PC Gaming i7 si GeForce RTX într-un pachet RGB | CEL.ro

PC Gaming i7 si GeForce RTX într-un pachet RGB | CEL.ro

Bad Internet helper found you on our YouTube channel Today we will talk about life in the West An i7 gaming system And the next few minutes we will see What’s beyond the glass pane And of course we’re going to do synthetic tests, we’ll play and I’ll tell you at the end We will give our opinion about This system Forget everything Do not forget to subscribe and activate notifications and then enter on cel.ro Slash givo I’m looking to enroll you in the contest Beyond the glass panels There is the brain of the system a liquid-cooled i7 8,700 processor More exactly ID cooling frostflow 120 graphics acceleration is done using the board And double glazed oc On 6gb What is the Nvidia rtx chipset 60 side we have a dual channel xp ad kit 16gb What runs at a frequency of 3,200 m are all mounted on a Gigabyte motherboard H310m h Cooking is done in two environments A hdd segate Baracuda of one terabyte and faster speeds in. We also have an SSD To date 630 of 240 GB All of the above are powered by a 600W Sago source And assembled for the cyclon aerocool housing with rgb lighting for the beginning start Cinebench or better said we will show cinebench We have 3,000 28 points on multicore and 479 points in Single Core We still have a firestrike with 17047 points total score And 18,800 30 points score for the graphics card Finally we have Paicu times 7421 points And the graph score 7,432 points The first game we play is GTA V Yes I know I will tell you this not every episode how long will we test GTA 5 is an old game but needs Very many resources We play now in 2k mode or better said at a 2k resolution with all the elements and details Data maximum except mass and table reflection Which are given on 2 or x 2 Therefore Let’s go around the city here, and as we can see All textures look Elements look very good The distance we can see horizon To say Is very large And it gives you the feeling that you are For a reality Between true reality Let’s say no oral Generated by a computer I like very much the reflections on Body elements And of course all the shadows are very Fluffy to say Just like in reality Not sharp are not pixilated And per total estoy gameplay experience Very pleasant Honestly I played GTA and march walk like that through Through the city all day now Listen to music and I would Nonsense trespass Come on the ramp I tried I even tried the narrator Mattress this car Then we play piubigi of course At 2k everything on ultra maximum and so on, of course with the vesting of and motion Blur of And all the games will test Under these circumstances, there will be no need to mention this in every game We currently have 78 degrees in the graphics card Between 40 and 50 degrees in the processor and the proportion of use is the following 97% 15% processor So again Big load is taken over Of Graphic accelerator And everything is very moving Sweet I’m not absolutely Any Problem I found one too Sieve I forgot about birds Now I realized So I forgot because I do not see any problems with them in the gameplay experience So we have between 80 and 90 frames per second We do not have land, we have no one Sneezed And prevented Regarding this System I really like how Move And yet at 2:00 as the majority will play at Full HD resolution Noah Strafen a little bigger gives you That icandy He has it Resolution 2k You really like the game Who I like to play the game I like the fact that although it is not extraordinarily optimized this game runs very well on Apex Legends 77 degrees in the graphics card with 50 57 degrees in the new task processor is taken over Graphic accelerator Somewhere at 90 90 And 7% while the processor In this game there is something more to crunch Let’s say that somewhere at 41% But At the moment we are still in the air I did not land on my hand jumping on I do not even know who I am I let it be a window Master we are teaming with Johnny 9744 And With fruit Okay, we’re going somewhere between 80 and 90 frames per second again Resolution 2k all details given at maximum And What to say I honestly like it I really like it Good This resolution It makes you Look at Moni Future Weddings top As we can see We are very good at the chapter Password burn temperatures Good Those right 78 degrees I’m a little bit picky He has absolutely no Plate issue Frankly to be I was a little skeptical When I saw the graphics card manufacturer But now that I can think better At a total of 120 60 is Fans have everything Cooling pipe has, of course, all of that CB Therefore We all know that At the great companies Or better said Great component manufacturers For what systems There is also the marketing factor You pay more And the firm And so on I say this graphics card is Direct competition with Asu Or gigabyte But It is very good for a plate below 2.000 RON I seem to be doing it Extremely good I started out and apex Legends 2k everything but on ultra so envy Mr. was activated We have somewhere at 70 frames per second between 70 and 80 frames per second 79 Tens of degrees in the graphics card With 6164 degrees in the processor 96% is the graphics card and 51% One hundred uses the processor Faced with the past game, the processor is somewhat more demanded in this game But again Honestly why in the ultra-game is to see what graphics can plagiarize I do not think that’s an extraordinary idea or Most of them I will not make the difference between Hai and Ultra There are only a few elements Which Just an eye Fin will notice them Let’s not look at the water What water looks like Potatoes very well water We even have this Actually, I’m not necessarily Steam are very small particles of water That jumps in the air when the water strikes the stones I really like this Perfect You are here water I do not like very much I do not like why Because it is turbulent water But I have the effect of Drop that falls on a flat surface Which is not Yeah, it’s something combined With reality but not the fault of the game or the system And that’s the way it is coded Game match scheduled But it moves very well with the elastic envy Finally we play Battlefield 5 Where It’s good here you can see how much It impacts this game on the system 95 97% percentage of use of the plate Graphics and 65% 78% usage The processor So this game is very intense Very intensive is intensive For this system But However, we have between 70 and 80 frames per second at a resolution of 2k Full screen With all the details given on Ultra High and so on So to the fullest extent possible Instead I did not activate directx 12 and you do not want 3 alone why Why The moment you activate those two options Fraction rate per second decreases Considerable Yes So ultra We have not even been all I was not really careful But even so the ultra moves Very good We have no place stuttering And so on As for the gameplay experience It is Extraordinary call For this system And honestly to be like this is the proof The fact that you do not need 100000000 to have a system to enjoy a game Even if we have one Graphic accelerator Not necessarily entry level, but the 2000 series is the weakest 2060 ul But This is extraordinarily good Game Or better say these games Which I do not have State at the moment The brand does not always make the difference Yes Nico if we had a graphics card from Gigabyte or ASUS I know I’ve said the same earlier, but if you’ve skipped To this point Wedding by Ana Brenda Means Quality and performance And that’s proof Comes between the quotes said The fact that Although it is a not so well-known brand Hello to the graphics card Succeeds to I’m delivering pretty good performance In conclusion we have in the system that provides quite good performance ratio But Io Trick here You have to think like that If you play 2k It would have recommended an alternative to this system with 2,600 With ryzen 5 why Because Load Where is higher on the video card than the processor If you want to play instead full HD and want to have better performance I recommend this one Because the moment when You will get a resolution on PS, and you will have a higher number However, we have a chipset that does not allow overclocking and of course the processor is not over lockable But like a bass line Let’s say so for performance and for those who want a system More flexible, that is for creative content or for those who develop a husband or know what else Other activities Productivity-oriented have And of course they need a pretty good day’s good system that would be one of them The alternatives they might choose Why Why Bed Run and I can thank you to premier to export videos even 2k 4K and so on You can play But if I have a monitor at 144 herts and I want to play 2k as you could see I can not have over 100 girls’ essays And then I will not take advantage of the monitor’s capabilities 144 Herts Instead, if I lower the resolution A full HD and details on the medium are likely to come close to that Fraction rate per second Which to make me enjoy the refresh shoe on the monitor So you need to know What you need or better say you need to keep your sons and needs very well before choosing The system Why For this system also has an alternative with 2,600 ie ryzen 5 In time if I want I can approach a 2080 without any problems because it will not make a bottleneck with processor And in terms of long-term thinking this system can well go to run applications And of course games No problem at all for three or four years. That being said, I was Dragoş this was a system Gaming called diaxxa advanced gaming Until next time do not forget to check the description for useful links and updated prices and once again you will find And the alternative with ryzen 5 In the description link And do not forget to give your opinion about the comment section below

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  1. Hey baieti , as vrea sa va intreb ceva , cum ar fii combinatie LowBuget de un
    Procesor :AMD Sempron X2 190 2.50Ghz
    PlacaVideo: GeForce 210
    Cu 2 GB Ram
    Si un SSD KingStone de 240GB ?

  2. sal am un pc de 2 sapt si am i5 3.5 ghz 12 gb ram 1 tb gtx 1050 ti 8 gb si am 180 fps pe fortnite si 300 minecraft . Dar pe euro truck simulator 2 am 20 fps pe cs go la fel nu ma duce wot si tf2 si mai multe jocuri . PUETI SA IMI ZICETI DE CE ?

  3. Telefon până în 1300 lei eu mă gândeam la Google pixel xl /A40 /A50 /iPhone se voi ce îmi sugerați eu la modelele acestea m-am gândit și am găsit în 1300 lei (daca se poate nu Xiaomi )

  4. ✅ Diaxxa Advanced Gaming Intel este aici: https://cel.ro/c/M2FmT1oqMF5p
    ✅ Varianta cu procesor AMD este aici: https://cel.ro/c/M2FmT1ovVF1V
    ⏩ Recomanda CEL.ro si castiga puncte de reducere: https://cel.ro/recomanda-si-castiga
    Daca-ti plac calculatoarele vino la noi, angajam tehnician asamblare pc: http://jobs.cel.ro/job/450/tehnician-asamblare-pc-at-vezi-mai-multe-detalii

  5. Ma puteti ajuta va rog un pic ? Am nevoie ca sa aflu daca incepand cu anul 2020 iPhone 7 Plus v-a mai primi update la iOS si daca jocurile si aplicatiile nu vor frana si totul va lucra bine si fluid. Acum am un Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 si doresc o camera mai buna si desigur o putere mai buna. Eu sunt din Republica Moldova si la noi in tara sunt persoane care vand iPhone 7 Plus nou sigilat 128gb la 320€ si iPhone 8 Plus de 64gb 420€. Credeti ca acest iPhone 8 Plus de 64gb va ajunge la anul la un pret de 320€ la mine in tara sau nu?

  6. Frate am si eu o problema …. Cum pot intoduce o placa vide dedicata pe o plaCa de baza cu placa vide integrata daca aceatsta placa de baza nu are slot pentru placa video dar are loc ?? Pls help

  7. Puteti de acum sa faceti captura la ecran si sa nu-l mai filmati cu telefonul cand testati jocurile, suntem in 2019

  8. Puteti va rog sa faceti si benchmark la forrnite ala ar fi jocul care l-as juca momentan si nu stiu ce framerate va vea cu acest pc

  9. Pt mai ieftin am facut un rtx 2070(msi) ryzen 5 2600 asrock x470 fatality 16gb ram hyperx predator rgb si 700w psu.si air colling ca e mai bun( chiar nu am nervi sa dau replace la componente pt ca water colling sa spart. Air colling face racire mai buna ) si case mai frumos. Nu se merita sa cumperi pc asta pt ca e deja asamblat. Si ai cam 90 de fps 2k pe 144 hz. Eu pe pubg am 150 fps pe ultra 2k. Si in build folosesti componente mai ieftine ca motherboard ram gpu. Ce sa faci asta e.

  10. Buna, am achizotionat acest pc si din ziua din care i-am pus windowsul acesta isi tot da restart automat cand vreau sa instalez ceva pe hdd. Tin sa mentionez ca windowsul este instalat pe ssd. Ma puteti ajuta?

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