Nintendo Switch Unboxing – Will You Switch?

Nintendo Switch Unboxing – Will You Switch?

This is the video you’ve all been waiting for. You’ve been on YouTube, you’ve seen the other videos, you heard about this thing, you watched the keynote, you’re curious, as is anyone else who cares about gadgets, because this is unusual. This thing in front of me is a completely new take to the concept of console gaming. It’s like the title of a book or something. The Nintendo Switch is
the first console that goes with you. You can play with another person, even when you’re mobile. There’s a kickstand. It’s like– it’s like how-many-things-in-one. It’s like on an infomercial—they’re like, “And it does this, and it does that, and one more thing!” Why can’t I get a Nintendo for
three payments of thirty dollars? What’s that all about, Jack? The point is … What is the point? The package here you can see, Look, it’s showing off some of the
different ways you can play. Cool! Look at the way they did that. The user manual is right there. Look at this little guy! Whoa, that’s a Nintendo Switch?
You kidding me? This device here is 720p on the display, versus when you put into the dock, it will output 1080p. USB Type-C connector so you can use all those Type-C chargers that you finally have lying around. There’s a kickstand there. Maybe you’re playing two player. This is that Joy-Con. Look at that little guy. I could be chillin’ back here and just have them separate but behaving as a single controller. There’s some things I hold onto,
I’m just not feeling comfy. This one is big enough. Look at that. This will give you a more traditional controller layout. So they’ve got an HDMI cable in there. Slide it in like this, like that,
is that it? Big fan of docks. Docks in general. A couple of USBs on here as well. Put more controllers on it?
eh … meh? Check that out. HDMI out, another USB, and a spot for the AC adapter, but look at that, you close that up, it all comes out clean out the side. One thing you’ve got to say about Nintendo, when it comes to, like, imagining a product, they go out of left field like they– They really start from the ground up. So you can strap this baby here … *tat tat tat tat tat tat* Whoa, look how tiny the little game is. *click*
(“Power on” sound) What do you guys think? Mario? Look at that vista. Now, obviously, if you know anything about this game, it’s like a giant world to explore *BOOM!* with the tree branch! Oh my, look at this guy. *BOOM!* I’ve got to be dead now. Ohhhh, buddy. Well, as you can tell, I’ve got a lot to learn. Where you at, Tom? We’re waiting for you, brother! *clapping* *clap* *clap* *clap* One thing I need to mention about Tom, — avid video game player. Okay?
— Oh ho ho, man, hehe … — Alright, Tom, you ready to play “One two Switch?”
— Sure. All right! Here we go! Woo! Oh, you’re dead, brother! (“Steady …”) (“FIRE!” *gunshot*) AWW, MAN! (“Weeell done!” ♪♫) (“FIRE!” *gunshot*) GOD–!
*geh*! — Man, look at that speed.
— Is that a new record? — Oh yeah.
— Okay, we’re doing it again. (“Steady …”) (“FIRE” *gunshot*) (“Augh!”)
— GAWWWDDD!! Hey, 1-1. (“Well done!” ♪ ♫)
— Well done. (“FIRE!” *gunshot*) Oh, I might’a got you there. (“Ugh!” *falls*) — OHHHH!
— Yo, we killed each other there. — That’s crazy!
(“You fools.” ♪ ♫) Wow, we killed each other at the exact same moment. You know what, let’s do one standing up! (“Ready …”) (“Steady …”) (“FIRE!” *gunshot*) — Oh, you got me. You got me.
— Oh, I think I got you there. I think I got you there! (*Oof!* *collapses*)
— Ohh … !
— You see?! — Switch sides! Switch sides! Switch sides!
— Oh, look at how bad he is! (“FIRE!” *gunshot*) GAAAH! No-o-o! —NOOO!
(“Weeell done!” ♪ ♫) — Oh!
— Nah, I’m not doing this.
♪ (dance music) ♫ — That’s not even dancing,
you’re being ridiculous.
(♪ “COPY!” ♫) (♫ ♪ “POSE!” ♪ ♫) — You’ve got to copy my dance moves.
— I’m not comfortable doing this. Yes, you are! (“Pose!”)
— That’s you, that’s you. (♪ “That’s when you strike a pose!” ♫) *pffft!* (♪ “Pose!” ♫) *laughs* (♫ “Copy!” ♪) ♪ ding ♪
(“Pose!”) (“Copy!”) ♪ ding ♪
(“Okay!”) — This is such a …
(“Pose!”) YEAAAHH!! Bah ho-ho-ho-hoo! (♪ ding ding ding ding! ♪)
(“Boxing gym!”) Okay, this is in the thing, though.
Let’s just try it. (“Hook!”) (* biff *) (“Hook!”) (* biff *) (“Rapid fire!”) (“Keep it up! Punch punch punch!”)
(* whiffing *) (“Rapid fire!”)
Oh … OH!! (“You …”)
*drum roll* (“… just might be a future champ!” ♪ ♫) (* paddle hit *)
(“Table Tennis”)
(♪ house music ♫) (* tone sweep *) (* ping pong *)
(* whistle sounds *) (* slam! *)
(* ball bounces away *) (“Damn!”) *chuckling*
(* applause * “Point, right player!”) (* paddling *)
(* slam *) (* whoosh *) Hey, man!
(* applause *) (* sweep tone *)
(* ping pong padding *) (* slam *) (“End!”)
(* applause *) (♪ new age music ♫) Yo, you can’t hit that pose, man! It’s yoga! (“Face each other, and take a pose.”) (* birds chirping *) (“I’m quite jealous of your hair today!”)
♪ dong ♪ — Dude, what is going on?
— *hehe* — Milk a cow?!
— This is so stupid. This is kinda perverted. — Look at the hand gesture right there!
— You’re going, “I’m going to build the cow.” I’m gonna– I’m going to milk the cow. I said, “Tom, calm down with the cow milk.” Look at that guy’s face as he’s doing it. This is disgusting. — (“Milk!”)
— What do we do? (* milk sprays *) (“Look at your hands as you milk.”) *laughing* (“Mooo!”) (* squirt *) — You got no milk, man.
— (“Good work!”) Three cups of milk. What’re you gonna do when you’re thirsty now? (♪ dance beat ♫) *chuckling* (♪ suspense music ♫)
— This seems very boring … — There’s no fun in doing this.
— Yeah, there’s a lotta shaving … Tom, you have to put the baby to sleep! — No …
— Yeah, you do! — You do it.
— No! You have to put this baby to sleep right now. (♪ music box lullaby ♫) Man, that’s creepy. That is creepy. (♪ techno country music ♫)
— Fake draw? (“FOUNTAIN!”) (“FUR!”) (“FEVER!”) (“FIRE!”)
(* gunshot *) (“Ooh!” *drops*)
— Kind of the same. (“FAIR!”) (“FARM!”) (“FLOWER!”)
(* gunshot anyway *) (* foul whistle *)
— OHH!
— Oh ho ho (“You jumped the gun.”) (“Steady …”) (“FIRE!”) (* gunshot *)
— Oh, wow! You got me for sure. AAHHHH! ♥ THAT’S THE WAY TO END THE VIDEO! THAT’S THE WAY
* YOU END THE VIDEO! * ♪ soft piano and guitar ♫ (♪ Hello darkness, my old friend, ♫) (♫ I’ve come to talk with you again, ♪) (♪ because a vision, softly creeping, ♫) (♫ left its seeds while I was sleeping ♪) (♪ And the vision
that was planted in my brain ♫) (♪ still remains … ♫)

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  3. That guy is like an older sibling trying to pretend they're not having fun when forced to play with their little brother.

  4. Already 2019 and I still laugh how Lewis uses the switch like he doesn’t know the Nintendo Ecosystem is lmao

  5. 2 years and I still don’t have one. I have two jobs (ones just babysitting the other is a real job to pay my bills) thankfully I am saving up and will get one in only a few weeks!

  6. I have begged my parent to buy me a Nintendo switch but in my mind my parents will never buy me a Nintendo switch but I wish they buy me one maybe..

  7. I've always wanted to own a Nintendo switch for 2 years but I still haven't got one yet! I even tried getting good grades and doing my daily chores more often but that still didn't work. Now the only choices I've got is to get a job or work with my father and if those don't work then I'll be kind of disappointed.

  8. 4:32 that was the exact reaction when I try to enjoy the game with my friend who plays 12switch first time!

  9. I like watching people unbox the switch but I myself won't buy one because I have 500 euros and I want to buy a bike with it so I can get to school faster.

  10. Me: i think i want a netendo switch
    Me: its $300
    Me: i need a new gaming experience ben plaing fps to long
    Me: its $300 just for the console and $60 for a game
    Me: it transforms, its portable it has offline multi play
    Me: do you really need offline multi play?
    Me: i want a netendo switch
    Me: it's $300
    Me: i must have a netendo switch
    Me: it's $360 just to get started
    Me: i need it
    Me: it's $300 and $60+
    Me: please😢
    Me: …

  11. "the switch is the first console that goes with you"
    all other handheld consoles: Are we a joke to you?

  12. Nintendo switch controllers are pure garbage makes playing games on the right complicated and uncomfortable. Nintendo sure were being stupid

  13. 2 years later and I’m really excited to get my switch after waiting for better battery and more games I knew it was a good idea to save my money heh 😭

  14. I licked my Nintendo cartridge, I expected it to give me the breath of the wild. Was disappointed. 0/10 not as expected.

  15. Great video, but it is not the first mobile console. The game boy came out in the ancient times and then there was the DS and the PSVITA and the 3DS and 2DS and many different variations of them.

  16. I really like the nintendo switch because you can play crash bandicoot and you can play Mario and even way more!ZELDA!

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