PC Vs. Console Gaming (With Terry Crews) • Debatable

PC Vs. Console Gaming (With Terry Crews) • Debatable

(epic orchestral music) – I’m team Xbox, PS4, and to
a lesser extent, Nintendo. – I’m Terry Crews, and
I’m team PC Master Race. – So Terry, are you a gamer? – Yes I am. – So, what type of games do you play? (laughs) – I feel like this is a setup. – Let me tell you about one
game in particular. Madden. You play Madden with a joystick, looking dead in the eye of the
person that you’re beating, right on the same couch. – That’s great, but
you know, the thing is, I played in the NFL, Ned. (laughs) Madden on console is a
cheap, cheap imitation, dude. Using the console, you’ve got your little, all your little cheat codes, and all your little moves
and the whole thing. It’s just always you and
a buddy, and beers, and you’re knocking over stuff. Let me tell you something, you don’t get anywhere near my PC. – I got three words for you Terry. – Okay – Super Smash Brothers. Ever head of it? – Okay, but you know
what’s bad? I mean, again, you’ve been living a JC Penney life. It’s time to step up to Tom Ford. The framerates, you have to have your
cable management together! If your cable management is
all jacked up, you jacked up! – I don’t need to talk
about wire management, ’cause I’ve got the wireless controller. You can play in front of the
tv, you can play on the couch. How many times are you going
to take a PC to your couch? – No – Never – Because you have a nice,
beautiful desk setup. You have three monitors. – Yeah – The console man, – You’re right, one screen isn’t enough. Unless there’s an actual human, on the couch playing there with you. – Oh – When are you gonna do that with a PC? – But, it’s not that good.
It’s just not that good. It’s not the experience – But it just works,
Terry. I just plug it in, I pay $60 a year, and it just works. – Oh man, you know what,
but your life isn’t. Your life’s not working. – What evidence have I
given you thus far that my life’s not working? – By your socks. I can see
your sock. The polka dot socks. – These are great socks! – His whole life is a sham! – That’s not true. – He’s settled for much less. Show me how this works. Go show me. – You really set me up
for that one, didn’t you? – Yeah I did. Go show me how it works. – So first of all, you
click the center screen. – Nah, I didn’t mean that. – Mhmm? – I said get up, and show me. (loud impact sound) – PC’s are trash, Terry Crews. PC’s are trash. Go Steam
account that together. – Turn that off. I don’t
anybody to witness this. – You heard him, turn the cameras off. – We don’t need any witnesses, what’s about to happen. (epic orchestral music) (laughter)

100 thoughts on “PC Vs. Console Gaming (With Terry Crews) • Debatable

  1. Definitely team PC


    1.PC are customizable

    2. They can be upgraded with better hardware

    3. They last longer

    4.They technically cost less than Consoles because they can be upgraded to run newer games instead of getting a new expensive console

  2. :crawls out of hole:
    terry you said to me that you were with console this is unbelievable im gonna go harass a pc youtuber about how console is better and keep this war going

  3. Why does Terry Crews seem lije the worst person to debate for PC. He didn't bring up anything about playing on the couch for PC, or really any good points for why PC is better.

  4. There's the comments like pc won and console one but then there's people like me that is on no-ones side because he or she just can't afford one.

  5. I personally like PC better as PC gamers as PC gamers are better because if they have been playing the same game for the same period of time as there is much more control over the game when people have key-binds and their mouse also has buttons that can do select things.

  6. Let all ur buddies connect there controller’s to your pc, connect your pc to your tv, relax on a couch and u Gucci.

  7. "How many times are you gonna take your pc to the couch"

    watching the video on your laptop on the couch in the living room

  8. I really TRIED to laugh with this set up scenario but they both show so much ignorance about pros and cons of both platforms that it was just … annoying.

  9. Terry Crews is in Crackdown 3 and is a Xbox exclusive (playable on Xbox and Windows 10 – still technically Xbox) and so Xbox, a console, is the best platform.

  10. Console of is awful also you can't play with someone else on the same pc also you can't play pc on the couch

  11. I play both. Where does that put me. I have to admit tho I find the ps4 easier to use when I play overwatch and aot. Anything else pc

  12. PC has wireless mice and keyboards. We can hook up our PC to the TV, and have our wireless keyboard and mice on the coffee table. Also, internet cafe's to play with friends. PC has more exclusives than all the consoles combined, and games are created on the PC. For PC, more frame rates, more customization. The keyboard and mouse are more accurate and easier to use. Also, PC gamers don't have to pay to play games online, other than for wifi.

  13. Yeah so I have 150 games on my steam account and a 1050 ti but I still like playing rdr on my ps3. Which team am I supposed to be on?

  14. PC always wins no matter what. What reason is there to own a console anymore? I switched 2 years ago and I never looked back.

  15. I just want to say…
    PC Master Race
    And so much more than what a console has and can give.
    Plus, you get to build one yourself, you can’t just go out and build a console, I mean you can but why? Who does that? Another thing, on PC, you can mod any game because you can access the game file, unlike consoles where mods for games HAVE to be official and the developers have to make DLCs for the game because you can’t access game files on console. One last thing, you can make a PC better, just buy new parts and boom, hours of enjoyment unlike console where you have to stick with the specs that it already has.

  16. The great thing about consoles is that they have the exclusive console-only games, which can then be ported into emulators for PC, making it so PC has access to ALL games! PCMR, it's not an argument, it's the future.

  17. Not only does a PC have more capable hardware, but we have more options. Want to plug and play with a controller? Sure. Tired of the traditional 16 by 9 aspect ratio? We can play ultrawide 21 by 9 It's like comparing a Nissan Altima vs a Nissan GT-R. Nothing wrong with an Altima, but don't bash on the person with the faster car.

  18. I have my gaming laptop pc hooked up to my TV and use two wireless xbox controllers (connected to the laptop via blutooth) all the time.

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