Overkills The Walking Dead – Aidan: The First Trailer | PS4

Overkills The Walking Dead – Aidan: The First Trailer | PS4

MARK: Yo, bro. Why don’t you pick up some
groceries on the way back. All right?
We’re running kind of low. Don’t tell mom, but I’m broke. MOTHER: Son, while you’re living
in DC, we have to set some ground rules when your
brother comes to stay with you. MAN: I’ve been patient with you,
Aiden. We need those schematics by
10:00 a.m. tomorrow or else– MOTHER: Mark is your
responsibility. MAN: Come on, Aiden. MOTHER: Aiden, this is your
mother. Pick up the phone. MARK: Aiden, pick up the phone,

100 thoughts on “Overkills The Walking Dead – Aidan: The First Trailer | PS4

  1. Dude in the thumbnail I thought it was Lee from the walking dead😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  2. Pensé que este juego hiba hacer lo máximo pero el gameplay es muy malo encima es en 1 persona me hubiera gustado que se hubiera visto en 3 persona como en the las of us

  3. This game is like those Play Store Ads. The trailer is outstanding the gameplay is like that Dino game when you have no internet.

  4. And the major letdown of the year… one of the best trailers ever, the most disappointing game in history.

  5. i thought it'd be like one of the telltale games with stories and multiple choices like the walking dead :/

  6. It really is sad that this game had potential, like the stories and abilities for all the characters would've been great, but they put so much into the story rather than the gameplay and that was the flop

  7. They should delete these videos, the game literally does not exist anymore.
    The game was so bad that the license holders just took the license away from this game.

  8. Un fraude. Ya me lo dijeron no te dejes llevar por el trailer.. pues nada.
    Ni mundo abierto ni supervivencia ni nada. La verdad 0% twd

  9. For some reason it feels like the more of these new zombie games come out I have a feeling theres actually gonna be an outbreak 🤷

  10. Even though the gameplay was disappointing, i wish they made a movie like about this with all of the detail i would totally watch it

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