classmates Casey, Keesha, and Pierre CAN’T WAIT TO PLAY WITH YOU 😉 KEESHA? KEESHA? Who’s Keesha? Who’s Casey? Who are these people you just mentioned to me, bitch? Okay, here we go we are playing… This… Broken ass game apparently You see this shit? WoW, 1994 bitch. 1994, my computers like Da Fuq? *Iconic Mac laughter*I just f*cked up the screen so muchEleanor: My names is Eleanor- Shut the f*ck up Eleanor: Can’t wait to- I’m just gonna click the door click the door shut up shut up We’re clicking the door, the door is clicked and the game froze Here we- Eleanor: I can’t wait to see you inside! Bitch, there’s nothing there Click on the what? The- the bitch? Hello? What am I clicking on? Hello? There it is okay. Now we- WooooooOoooOOOOO gay silence in fear of satan……… Eleanor: ENTER YOUR NAME IN THE SIGN IN SHUT UP Mac o- Kay we’re playing a busted ass cracked out Jumpstart bitches. *Groovy ass music plays *Groovy music ends 🙁What kinda busted ass game is this? God dammit God Dammit GoD DAMMIT GoD dAmMiT gOd DaMmItHave you ever just had your dreams like fall apart And had to live the rest of your life miserably knowing your dreams never came to reality? LIke you have such high expectations that just fall apart right from the get-go :,( RIght from the start, you know? Whether it be, becoming rich and famous or playing a preschool game that doesn’t work with your computer system Because your system’s way too advanced for the 1994 software it was made to create. *contemplation of existence and everything*…… WELL NONE OF THAT IS ACTUALLY COMING TRUE BECAUSE WE ARE PLAYING JUMPSTART KINDERGARTEN INSTEAD advanced ooo no child not me EHEHEHHEHE HEHEHHEHEHE Let’s just f*cking do this It’s not Jumpstart Preschool We don’t get to mess with little KeeshaOr Jenea Or DeAndre Whatever they’re names were I forgot But instead we get Sheneo>Tyrone Penelope Demetri Quandala Sykes Demarcus And Pablo With they’re little side-kick Mister Niglet Great. Let’s play this Game: Please enter a name- Shut up Now we gotta select a name Also I’m playing with my headphones because… I don’t have any… thing else anymore in my lifeI guess I’m a DJ now guys Is that your worst nightmare? We’ll never know. BITCH TITTIES That’s kindergarten appropriate right? Yeah Let’s go. We’re going in. We’re going to eatin out that p*ssy Asshole? What ever you chose it’s 2019. WOOOOOO Quandala Sykes: PiCk Me BITCH SHUT UP SHUT UP Demetri: THe PIctUReS wILl HeLP You- Great Demarcus: Pick Me. My friends and I will help you through the tough spots Penelope: If you pick me, we’ll play my drum. We’ll play his drum bitch If we pick little Tyrone, (K thats his name now i guess) He’s gon let us play his drum bitch. *Mac contemplating his options I don’t wanna get arrested so like no. This is great and all. I’m glad you guys really want me to pick you but… What are your names? And why are all of you in 3D But Mister Niglet right in the corner is like completely in cartoon. Like what kind of racism *JAMMIN YEEEEEEEEEET* who’s grammy? Welcome racers! Jumpstart fill (?idkwhatthefuckhesaid) YEET this was a bad idea… the feels heh thanks for watching, like, subscribe and give Kesha a break THIS IS THE PART WHERE THE ENDING MUSIC PLAYS. play it mama skrrt skrrt btch

100 thoughts on “Playing Children Learning Games We Forgot Existed

  1. 1:41 thought it was fake until last year I remembered my promise to get the mermaid tail and played it trying to get it but I couldn’t figure out how


  3. I FREAKING LOOOOVE/LOVED JUMP START! I was playing Jump Start: Kindergarten when I was like 2, but then graduated a year late from high school. I must have fell down the stairs after my jump start

  4. Omg I paused it at one point and then thought I pressed play but I guess I didn’t and I was just watching a paused Mac but thought it was playing does that make sense?

  5. perhaps the actual plot was that Keesha actually murdered Pierre and life got so complicated because she got sued by DeAndre (aka absolut), so she now has 2 jobs to pay the lawsuit


  6. I must've had the unadvanced version of kindergarten since all I remember doing was going out to a farm and taking pictures of animals lol. Phonics summercamp was fun too. Also that feel when you find out Deandre's real name is hopsalot.

    Also in 2010 there was like this ecosystem/grammar game for like…2nd graders? It like panned down the ocean? Ok

  8. You should play the Scandinavian preschool game about Josefine the rabbit!! Not exactly sure what it's called but I remember playing it at school

  9. "We dont get to play with little Keisha, or Jeane, De'andre"
    Yo- Im deadass-my name is Jeane-I got so scared.

  10. holy shit
    This was a real memory I had?
    what fucking time line is this from-
    Thought this was a weird dream I had
    I raised a fucking parrot in one of these mini games

  11. bold of you to assume that nursery school children never seen a dick lol ive heard so much stories from women who happened to see boys' dicks when they were little

  12. I played the first grade one like every day the moment you started playing the games memories came FLOODING back!!!

  13. “My name is Ele-SHUT THE FUCK UP”

    “…..what kinda busted ass game is this- god dammit……God dAmmIt god DammIt”

    “If we pick lil Tyrone he gonna let us play his drum bitch………………….”

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