Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros at E3 2017?

Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros at E3 2017?

– E3 2017 is just a month away. We’ve talked Sony. We’ve talked Microsoft. Now it’s time to talk about
the granddaddy of them all, Nintendo. – Did you see the latest
Nintendo newsletter? – Whoa, nice graphics! I’d like to get my hands on that game. – Now Nintendo is a bit of an oddball when it comes to E3 lately because they don’t do
traditional press conferences. Instead, this year is
going to be like last year where they have a digital
event that focuses on all the little
announcements and trailers, and after that, they’re just going to do a live stream throughout the days that will focus on what’s
happening on the show floor. Now, Nintendo has already
said the big focus this year is going to be on Super Mario Odyssey, but they’re also going to talk about other games planned for 2017, which should include a couple 3DS titles. We’re still waiting on
Hey! Pikmin and Ever Oasis, but most of it should be
focused on the Switch. Now there are still a number
of games planned for 2017 on the Switch we don’t
have a lot of info on yet. Arms is coming out near
the very end of E3, so we probably won’t see a lot on that. Plus, it’s already getting it’s own dedicated Nintendo Direct. We might see a little bit of Splatoon 2, but that’s already had
its own Nintendo Direct and is only a month after E3. What we’re probably gonna see, hopefully, is stuff on Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the much anticipated sequel to the Wii RPG and Fire Emblem Warriors, Nintendo’s mashup of their Fire franchise and Dynasty Warriors. Nintendo has announced a lot
more games for the Switch back at the initial
Switch press conference, including stuff like SMT
5 and Octopath Traveler, which I really want a lot more info on. But Nintendo has said that this E3 they’ll be focusing more on
games coming out in 2017, so the chances on any more info for those games is pretty slim. Now that’s all well and good, but what about new games we
could expect to maybe see at this year’s E3? Well, thanks to Mario
Kart 8 Deluxe Edition, a big question a lot of people have is what other major Wii U titles could get ported over to the Switch? And, of course, the biggest
of these is Super Smash Bros where maybe we’ll see
some new characters added. Maybe it’ll include all the
DLC characters right away. Maybe we’ll get new DLC characters. It’s definitely the number one
favorite for a lot of people, and hopefully, is the one that is true. But that’s not the only game. There’s also people asking
for stuff like Bayonetta 2, Mario Maker, which would actually give us a good portable version of the game where you could share stuff online and not just with friends,
like on the 3DS version, which kinda defeated the purpose. And, personally, I
wouldn’t mind even seeing a port of Pokken that actually included all of the characters that
the arcade version has and not just the few
the Wii U version got. Now, as for completely new games, one of the most interesting rumors to be circulating lately for Nintendo is that there is not one but two brand-new Metroid games in development, hopefully neither of which
is a new Federation Force. Now, of these two, one is supposedly being
developed by Retro Studios, the same guys that did the
original Metroid Prime, so if this is all accurate, it’s safe to say that one of those games will be in FPS style like Metroid Prime, and the other might be a more traditional side-scrolling Metroid game. Now, one other game that
people are really hoping to see at this year’s E3, but the evidence for is
kind of iffy right now unless you’re really into
conspiracy-theory level stuff, is a new Pokemon game for the Switch in the style of Pokemon Sun
to Moon called Pokemon Stars, which would be really cool. Just not really sure we’re
gonna see that just yet. Now aside from games,
there is one other rumor people have been talking about that we might actually see a reveal of the new SNES Classic
Edition at this year’s E3, which, honestly, I kind of doubt. I mean, the original NES Classic Edition didn’t get shown off at E3. I think Nintendo kind of
treats it as a side novelty and not part of their core business, but, afterall, after how
well the NES Classic did, maybe they’ve changed their minds. We’ll find out in just another month.

100 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros at E3 2017?

  1. If Super Smash Bros gets on the Switch, I WOULD NEVER GET OFF MY SWITCH.

    I have a feeling that you would be able to play 2- player with the individual joycons, and each would have the controls similar to the 3DS version, just without the D-pad.

    Nintendo, PLEASE make it happen! The Nintendo Switch would make a lot more money if it had Smash on it!

  2. Guardians of the galaxy 2 was soooo bad seriously The first one was fun original , funny and action packed the second one was slow, boring humourless and repetitive

  3. Please!!!! Nintendo make all the wii u lego games to the switch i just bought a ps4 but i will buy the switch just for that because ps4 doesnt like lego game.

  4. Everyone wants to see an HD remake of Melee. I think I'm the only one who prefers and HD remake of Smash64 instead. I miss that old formula.

  5. handsome youtuber who loves Nintendo and talks as normal person without yelling !!! OK am subscribing immediately

  6. I doubt a smash bros port honestly, knowing things that Sakuria has done i doubt it will happen (Its not impossible though i just don't see the point of it with the 3ds already out) if it does come out its most likely to have all the DLC and no new characters. I say this because Sakuria doesn't want any exclusive fighters for a certain port of the game as seen by not having the Ice Climbers due to the fact that the 3ds couldn't run them without problems

  7. people logic…nintendo announces news for arms and a new trailer for splatoon 2…what youtubers and other people understand…oooooo they are going to announce super smash bros new pokemon games assasins creed and a ton of new games…really?what is hard to understand?

  8. I don't think super Mario maker won't be on the switch because it doesn't have a stylus or a touchscreen (on tv mode)

  9. I agree that I'd like to see Super Smash Bros. coming to the Switch. However, the 3DS is obviously our portable version, thus, I don't see a Switch release.

  10. I'd buy a switch and a new smash bros if the online is fixed. I played the previous titles at my friends house and online was garbage filled with a ton of lag.

  11. they should bring sunshine or a similar mario game to the vc while we wait for odyssey and super smash bros


    Also, if you are expecting a new game, expect it for 2021 or later. Sakurai has arthritis now from the last game, if I'm not mistaken, so it'll probably take him a while.

    And before you say it, no, Nintendo can't just do it themselves. This one man is basically the entire development team on his own and only HAL Laboratory could develop the next one if he's truly absent from it since they have the most experience.

  13. i have a feeling we're all gonna be hyped to see Smash at E3 and then it's gonna end up not happening

  14. Super Mario Maker won't come out for the Switch. It works well with a stylus, something the Switch lacks, sadly.

  15. Two things I wish Nintendo reveal at E3

    1. A third-person open-world Metroid game
    2. A full fledged Pokémon game for the Switch

    If those games become a reality, they would win E3.

  16. Honestly, if they remastered the original Xenoblade Chronicles on the Switch I would shit myself.

  17. Hey Kevin Kenson I've been doing some crazy research and I've found out that the Xbox one Scorpio is going to be released on the 11 June 2017. If I'm wrong then it's definitely going to be released somewhere around Christmas.

  18. PLEASE don't port Smash 4.
    Gimme smash 5!
    I don't want to pay 69 dollahs again for a few new characters

  19. Just here to say that super mario 3d world would be good asf on switch, everyone always forgets to mention it when it comes to ports

  20. Arms is the smash for now atleast for this year. we could get an announcment at e3 but it will not release his year or maybe it will but they have arms no one would buy that if they would announce smash one month after the release.

  21. If I remember right it was already confirmed in a interview or something sometime ago that a whole brand new supersmash bros game will be made on the switch. idk

  22. my dream e3 wishlist besides the obvious ones
    -shin megami tensei v
    -no more heroes 3
    -pokemon stars
    -mario x rabbid kingdom battle
    -metroid switch

  23. Uhm… You're wrong. Retro studio isn't working on Metroid, but on a new ip/spinoff. This has been common knowledge for more than an year.

  24. Nintendo, in my opinion we really want:

    An open world Pokemon game,
    A sequel to Super Mario Galaxy 2,
    A new Super Smash Bros, and
    A remake of Super Mario Sunshine

    Please give us at least one of these on the Switch 🙂

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