Planet alpha game review | team 17 games

Planet alpha game review | team 17 games

Remember the game 0vercooked, the team behind
it dropped their 100th game known as planet alpha so here is my game review about the
game Hey everyone its your boy bloodwizard y,a
back with another game review named as planet alpha
Planet Alpha, is a 2D-inspired platformer developed by Team 17. For those who are not familiar with team 17,
they are the team behind great games like overcooked and worms, planet alpha is a puzzle
game, and it depends on environmental manipulation.however There is no combat in the game. The player depends either on stealth, or puzzles
when they encounter an enemy. It’s quite refreshing to play a game that
doesn’t feel the need to feature mindless madness to at least some levels. Also, it helps that the player never actually
intends to destroy the robots, and can’t harm any of the planet’s fauna. Planet Alpha is all about escape,. It’s not concerned with displaying enemies
killed” at the end-game. It’s gentle, quiet, and warm Since its team 17’s 100th game you can understand
the hardwork and that beautiful visuals that has been given to this beautiful game. Despite the glorious Overcooked 2 didn’t
end up as the 100th game , this is still an interesting game that illustrates how important
indie developers and publishers are ensuring gaming still offers something other than just
blockbuster sequels. As a humanoid astronaut, you awake on a strange
new planet filled with an ecosystem of alien beasts of all shapes and sizes. huge colourful flowers bloom in the ground
while massive structures expand and glow as day passes into night, and back again including
creatures of every colour racing in your wake. It’s a world you know almost nothing about
, but still you will have these feelings of exploring almost everything. The art style – which uses bold colours on
low-poly models – works fluently thanks to a clever use of shadow, lighting and a camera
that alternates smoothly between watching from a distance and swooping up close as you
navigate through countless new places. The majestic alien landscapes are filled with
such life and beautiful colours it just feels sad to play a video game around them I would
really loved it if we could actually interacted somewhat with them while solving those puzzles
thou from the looking jungles to floating islands they are charming in their beauty,
as you watch the passing of huge big space whales and marching robot armies. Planet Alpha is a game with no words, leaving
the defination story up to its audience. The opening segment shows a character in a
spacesuit crawling from wreckage, injured. Maybe their ship crash landed there Eventually,
the humanoid astronaut regains strength, able to walk again. Running to the right as one would in a side-scrolling
plateformer A Simple platforming continues for many more
screens without obstacles or challenge Coming up to the player ,The player is without
weapons, however, you must use sneak techniques , solving puzzles or other techniques to avoid
the robots . and here my friend begins the cycle of Planet Alpha: easy platforming, provides
calm and peaceful scenes followed by robots and creatures But at the end ill be honest with you ,no
doubt Planet Alpha’s areas are beautiful, but later on it becomes boring. Taping the controller’s joystick to the right
while jumping occasionally to progress through these portions of the game. And these pointless segments goes on and on
and on. As if they released this game just to show
off the graphics:, sometimes the experience gets worse instead of better. Players will have to trial and error their
way through clunky stealth mechanics, solve puzzles or other random tasks while avoiding
a firing squad of robots who will kill instantly on sight. See Planet Alpha isn’t tough, but the mechanics
aren’t great or fleshed out enough to be meaningful if you’re looking for fun with a beautiful
sci-fi and good looking visuals , then planet alpha might be your choice Ill drop a gameplay of 5 to 7 minutes of the
game to let you know about the game more Thanks for watching thumbs up if you enjoyed
this video and subscribe for more reviews in the future until then peace

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