Our Favorite Ways to Play – 2019 – Nintendo Switch

Our Favorite Ways to Play – 2019 – Nintendo Switch

[Nintendo Switch Snap]-Guys, let’s do this.-To your left, to your left–
[group] -Ohhhhh!
-Wait, wait, wait!
There we go.
-Let’s go.
-There’s another one–
-Let’s go.
-Use the water-type move.
-Almost there.
-Throw a Poké Ball!
-Yeah, let’s do it.
-You got it!
-Let’s go!
-Psychin’ me out there.
[laughing]-That’s some
pretty high-stakes–
[group laughter]
-Yes, I got first!
Let’s gooo![girl internal]
-Nintendo Switch.
[boy internal]
-Nintendo Switch.
[boy internal]
-That’s my way to play.
-Nintendo Switch
is my way to play.

100 thoughts on “Our Favorite Ways to Play – 2019 – Nintendo Switch

  1. That yellow Switch Lite looked gold in that lighting, and now I'm just thinking how cool a Pokemon Gold and Silver themed Switch Lite would be.

  2. I wonder how those kids are enjoying the cut Pokémon. And no national dex. And lack luster designs.

    (Still love you Nintendo)

  3. Dear nintendo,i love super smash bros ultimate and i will love if you added rayman as a fighter for the first or second fighter pass.or make a mii brawler costume like sans.so pls add him.ubisot owns brawlhalla which means its a ubisoft game.so please add my limbless boy in super smash bros ultimate.


    ▪ https://youtu.be/OGNsZn6nItQ
    👉 Thnx for watching 🙏

  5. my favourite way to play is by not playing at all since i bought my switch for online smash bros and pokemon and neither of them are good, is it to late to get a refund on the whole goddamn system?

  6. Everyone excited about there being a boy with Down syndrome in a commercial. But I still can't see any representation for people with Up syndrome. Disappointing.

  7. people are all talking about getting SW/SH early, im just glad this ad has someone with downs syndrome! gives more representation to the disabled 🙂

  8. 34 year old adult here wanting a switch for Christmas, seems to be aimed at children. Think I'm going to get some stick with this lol

  9. History of Pokemon
    Gen 1 = Broken
    Gen 2 = Less Broken
    Gen 3 = Less Broken
    Gen 4 = Good
    Gen 5 = Best
    Gen 6 = short and easy
    Gen 7 = same
    Let's Go = even shorter and even easier
    Gen 8 = No Pokemon

    Pokefans= "wHy aRe yOu gUYs so nEGATIVe?

  10. Last friday I bought a Nintendo Switch and let me tell you that it's awesome!!! What a great console, congratulations Nintendo! I can't wait for the new pokémon game

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