Playing A Horror Game In A Real Haunted House Challenge

100 thoughts on “Playing A Horror Game In A Real Haunted House Challenge

  1. no one:

    not even a single person:

    litterally no one gives a damn:

    me: watching the flickering lights intensly and worrying for the both of them like "would they die?"

  2. I was just watching the flickering lights behind them.

    And also, did anyone notice that the lights stopped flickering when Zach turned around?

  3. For some reason after I read the title I thought they would actually play like they were in a horror game in a real haunted house 😂

  4. Kelsey has the best reactions, and would be a great person to go ghost hunting with. Her energy is so enthusiastic and a gorgeous smile.

  5. Uhm to 10:16 to 10:22 the light stops flickering then it turns back to flickering? Then it stoped ? Then flickerd then stops anyone see that??? Kelsey didn’t see it yet…EDIT at15:50 the light stayed on the turned off ewww

  6. When she was standing for so long on the Stairs out from the basement, I thought something will drag her down any moment. But, nope. Not sure if I could make my way out there, alone and scared. I think I would need someone to pick me up. She's a brave women 😁

  7. Playing in the dark at night…Exzellent..

  8. Can I play there? Please since the ghost there is polite and nice and I will Definitely play with him because I have a feeling that he is a cool guy or ghost,I know that might seem a tad bit too crazy to say but yeah

  9. That area is the scariest because of the flickering lights, why didn't Susan explain it why it is the spookiest?

  10. 10:50 the light go of for sometime when the shotgun went off, that’s also why the place is haunted because of a shotgun

  11. I did not like that he turned around and the light stayed on. But as soon as he turned back to the game the light started to flicker again! FFFUUU

  12. Kelsey is a bit too dramatic and loud for me to enjoy this. And why play a game in a haunted house. Explore instead of playing. No challenge here.

  13. i love how when at 22:23 he said “don’t know why it’s freaking me out, but it REALLY is” AS he moved a movie reel. am i the only one who caught that pun?🤦🏼‍♀️😂

  14. 13:30
    ''before the world told you who you should be, do you remember who you were?"

    Me: um- yeahh so i did not expect that line..yep, especially coming from darkness

  15. Comment se faire remarquer en ligne? En postant des vidéos du genre, complètement égocentriques et très mal jouées.

  16. Nothing really spooky happened in reality. Try playing a VR horror game in a graveyard at midnight especially on Halloween.

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