Nioh 2 Download Tutorial Guide (Beginner)

Nioh 2 Download Tutorial Guide (Beginner)

hello guys and welcome so in this video
I wanted to give a quick tutorial of how to download Nioh 2 the game is set to be
released on the 13th of March 2020 now for now it’s a PlayStation 4 exclusive
as the first game was when it first came out so the first game neo came out in
February 2017 and they didn’t release a PC version until November 2017 so with Nioh 2 it’s probably gonna follow a similar model I don’t see why it would
change so make sure that you’ve updated your system of software on your
Playstation 4 and when you log in if it’s not immediately in the featured
section and click up on the d-pad go to search and then simply look for it so
let’s see neo there we go neo 2
and there’s the digital deluxe edition and then there’s also just a normal game
now no that is saying immediate payment required so they won’t bill you on the
day they’ll they’ll bill you immediately but if you do buyer and pre-order
there’s a special offer but basically says reorder bonuses you get a bunch of
armor sets and themes or so on if you pre-order it rather then buy after it’s
released but pre-order bonuses as silly as it sounds can actually be available
after the game comes out each game has their own deadline of when so because
for example it’s a case here so even though the game comes out on the 13th of
March the special offer ends on the 27th of March at midnight
so yeah so yeah so anyway guys I’m very much looking forward to this game I’ll
probably pick up the digital deluxe as well so yeah and I will link in the
description links to the official website and my what is neo to video to
the last chance trial video I made I know that you can’t actually play the
last chance trial any more but it’s just to give you an insight because a lot
about the gameplay mechanics and stuff like that and you can see as well the
game requires 35.9 free gigs of space i will also link in the description a
quick tutorial i made of how to quickly clear space from your playstation 4 if
that is a problem for you okay guys so yeah keep it nice and short
with this one Oh anyway guys if you liked the video be
sure to give it a thumbs up you can watch a random video over there you can
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you guys bye bye

2 thoughts on “Nioh 2 Download Tutorial Guide (Beginner)

  1. "The Dragon Raja for PC tutorial" was super useful but I feel these tutorials for PS4 games download are rather common knowledge? I would change it to a "Pre-Order Showcase" or something similar since those information are not always clear when advertise. It's just an idea, but I think it would be super useful for people who are pre-ordering games.

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