P.T. – Game Grumps

P.T. – Game Grumps

A: Welcome To “P.T.” I know. I know what you’re thinking. This is the most pleasant game you’ve ever played. “Pleasant Theatre”. D: It’s- P.T. stands for “Pug Tickling”. A: It stands for- Uhhh- Puhhhh- P-Per-Perineum. D: Ok, pfft- uh, well- A: “Perineum Training.” *Dan laughs* D: Perineum?! *Arin laughs* D: What kind of crunches do I have to do- to really get my taint in shape? A: Uhhh- Poopy Taint! D: Oh. Well, thank you.
A: Yeah, yeah… D: We are…. children. A: So, uh- the game is loading because it’s loading a whole lot of- Um- A: Pleasant times for all of us.
D: Yeah, this is gonna be- A: That’s what P.T. stands for! D: Is it- Just tell me now, is it creepy scary or is it jumpy scary? A: It’s alllllll. D: Is it all of them? A: Hideo Kojima said that he wanted to- this is made by Hideo Kojima. D: O-okay. A: He wanted to make a game that would make you “shit your pants!” D: *laughs* Oh my God- A: And he was like, “Oh no, we’ll alienate a lot of viewers,” and then he was like- “AAAAHHH, FUCK ’em.” D: *laughs* Ohhh, nooo, I hate shit like this! A: Alright
D: What, what um- Uhhhh- What else has he done? A: Metal Gear Solid. D: Ohhh, ok. A: You big doof! D: That seems weird- that’s not a scary game though.
A: You big rumpus room. A: No, it’s not. D: There is- there was no… there was no pants shitting excitement in there. A: Let’s do it! D: [dejectedly] Oh, God… A: It’s 778- this is a farce. The whole world knows that this game is a Silent Hill game. D: Oh, ok. A: But it’s called P.T. I just ruined it for you, but- D: Ok!
A:You already know it’s a spooky scary game! D: “Pilent Till?” A: Ehh-
D: Ooo. A: So here you are on the floor A: And there’s a bug.
D: I’m a cockroach. It’s the metamorphosis A: *spanish accent* I am a, how you say… a cockaroach D: *spanish accent* La Cucaracha!
A: Ah! A: A Mamma, Mia. Papa, Pia- A: That’s my favori-
D: A sister make the diarreah *both laugh* D: Wow, haven’t had a chance to bust that one out in a long time. A: Wow, I hav- I haven’t even heard it. A: Oh, it’s all dark in here.
D: Yeah. A: What’s in here, nothing.
D: Okay… A: Let’s just go ahead and… …move forward.
D: *worried mmmm* D: Don’t like this. A: Ah it’s, no, it’s a nice- nice house.
Nice hallway. Nice room. D: Okay. A: Uhh, it’s… one minute before midnight! D: Okay!
A: Nice. D: Happy New Year?
A: Pictures on the wall. D: Oh. A: “My voice, can you hear it? This sign, can you read it? I’ll wait forever…” *trails off unintelligibly* D: Okay? A: Um… yeah, I don’t know there’s-
D: Nothing too scary so far *nervous laugh* A: There’s stuff going on, there’s pictures on the wall- D: Is that John F. Kennedy? A: What?
D: On the, on the left. A: Oh. Oh, no, that’s just some guy.
D: Oh, okay. A: Woah, there’s some news going on right now. D: Ohhh… “The father shot him, too.” “The six year old daughter had the-” oh, okay. *nervous laugh* Oookay. A: Oh, just telling her it was a game. D: …oh dear. D: That’s not good.
A: What? D: Is he talking about shit that happened in this house? A: …maybe?
D: Ohhh no. A: What’s going on down here? Oh, the radios on over here. D: EhhHHHhhh… D: Oh no. A: Okay.
D: Oh. D: *sarcastic* Ohhh, good! A: Hey, look! They’re so happy together. D: Ohh, that’s nice. D: What’s that sound? A: Murders… oh, it’s th- the hanging light up here.
D: Ohh, okay. A: Just creaking I guess. D: Oh god, I… Ugh, I have such a horrible sense of unease right now. A: Alright. Well, I’m just gonna go, go ahead and leave. D: Okay. A: And- whoa. D: …what the fuck? *laughs*
Oh god, another one of these situations. A: Huh. A: This is weird.
D: *laughs* You’re enjoying this way too much. A: Man, this is creepy! A: What’s going on here?
D: Okay. A: Oh, I don’t know what’s happening.
D: Okay. D: Everything’s fine. Those look delicious. A: Were those cobwebs there before? D: I think they were. A: I don’t remember. D: This looks pretty similar to the way it was. A: Oh, well. The radio’s not on anymore though. D: That’s true. A: The doors closed. D: Okay. D: Okay… D: Something just fell, that’s fine. A: It’s a locked door. A: Oh, there’s a little roach- the little roach I saw! D: Aww. It’s my roach friend! Hey roach friend! D: Hello Roachy friend! A: Heyyy! D: Who’s my buddy?
A: Guess we’ll see you later.
D: Who’s my little guy? A: Just bunch of stuff over here, this- this.. A: Nothing spooky scary about this.
D: Ahh- *nervous noises* A: There’s nothing spooky scary about this at all… Nothing spooky scary…
D: …Sorta spooky scar-.. A: What the fuck? D: What-oh fuck. Oh shit- um…[smacks lips]
A: I’m gonna- D: Maybe take a step away? D: *increasingly nervous noises* A: I’m gonna go ahead and just..
D: Okay..
A: ..Maybe D: Euhhh.. A: Not have anything to do with that door.. D: *nervous laughter* Okaaay.. A: [muttering] The door doesn’t open.
D: Alright.. D: That’s fine.
A: Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on man.
D: That’s fine. This is fine. Everything’s fine. A: *mumbling nonsense* D: Was this game–? When did this come out? A: Uh, yesterday.
D: Really?
A: Yeah.
D: I haven’t heard anything about this. A: Well, I guess I’m gonna try to leave, but.. no, I can’t leave. D: Okay. A: Can’t go out this door, it’s locked. A: So what am I supposed to do? I don’t know what the fuck I’m.. D: Uhh, I don’t know, I don’t know.. D: Huhh.. A: There’s a creepy scary spooky door over here..D: [whining nervously] A: What about uh, what about the door I came in from? D: Okay.. A: It’s still- still one minute to midnight. D: [laughing nervously] Ohh God dammit! [smack] D: *sharp inhale* A: I don’t know what’s going on. D: *high pitched* Oh no. A: No, I can’t.. A: Can’t leave through that door.
D: What the fuck is going on? A: Well, I guess I’m- A: -guess I’m fucked, I’m just stuck in this room. Wha- D: Wait- oh. A: The door’s open. D: Oh good. A: Alright. D: *starts to lose sanity* A: Guess I’ll go through the door. D: I’m like getting into a ball. A: *laughs* A: Alright, well- Oh. D: *yells* What the fuck is happening right now? A: I dunno, man. D: Ughhh. D: I hate shit like this. Ross and I just played a game like this.
A: Oh yeah, what was it? D: Uh, “Only If”. A: Oh. D: Yeah, where it’s just like one like ‘what the fuck’ after another. D: This is better. You know, already.
A: Oh, the door’s opened. D: You can tell. [hard banging on door being passed] D: AHAHAHAHAHA- A: AH oh geez D:Okay! [clap] Okay! [clap] Alrighty! [clap] D: Maybe it was the roach. D: Hey. A: Is everything okay in there?
D: Yeah, everyone having a good time? A: Uh oh. D: Oh- what’s that? D: What’s going on?
A: I dunno… D: *nervous laughter* A: I’ll go ahead and, uh, maybe turn up the volume… D: NO DON’T TURN IT UP! A: Yeah yeah, you know, just a- just a little bit… D: God dammit Arin, I hate that you know what’s gonna happen. A: ..just to get us uh… just to get us in the mood. D: You can make this like easily the most traumatic fucking thing for me. D: Oh that’s great; I was hoping. A: Go ahead and uh.. Oh, still a minute to midnight. D: What if it’s just a really long house? *laughter* D: That’s actually built like this. A: Oh I dunno.. A: Well, nothing’s changed. D: Awhh.. A: Nothing’s dif- D: Oh, that’s good. That’s what I wanted. That’s what I was hoping for. A: I dunn- what the fuck? D: [laughing in disbelief] Oh come on! D: God dammit! *Danny inhales* D: Oh, so many roaches! D: This is bad. This is a bad thing.
A: There’s something.. [Small cry from a baby] D: Ohh. A: What’s going on? D: That’s good. That’s good. Everything is good!
A: Hold on, what’s.. let me check that out. D: [scared, slightly muffled] Ohh.. D: [through laughter] Ahh.. Ahhh, (louder) AhHHh! A: I can’t see.
D: [exasperated laughter] Stop! You’re such a dick! A: I don’t know what’s going on man. D: [nervous whimper as the baby cries again] A: Can’t- I can’t, I can barely see.
D: Come on Arin!
A: Well I can’t open it! A: I can’t open the door!
D: Oh you can’t? You can’t? Okay. A: All I can do is look. A: And see if there’s anything in there. D: That’s great. That’s awesome, fun. A: But I can’t really… A: …Can’t really see
D: Everything is a good time right now.
A: Oh, I can kinda…There’s like some light A: Is there like a dying baby in there?
D: No! He’s fine. He’s probably fine! A: No, I want to get in but… D: [nervous laugh] D: You have to go away. Don’t you? A: Can’t really… D: And then come back and then something terrible… A: Can’t really see what’s in there… D: [groan??] A: Don’t know man. I don’t know
D: Arin this is this is fucking torture for me. A: Oh, I don’t know man A: I don’t know what’s happening, dude. D: This is like getting kicked in the nuts…a thousand times. A: I can’t go out through these doors, man. D: Ugh A: There’s nothing I can do
D: I hate the idea of what’s gonna be around the corner when you turn it again… D: I hate the idea of what’s gonna be around the corner when you turn it again.. A: I can’t….what? D: What? Okay.. A: No, there’s nothing. A: What is uh.. What’s going on in there? D: It’s just a baby…being happy
A: Can I just look like real quick? D: God damn it. A: I can’t…I can’t get out, dude. A: There’s no way out. D: Ughhhh A: Fuck
D: What the- Who fucking thought of this game?! A: Anything different over here? Nothing, nothing’s going on?
D: Oh my God [much louder baby cry] D: OH D: GOD, give that kid a bottle. Please just, ugh. D: Arin, stop fucking with me A: I can’t A: I don’t know man D: Ughhhh A: There’s lots of bugs and everything… D: Ughh! A&D, frightened: AHHHhhahaHA! D: What was that?! WHAT WAS THAT?! A: *nervous laughing* I don’t know. D, yelling: What the fuck was it?! A: I was just trying to see the baby! D: [nervous/worried laughter] D: Oooh come on dude!
A: Next door! D: NoOOO! [slapping noises] D: Oh, this is the wor[laughter]st! A: All right! A: Oh, it’s still a minute to midnight.
D: Augh!
[groaning laughter from the game] A: Uh oh D: What was that my brain didn’t even register what it was.
A: I-I don’t know.
D: I just saw like some white thing A: Is it- [Complete silence as both contemplate this new development.] D: Okay. A: Ha-oh. D: Okay! A: I guess I’ll see you later… D: Maybe it’s FRIENDLY! A:[nervous laughter] I’ll just see you later! Okay, alright! A: Goodbye. I-I can’t go this way dude D: O-o-oh come on dude, why are we doing this?! Dan and Arin: [whimpering nervously] [pained, scary groaning from the game] D:AHHH A: There’s no-AHHHH ALRIGHT BYE A: *distressed* I’ll see you later
D: AUGH A: Okay, Nex- AU- D, upset: [slapping something, probably Arin] This is the worst! D: This is the-he WORST! D: Come on, dude. A: Ok ok ok A: Everything’s fine. D: It’s not fine! A: Oh. D: Oh, that’s WIDE open. Yes, waltz right in! D: Have a good TIME! A: It’s a flashlight. D: Oh, okay… A: I can see now. D: Oh good! Good! Good! Good! D: *nervous laughing* (Bathroom door slams loudly) D: OH! A: Oh, great. D: Marvelous! A: There’s nothing- D: Marvelous.. A: Nothing really weird about this bathroom… D: Nothing weird! A: There’s nothing- D: That’s gonna require some Drain-O. D: OOOH, grooooss! D: [In complete terror] WHAT IS THAT?! D: [disgusted] Oh, That is some Eraserhead shit [fetus crying] D: That is disgusting. THIS is disgusting! [more baby crying] A: Well, there’s a mirror with me in it. A: Hey, you want to chill the fuck out baby. D: No, oh, God [door rattles] A: Whoa! Hey! D: What are we DOING PLAYING this, Arin? D: We were playing Mario 3D and having a delightful time! A: I don’t want to be in here anymore, dude! A: Everything is fine! D: No.. A: Every- (sound of the door opening) OH GOD! A: Everything’s fine! D: Dude. A: Don’t worry. D: Ah! Ah!! That was just a weird shape shadow okay. It’s fine. It’s fine. A: Everything’s okay D: What the fuck was that thing standing there A: What the? Oh- I don’t know D: You don’t know A: Everything’s fine though. D: It’s not fine A: We’re all fine, everybody’s fine! D: This is the absolute- D: -fucking antithesis of fine! A: Everything is fine Daniel! D: Okay… Okay. A: And we’re going and we’re getting through this together. D: OH COME ON that baby was gross by the way A: Oh, he’s my babe, D: It’s was like super gross. Oh hey it’s 11:59. A: Oh alright. A: Oh D: Oh D: OH good you fucking put it on- D: -Italian A: What, no, that’s not in Italian. D: No? Well it wasn’t English. A: Oh, well. It’s just the words. D: Oh. A: I just put together a picture yeah, D: Oh oh oh oh… A: There is this one over here, too… D: whoa, whoa, whoa! D: Is it flashing scary shit at us? A: Oh sure D: That like my brain isn’t registering D: Cus I’m very uncomfortable. A: Why wouldn’t it? D: Awh. A: Oh, the radios on again D: I’m going to puss out of this Arin A: Uhm I gotta A: We gotta- you gotta you gotta stick by it dude the fucking- D: Dude. I-I, Ugh- I’m twisted up into a pretzel. A: The- The radio’s on. D: Oh Awh D: Oh Fuck, the sequence of numbers D: Huh A: What D: No- OH D: No A: No D: No- I prefer not to, Captain Radio A: No D: Oh D: Oh okay, A: Oh, okay D: Oh… Okay A: Gouge it out! D: Oh, Hohoho- No! A: Alright. (The woman’s eye is gouged out in the picture) Oh, god! D: Oh, God! Stop with this! A: Doors open oh no see you later, Mr.. Radio!
D (Whining): No more! No more! [2048] [63] I got it. A: (notices the writing above the door) Oh cool A: Forgive me Lisa. There’s a monster inside of me. D: Oh thank you. Thank you for the subtitles, okay? No, all right- D: You know what- A: Yeah? D: -think I’m good on this game, A: No – D: think I got it. Just think I got the whole idea! A: There’s plenty more.. D: I’m not make I’m not gonna make it through, Dude. A: Hold On. A: There’s there’s a baby. We gotta save it. D: That baby, is not a baby!! A: No, there’s another baby. D: That is a jelly bean with face. A: No, no.. hey, come on- (Both Dan and Arin scream in terror) D: No! No more, please! D: No more, Arin!! A: (laughing) All right. Oh, what is that? A&D: “I can hear them calling from from”…? D: From uh.. Margaritaville! A&D, singing: wasting away again in Margaritaville! D: (singing in sheer terror) searching for my lost shaker of salt!! A: It’s gone. D: No, I didn’t like the sound of that breathing. A: What? what’s wrong with the breathing D: breathing sucks. A: Ehh, not that bad. A: I’m just gonna go ahead and keep going! D: Ohhh! D: God…damn it! A: Having a great time with you Dan, my friend, and …. D: Words are failing here. What is that squishing? D: Do I hear squishing? Oh, that’s that’s probably not good. That’s probably not good. A: I don’t know, it could be all right D: Oh, this is very shining-esque. (Notices the refrigerator dripping with blood) Oh…. D: What’s in the box? What’s in the box? A: Sounds like there’s a baby in the box. D: That’s a lot of blood for a baby. A: Yeah, I don’t uh A: Not sure I want to go on D: Oh good A: Oh my god. D: *nervous laughter* oKay D: Okay, I think I got one more scare in me D: Before I walk out of the room. A: You sure? D: oH yeah! Oh yeah, A: All right. A: I’m just gonna go ahead and walk under that (his speech turns into mumbles mixed with Dan’s nervous laughter) D: Oh god D: (speechless) Dude – wh – D: Those fucking lets players that play this shit for a living? Like they’re – they’re gonna live to 45 years old A: Maybe. D: This is taking yEars off my life. (screams from a child are heard) D: Um…um A: (notices the message) Hello. D: hi!! A: Hmm D: ohoho fuck A: Hello? D: Oh, he lo, D&A: okay? D: h Lo, A: h lo D: Listen fuckin- A: wait wait D&A: Lo! D: Lo! D: O!! A: Huh, D: this is not cool. This is a bad time. A: (notices quick movement) Whoa. D: What the fuck was that? Oh, oh, okay? A: Why is the bathroom door open? D: oh no no no more of the–oh, God, It’s still there. A: Yeah, he’s my babe. D: He’s fine. D: He’s probably fine. A: I think he’s kind of cute. D: He is kind of cute in a way. A: I’ll be completely honest with you. D: Um… A: Oh, there’s like a little peep hole! D: Oh, no! A: see if there’s anybody in there D: *nervous whining* A: okay… (weird ghostly moan? noise) D: aH! Oh oh D: Oh! A: Uh oh, A: I need to get the fuck out of here. D: Really? A: Yeah, D: Why? *baby scream* A: Well that can’t be good, right? D: Ah! whoa, that’s really swinging around now. A: Yeah, D: That is really moving. D: That is really going… A: oh, God. *door sound* D: aH! ohohohokay! A: wHoa… A: Wait, did the door just close? D: idontknow A: No, okay, I’m good. D: Arin, I’m done. I’m fucking done on this shit. I’m done, I’m done. A: No I’m good, D: oH, it’s so dark now! No, no more please. A: It’s okay. I have a flashlight! D: (panicked) It’s not ok – WE’RE NOT OKAY! A: (notices the clock) Whoa, whoa, whoa. It’s midnight! D: Oh, good, that’s relaxing. A: Okay, everything’s fine. (D: Oh.) No more hello. (D: Okay.) A: Oh, there’s a German guy speaking German. Oh, German is the most relaxing language! [nervously laughing] A: Oh wait, it says– It’s the same – (D: Oh, oh.”From hell”). [creepy music plays] Is that the radio? (Dan chuckles) A: I like this tune. D: Yeah! I believe it’s, uhh, One Direction, actually! [demon voices] [demon voices continuing] [Arin and Danny laughing] Okay… (Dan singing:) Baby, baby, baby, oh! (mocks demon voice) (mocking demon voice:) Bieber is your lord… A: Okay, well… Guess I’ll just, uhh… (D: I want is like to have shit, uh…) spoken back…uh, spoken backwards that it like… (in demon voice) I would like a cheese sandwich. We did that on the Halloween episodes. Oh, whoa, whoa! (A & Dan together) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! A: Chill the fuck out. D: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Are you doing this? I am super fast, now! D: Okay! Why are you doing this? A: I’m, umm, going super fast! D: Where are we going? A: I don’t know! D: Okay! A: Wait, hold on. D: (hesistantly) Ohh, no. We’re on the other side of peep hole, now. (A: Oh shit.) That’s good. “Now’s the time for action?” [Danny nervously mumbling] [sounds of knife slashing] D: Oh, okay! [girl screams] D: No, don’t do it. Don’t do the thing! (A: I think he might do it.) No! (A: I think he just did it.) I think he already done did it. Okay… You know what Arin? (A:…Yeah?) Think I’m done! Think we’re calling this. “No turning ba–” Yes there is! (Arin cackling) I– shut up, game! You don’t fuckin’ know me! D: You don’t know my life, bitch! D: Ohh, were those fucking crazy eyeballs? D: Oh, hey, baby! Oh, it’s the BABY talking! (A: Okay) Okay,…Arin? (A: Yeah?) Next time on fucking Game Grumps. I am done, I am done! I do not like this. I’m having a terrible time. (A: …But there’s so much more! )…No more! Oh, God, the eyeballs again. [Dan distressed noise] (A: These ones are kind of sad though.) They are sad. Dude, “Metal Gear Solid” guy, you got fuckin’ problems. A: (chuckles) This is also Guillermo Del Toro. D: Oh, is it really? A: Yeah. D: That makes sense. He also has problems, but we knew that already. D: And he’s a really nice guy in person right? A: Yeah, he was super nice D: Yeah…what the FUCK is going on in his head though? A: What the fuck is going on over here? D: It is very cinematic though, you can you can feel D: You can feel a sense of dread that you don’t generally get from games. A: I’m going to this – hasn’t happened this way before. D: Really? A: Whoa. Why is it all bright in here? (D: It’s nice. It’s nice now.) It’s still after midnight though D: Yeah, that’s when we can let it all hang out. (A: Wait, hold on -) [singing] gonna let it all hang out A: Am I missing something? D: (startled) Okay, okay nope A: Okay. Oh, it’s really dark in there. (D: Yeah, no need to go in there.) Why not? D: What did I just fucking say? (A: The baby’s gone.) Oh no! (A: What the fu – ) A: What the hell? (Motion sickness Dan noises) What the hell is going on. (D: Did this really not happen to you last time?) No. (D: [surprised] Really? A: What the fuck? (D: Well, they’re still calling to him from hell.) A: The door is closed. (D: [softly] okay.) (Dan exhales heavily for a moment, incredibly stressed that nothing’s happening.) Okay. A: What is happening? D: I don’t know Arin. What is happening is that – These gentlemen have succeeded. (A: [startles by the distortion] Oh, God.) in their desire to make a pants-shittingly scary game. (A: [at the sudden choppiness on screen] What?) (A dark voice) 204863 D: Yeah, I know A: All right. (D: [a la a waiter] Now serving to – (A & D laughing) D: It’s like a Deli counter in Hell. (Arin fumbling in his speech) I – I don’t – I don’t know what’s going on… D: Yeah, I don’t either. D: Think I’m done A: I need to get the fuck out of here. I need to calm the fuck down. (Game switches to white screen) Whoa. D: Oh! D: Okay. (Dan reading) “Development halted due to inexplicable bug….” D: (surprised, slowly saying) What? A: I don’t know. A: wait – A: No, that’s not true. (D: Are they….?) A: Are they Jimmy Jammin’ us – (D: Whoa, dude! Is this some fucking – like – no? A: No, no, no. (D: [chuckling] Oh yeah, dude. I think they’re fucking with us) There’s moreee D: I’m done. There’s not more for me. (A: There’s gotta be more.) There’s not more for me.(A: [high-pitched] No, no. It’s only just begun. D: [wheezing in laughter mixed with dejection] “It’s only just begun.” (A: [singing] We’ve only just begun.) Oh yeah, ‘cuz the Roach isn’t here this time.It is different (A: and….) A: I believe (D: Yes?) I do have the flashlight. (Dan, noticing the bag on the table: O – oh.) A: There’s our friend the bag. (D: Barf in the bag. What’s in the bag? A: Nothin. (D: Look how many days someone has been there for.) Well, yeah. That’s quite a lot. (D: Okay.) D: WELL This has been a gas But I am going (Notices how dark it is) OH OKAY. All right – It’s green I’m going]. (A: But there’s a green light now.) I’m going (A: But Dan, there’s a green light.) I’m going. (A: Dan….) I’m Gonna you go you gotta you gotta stick her others a green light now. I don’t [wanna] Abedin oh hang on have fun, but then Hey I’m Grump, silence, cause not so grump has left the building. What does that say what is it? Oh ok all right? See you later. Goodbye? Dan don’t leave me here alone with this game Dan do not leave me here alone with this game. I’m scared no Dan having you here with me made me strong I’m no longer strong Daniel Dan, oh thank god you’re back Dan your, your, your togetherness with me made me strong. I don’t want you. I know isn’t this super scary. Are you sure? Adjust the brightest look what? Are you doing this? Yeah, okay? what the Okay, oh, God uhh Don’t know oh, it’s static. I don’t like the static. I know I don’t like it either. I don’t like anything that’s happening right now Just good. You feel better standing back here in the back of the room do [you] yeah if that’s what makes you feel safe It’s less scary If that’s what makes you feel safe, okay, I will definitely Allow you that luxury Hell is that? You son of a bitch. Oh, sorry. I just grabbed Arin’s shoulders and screamed . You’re a spooky scary scaring The fuck is going on man Oh, hey, baby. You’re a friendly little guy What is it? I don’t know I don’t know. What is happening on Baby Back Bloody Mary Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary What does [that] mean what you never done Bloody Mary before now? really know What is it you stand in front of a mirror and you say bloody mary three times and bloody mary comes out like that was biggie smalls big Snook no, that’s based on the Bloody Mary Lou uh biggie smalls biggie smalls Biggie smalls Biggie smalls Ellen Degeneres Bieber, bieber, bieber. I’ll fuck oh the pictures almost done 1159 we’re missing one piece. Oh yeah sure That’s cool Nice of them Well, I got such a bad time this game such a bad time is it about time. I don’t know I Don’t know. I think you’re overreacting really I hear them calling to me from hell. It feels like um Things have gotten less scary the last couple of times we’ve been through the house. Oh yeah Yeah, like it was building to scarier and scarier and scarier And now it’s just kind of like leveled off. Yeah. Yeah, I see what you’re saying Which of course is just lulling us into a fault well that baby is still there. That’s not good. Well the baby’s cute Yes, name a little coochie coo. Here’s your guide Use my special little guy to keep the key oh, and you just do cute washed. Wait. That’s probably not good But you know what oh, it’s midnight. Yeah, it’s midnight What happens in midnight? Yeah? Look at that? Uh-uh there’s a creepy baby Creepy spooky baby. No this was coming out before it. Did or did it just in your head of nowhere So everyone playing this is going through the same thing right now. Oh sure uh What’s the spooky music? What is that? What is it every morning? What’s the moni mom knows that is that? What is going on? Something’s happening. I know I’m super scared. I don’t like that. There’s a balcony there um Okay, I don’t know what’s going on, bro. I don’t either nothing over here giant Yeah You all right them dude silent Matt I rather fucking silent hill shattered memories was like a joyous Like skip through a sunny park compared to this all right well Let’s see if going out this door will uh will Help us help us figure this situation out, okay? Anything different no nothing different Doesn’t seem like there’s much different, bro Is it possible that we’ve taken this as far? As it can go dude what I mean? There’s a way to finish it. There’s a way to beat it really yeah How long does it take um? And how do you know that because I am did you beat it? I am skilled in the art of scary game ah Don’t you know me ah? You know me. Yeah, what is it? UhC you know me Pht is that song how’s it go? Yeah? Yeah, that’s the one. Thank you You really helped me figure that one out shit. Oh, it’s all green now. Yeah. Yo 420 blaze it Stick yo swag Where [ma] where my mary Jane at girls? [oh] [God] if I was high playing this right? Now? I’d be losing my fucking mind It’s gonna be something to do is mirror You can’t catch a glimpse of your chin On my chin yeah, I do have a sassy chin yeah. Yeah, wrong, jawline good job. Thank you I’m wearing [like] a nice little a hoodie jacket. Oh. Yeah, should we look it up baby’s still there. You’re fine. Shut up, baby You’re fine Everything’s fine. Everything’s good. Oh Well good. Can’t go out the front door looks like I’m just trapped in affinity forever dude [ah] It’s like I’m just forever cursed to walk around in green light well How’d you like the game down? I loved it? Yeah, it was a blast to make you feel comfortable. Yeah, no, I feel great It’s been a real joy. Oh Wow, look at the time well Time for me to hit the old Dusty trial [okay]. I think I think we’re done right you gotta be done. Do you think so? I want to be done. Is that what you think desperately desperately want to be done, right? I know. I know what you’re thinking. This is the most pleasant game you’ve ever played. A: It stands for… Puhhhh- D: Alright. Bad example. A: Alright, alright, alright. There is another room. Let me take you to it. D: Are you serious? You knew about this the whole time? A: Yeah, there is another room we can go to. D: AH!!! OKAY! OKAY!! OKAY! ALRIGHT WE’RE DONE. WE’RE DONE! GAME’S OVER! ALRIGHT, NEXT TIME ON GAME GRUMPS! D: GOOD TIME. Okay… Okay… Wait, wait, wait. Yes! I s*** myself. *Arin laughs* D: Oh. Well, thank you.
A: Yeah, yeah… A: That’s what P.T. stands for! D: Is it-

100 thoughts on “P.T. – Game Grumps

  1. Anyone else here because they saw the thing where the guy discovered that the ghost literally attaches to your back the moment you pick up the flashlight?

  2. Proud of discovering, at about 16:00, that the radio announcer says the father hung himself with an umbilical cord instead of a garden hose like he did the first time the story is reported.

  3. Jesus christ this was 5 years ago? It's been so long, but it doesn't feel like it! Ive been watching them forever then if that's the case! Love you both!!💙💙

  4. Now after watching the video about how Lisa is always behind you, this shit is so much worse knowing that all that breathing you keep hearing is her actually behind you and no one even knew it.

  5. I'm with Dan on this one I hate this so much I'm watching it in the tiny corner of my phone it's so small you can barely set it and I'm still freaking out.
    This was a bad idea poor Dan.

  6. Fun fact: After you get the flashlight, Lisa always follows you. She just disappears everytime you turn around to look behind you, and when you turn back to continue… She's there. Watching.
    Have fun sleeping tonight ya'll!

    The game director(s) wanted the player to have a feeling like they were being followed throughout the hallway. So they literally just put Lisa in the game to follow the player when they're not watching. You can see her shadow twitching behind you at certain angles and lights in the hallway.

  7. I walked

    I could do nothing but walk

    And then, I saw me walking in front of myself

    But… it wasn’t really me

    Watch out

    The gap in the door… it’s… a separate reality

    The only me is me

    Are you sure the only you is you?

  8. What’s worse is that… she’s always behind you. And for some reason knowing in hindsight makes it so much worse.

  9. This was mentioned in the untitled Grumps show so I put it on my playlist. Now I'm watching it at 5 in the morning. What am I doing? Why am I watching this in the dark?

  10. i swear i have never seen this video before , iam just watching this and i was at 12:07 and i happened to be watching eraserhead and the timestamp was at 51:51 were that weird faced girl looks at the camera and then in the video they "what is that" for a moment i thought damn its almost like they are reacting to what i just saw in the movie , and then he says "oh that is some eraser head shit", freaked me out , damn what a coincidence

  11. I don't know why but I find Dan's total terror at horror games a bit surprising. I sort of assumed that most of us that grew up in the 80's and 90's had developed a bit of a dull horror part of our brain considering what people thought kids shows were back then.

  12. It’s telling of a person ability to create such a chilling and terrifying atmosphere… for a DEMO!

    Even if the final thing is forgotten, this DEMO is one of the most blood curdling and terrifying things I’ve ever seen.

  13. I know that this isn't a Ghould Grumps episode, but it's my personal tradition to watch this every October 😀

  14. I just watched one of The Grumps videos where Dan mentioned this was done in 2014 and had to come back to confirm that. Holy shit it doesn’t feel like it’s been 5 years at all.

  15. Watching this now knowing that Lisa is following you the MOMENT you pick up that flashlight makes this SO MUCH WORSE

  16. sometimes, i have a dream (or a nightmare, depending on how you look at it), that Konami suddenly release P.T.'s Silent Hill without any warning or marketing whatsoever. The meta-version of their classic first 5 minutes in game; "oh no, the game will never happen, what monsters!", only to "wake up" with the game release! 😀

    EDIT: only one 'marketing'; they strike a deal with Youtube and everyone gets a notification with a POV video of waking up in front of a PC with the release trailer already playing on the monitor.. and it has been ≈ 5 years now.. it may be unlikely, but it would be so immeasurable epic, the whole planet would get goosebumps! imagine the confused animals 😛

  17. I love how the further they get into the game the less and less confidence arin has until he's actually yelling with dan

  18. Dan: WHAT WAS THAT?!

    Me: turns down playback speed to see what closed the door

    Also me: 0w0””” done- *hides in comments

  19. While there wasn't any scary shit that you saw in Metal Gear, the backgrounds of all of the Beauty and the Beast Unit were all disturbing as fuck.

  20. Haven’t seen anyone mention this but the cockroach at the very start of the game were two cockroaches fucking

  21. It's too bad they never got to the ultimate twist P.T. had to offer: you were Norman Reedus the whole time. Dramatic fanfare

  22. 📲*00212.645.75.23.01* *whatapps*📲
    ولاحـظــت💁‍♂️ كــثــيــر مــن الـتـعـالـيـق عــن تـكـبـيـر الــقــضــيــب وضـعـف الانـتـصـاب وســرعــة الـقـذف
    وأبــغــى أبـشـركـم😉 أنــي حــصــلــت عــلــى مـعـلـومـات كــثــيــر مـفـيـدة✅ هـتـنـفـعـكـم كـثـيـر ومـجـربـهـا كـمـان ونــفــعــتــنــي🤩🥳
    تــواصــل مــعــي🙋‍♂️ وأنـا بــشــرح لــك سـر الـوصـفـة الـواتـس اب *00212645752301*📲

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