Play PS4 Games On iPhone ✅ How To Play PS4 On iPhone WIth Controller (PS4 Emulator for iOS)

Play PS4 Games On iPhone ✅ How To Play PS4 On iPhone WIth Controller (PS4 Emulator for iOS)

Play PS4 Games On iPhone ✅ How To Play PS4 On iPhone WIth Controller (PS4 Emulator for iOS)
hey guys today I’m going to show you how
to play any ps4 game on your iPhone this is a very simple process guys all you
need is a play ps4 app now this will work on Android as well I forgot to
mention but this obviously isn’t in the Play Store or the App Store so we gotta
get it on the record from an iPhone you need to do this first settings general
background app refresh movies on Wi-Fi mobile data that’s iPhone only step oh
yeah should I open your web browser type in sideload CC and once it loads up just
go to the search type in play era there’s a ps4 so just dirt injection on
it will download so we’re just going to wait for this guys this via ps4 emulator on iphone you had
like a really old iPhone probably won’t be that fast obviously like if you have
an iPhone 4 or something but it works great on my success okay so now you’ll
be taken to a list of apps like this sometimes you only get one out guys it’s
just refresh if that happens or come back later you need at least two apps
for this to work so there we go but we not so what we need to do is download to
these I’m running for 30 seconds just so we can bypass codes hanging on iOS so
very simple just go into the App Store yeah just following instructions pretty
much it says red blue and what you need to do so just follow them and this one
said Donald installed on 30 seconds we’ll do exactly that so this one for 30
seconds now it I’m not gonna wait the full 30 70 got it but you would want to
do that if that’s what your app told you to do then I have these two apps it
might be different apps but it’s usually just install them and open 30 seconds so
Cinco this one just you go 30 seconds watch do that both of them you will see
the play ps4 icon your home screen so you can just go ahead and delete both of
these you don’t need these anymore they just like serve their purpose pretty
much so yeah guys I can’t actually open this because Sony has been striking
videos with this in them but I’m gonna try to get around that by not showing
the actual content so maybe they can’t strike it I’m not sure but just try this
video up guys cuz not sure how long this video is gonna be up for anyway I’ll see
you in the next video peace

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