Our Top 9 Favourite Godot Games [2018]

Our Top 9 Favourite Godot Games [2018]

Welcome back to our game engines showcase
series! This week, a fan favourite – Godot! We are Ask Gamedev AKA The Open Source-erer’s
Apprentice AKA Godost in the Shell AKA Godon’t you… forget about me and these are 9 Awesome games
made using Godot. Before we begin, a very brief crash course
on the Godot engine first. Becoming available publicly for the first
time in 2014, this particular game engine has been used and developed by many studios
as a way to break into the industry. Why? Because it is mainly open-source. Which means yes, some of the mandatory procedures
that you typically use with licensed game engines are no longer necessary. No more saving data assets on proprietary
cloud services if you need to upload them online for example. And, no revenue caps to worry about for established
game development companies. Let’s begin! 1. TANKS OF FREEDOM by P1X
Tanks of Freedom is a turn-based strategy game developed by P1X that featuring isometric
pixel art. You move your individual units around cells,
and your objective is to clear a path in order to capture more bases than your enemy. It’s essentially Advance Wars in style,
but with a simpler, yet unique gameplay twist. First unveiled in 2015, the game has been
in continued development even as it was officially released for play, with various important
updates. The game is at the moment open-source, which
means other developers can come on in and present their own ideas to improve its gameplay. Another reason to like Tanks of Freedom? It’s completely free, and is available for
both the PC, and Android devices. 2. STEREOBREAK by HUGO RAYGOZA
Stereobreak was the very recent brainchild of developer Hugo Raygoza, also known as Jasp3ck. The genre of the game is essentially a shooter,
but instead of flying around freely around the screen, you instead move around in designated
tiles. Any gamers who know the Megaman Battle Network
series should find this move and hop style of active motion very familiar, even down
to the patterned shooting combat between different enemy targets. The game was first released in March of this
year, and this was Hugo’s debut title using the Godot engine. A fascinating point of his design of the game
is how the AI is built to attempt to predict the player’s actions not just in a directive
way, but disruptively. Bullet patterns will force the player to move
to the farthest tile for example, or attacks will linger around to prevent you from moving
on a tile. Worse, each difficulty is vastly different
from the next, with Hard mode only allowing you one single chance to miss before you finally
bite the bullet. A fast-paced title that would probably be
one that would tire out your fingers, it is highly recommended to check out the demo just
to see how addicting it’s simple style can get. Get it now, for Android. 3. STENO ARCADE by FOR ALL TO PLAY
Steno Arcade takes the rather boring mechanics of steno tutorial programs into a rad medley
that honestly could compete with the likes of actual mainstream rhythm games like Guitar
Hero. This isn’t just a glorified chimera of a
rhythm game and a typing game. Its cute retro-graphic concert visuals’
have some real serious tunes from the one and only geek-theme maestro Jonathan Coulton Started as a crowdfunded project in 2016 under
the name Steno Hero, it eventually got an early sneak preview via Steam Early Access
later that same year. It actually consists of four different games,
a suite of them, all built to be played optimally on steno machines. While it is currently available only for PC,
it is completely free and open source. Oh, if you happen to not have a steno machine
randomly lying around your place, don’t fret. Steno Arcade is also designed to be played
normally using any regular keyboard – at least, with the game’s slower and less upbeat tunes. For the faster medleys designed for advanced
steno practice, it’s definitely, even absolutely required to have your own machine. 4. DEEP SIXED by LRDGAMES, INC. Deep Sixed takes you far into the fringes
of outer space! You, as the player, a convicted AI criminal,
have been penalized to serve and maintain a spaceship for an indefinite period of time. This particular spaceship is not exactly up
to snuff. It is in dire need of repairs, not to mention
the plethora of things in and around it that will make your attempts to preserve and save
it go completely awry. And we haven’t even mentioned the space monsters. With Deep Sixed, LDRGamers perfects its own
style of management sim, further since the release of its first game, Rogue State. Itching to check out your hyperdrive matrix
or fiddle around the scanner room to check out nearby sectors? Deep Sixed is the game for you. Currently available on Steam, it is as of
this moment only available for the PC. 5. SPOOKY GHOSTS DOT COM by GRIZZLY WIZARD GAMES
Spooky Ghosts Dot Com is a cute, run and gun metroidvania game that lets players mow down
the undead with Ruby, who runs the eponymous website in offer of such services. Platforming action is pretty much spot on
for this game, but the highlight of course is the neo-retro style art bundled with a
traversing progression system that gives players the drive to explore its entire world. The main core of the game was developed by
pixel artist Justin Forcier, released under the official brand Grizzly Wizard Games. This particular game was in fact his second
game after developing the web-based Space Lich Omega 2. If you’re interested in spooks n’ shoots,
while exploring a world where cats, gargantuan and small, ask for your assistance, then this
Godot engine based game is a must try. 6. SEEK ETYLIV by ROKAS
Seek Etyliv is a rather bizarre game that mixes tic-tac-toe with dungeon crawling elements. Basically, you progress through the game with
a series of interactive 3×3 tiles. You move around to obtain items, defeat enemies,
and move forward with the story. On top of that, there is this almost lyrical
poem that tries to tell a story within its equally enigmatic premise. Rokas, the developer of Seek Etyliv built
the game in 2017 from the idea of a puzzle game with typical adventure story components. Ideally, the game had to be simple, and it
seemed that his idea was to encase the experience into a 3×3 tile format. With the environment limited in size, there
was a peculiar level of focus for interactions and 8-bit visual styles, which then became
able convey the game’s mechanics without the need to directly explain it to the player. The poetry, in particular, almost sings to
the player – and in a way they are, because for the most part, they’re written as song
lyrics. Seek Etyliv is exactly the minimalist, experimental,
oddly cool, puzzle game that it is advertised to be, so check it out on either Windows,
Linux, or Mac. 7. GRIMANTE by AFTERMONK
Grimante is a strategy game by Aftermonk that features a very simple tabletop style defense
design that pits the players’ hero tiles against a never-ending horde of monster tiles. As the game advertises, your goal is simple,
obliterate them and prevent them from getting to the bottom. You get a different mishmash of tiled heroes
every stage, each having their signature symbol and move that you can take advantage of to
clear your one and only objective. Jeff, the lone developer behind Aftermonk,
was inspired to create the game when he first discovered the Godot engine in 2017. Interested in the engine’s building potential
specifically towards mechanics and technical challenges with its comparative ease of use,
he set out to conceptualize and create. He finally released the game on Steam earlier
this year. Simple to play, yet surprisingly comprehensive,
and addicting, Grimante is the puzzle strategy game that will tingle either your nostalgia,
or cultivate a new interest into action tabletop goodness. 8. SHIPWRECK by SHMELLYORC
At a quick glance, Shipwreck may look like a cute, 32-bit version of Minecraft. But the game actually places you as the manager
of a crashed spaceship on an alien planet, trying to survive by living off the resources
of the specific area that you crashed onto. Like all sim games, Shipwreck starts out small,
with the crashed spaceship only gathering materials around its area. A few selections are open for the player to
allocate services and establishments, which would then serve as the nucleus of the colony. In time, the map expands as you survive longer,
opening up even more options for you to further keep your crashed colony living longer. The main core of the game is currently completed
and released, although it is still in development for future updates and features, as well as
system fixes. With fundamental elements reminiscent of both
RimWorld and SimCity, Shipwreck builds itself a solid platform for a cute, retro pixel graphic
game. The title is currently available on Windows,
Linux, and OSX. Before we get to our final pick, here are
3 honourable mentions: #1 – MONSTRUOUS by ARNAUD MILLOT
Monstrous by Arnaud Millot takes honorable mention for its unique take on a traditional
RPG boss fight scene. If you’re clever enough, you’ll be able
to take down monster, before your party gets taken out! #2 – RPG IN A BOX by JUSTIN ARNOLD
RPG in a Box by Justin Arnold isn’t another RPG themed title, but instead is a creator
and engine itself. Still in alpha so it takes the honorable mention
spot. and lastly, #3 – RIVEN TAILS DEFENSE by KIVANO
Riven Tails Defense by Kivano is a very cute and colorful tower defense game. ALSO! check out this week’s Ask Gamedev
Community Member Game of the Week! Fluffy Horde by Turtle Juice. Fluffy Horde is a 2D side-scrolling hybrid
between real-time strategy and tower defense that just oozes style! It was developed by a group of 7 friends,
over the course of almost 3 years, using Unity. One cool thing about Fluffy Horde was that
the game was heavily influenced by its community during development. Fans helped in creating mechanics, designing
levels and even writing lines for the cinematics! And finally…. #9. The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça
& Pizzaboy® by OKAM STUDIO Fans of classic point and click adventure
games will surely find The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizzaboy a nice treat to
play and watch. In this game, you play as Pizzaboy, who is
yes, an ex-pizza delivery boy turned private sleuth. He is set out to investigate a trail of supernatural
clues to find out once and for all the truth behind the disappearance of your boss and
partner… as well as other cases that surround the surreal world of this particular series. The Argentina based OKAM studio started the
game as a Kickstarter project, amassing most of the target funding by October 2014. The development team then spent the next two
years working very closely with the original comic book authors in order to give a faithful
adaptation that would bring the original material to life. The comic-book authentic HD visuals gives
a very nice contrast to the point and click games of the old, as it also captivates players
with its nice details. A highly recommended Godot-engine based game,
The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizzaboy is available for the PC and OSX. Want more Ask Gamedev, check out this game
engine showcase video, or this game engine video playlist. Thanks again for watching!

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