Paper Beast – Trailer | PS4, PS VR

Paper Beast – Trailer | PS4, PS VR


100 thoughts on “Paper Beast – Trailer | PS4, PS VR

  1. I’ll be mad if there’s no Another World references in this! Not really… I’ll buy anything with Eric Chahi’s name attached to it.

  2. Tech Industry (Google, MS, Amazon): Game streaming is the future.
    Major Publisher (EA, Activision/Blizzard): ''Game as a service'' and Mobile games is the future
    SONY(PsVR) and Facebook (Oculus rift): VR and AR is the future
    Nintendo: Graphics does not matter, we go for 100% gameplay in the future

  3. What is the story line though do we fight monsters or just run away from some wind and look around not saying it’s bad it looks great but I just don’t like this trailer that much it doesn’t give me very much information but I’ll probably just buy it anyways

  4. Disappointing , show me gameplay, i bought Creed VR cause of gameplay, i bought SuperHot cause of gameplay, not using big word like "Epic Adventure" only to be given Epic boredom.

  5. Boooooo whhyyyyyyy do you make ps4 a console if it is slow at upadating games boooo ps4 booooo 1 like one fixing the ps4 s update

  6. This game has a dream like sense to it, which I love! definitely going to keep my eye on this game.

  7. This is what I want VR for, to take me to strange new worlds. I hope the game is solid, I would buy PSVR for this.

  8. From the beautiful mind of Éric Chahi, famous for Another World/Out of This World and a major inspiration for ICO.
    My wallet is ready.

  9. hm I'm playing one of eric chahi's other games, from dust, and it's similar graphically, but has slightly more fine details

  10. Eric chahi ce fabuleux codeur des années 80 , celui qui m'a fait scotché à mon atari st , avec ANOTHER WORLD codé en quelques jours seulement et seul sans l'aide de personne dans sa chamble! suivi du jeu fabuleux "Les Passagers du Temps"! Pour rien au monde je ne raterai Paper Beast , c'est plus qu'une évidence! Longue vie à PIXEL REEF ! Signé un fan inconditionnel d' ERIC.

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