Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase – Top Best 12 Games

hi everybody and welcome to get indie
gaming earlier today March 20th Nintendo revealed their latest nin DS direct
showcase an event that functions in a similar fashion to a standard Nintendo
Direct although with a specific focus on indie games from a number of publishers
while perhaps not full of colossal announcements in this video we cover
what we think are the 12 best looking games featured at the event in easy to
digest bite-sized pieces in no particular order and first up coming
this summer fantasy strike looks like a typical fighting game with players
facing each other one on one with each of them having their own skill sets and
special abilities Nintendo described the game as more of a strategy fighter than
a classic button masher which means players will need to learn
how to put their skills to best used to beat their opponents reigns and its
sequel reigns Her Majesty will launch like many others this spring and will
come in a single package called reins kings and queens the game will also pour
across to the switch with a new co-op offering that’s a console exclusive
using a tinder swipe left swipe right mechanic you make decisions on how to
rule your kingdom already out on a PC Mac and mobiles we can see the combined
package and co-op mode being a nice little draw and becoming something of a
cult hits for the console in what the team behind messenger are calling an
open love letter to the 8-bit and 16-bit era with their chip tune and tight
controls what we have here is set to be an epic ninja adventure with a memorable
cast of villains bosses and associates naturally there’s more than a passing to
ninja gaiden here which suits us just fine there’s also an element of shovel
knight about it too and we’re very happy to see this one coming to launch at some
time this summer first launched in 2015 the Banner Saga series 3 will land on
the switch this summer alongside the original and its sequel Nintendo also
announced the game will first launch on a switch before going out to other
platforms mixing turn-based tactical combat with a multi-layered story the
Banner Saga series 3 was successfully funded by Kickstarter gaining more than
$400,000 in March of last year the game will feature over 40 characters
permadeath and progress will carry on from one game to the next
in a surprise move to us our number three game from our 2017 game of the
Year awards west of loathing with its tongue-in-cheek send up of the genre it
portrays is coming to the Nintendo switch in what was called on the
livestream today as a system exclusive we honestly love this one when we played
it back on the PC and are very much looking forward to stepping a foot back
into it’s awesome humorous and damn right weird world set across more than a
hundred levels pool panic is one giant game of pool and comes from the team
Iraqi and published by Adult Swim games from the trailer it looks a fun and
cartoony affair with lots of enemies and holes will be able to pop them into this
one another switch exclusive with four local player co-op could well become a
party game of choice at some point later this year first out back in 2012 mark of
the ninja initially had a high level of praise when it first came out on the
Xbox Live Arcade and was originally punked and was originally published by
Microsoft Studios no date was given for the launch although it’s the first time
the game has been available on other consoles
it’s a traditional stealth type game where you must make your way across the
map without making a sound the twist comes in the platforming sections with
many collectables and the different route options you can take as you
progress across the level in pode to improbable traveling companions set off
in a journey of adventure in what’s looking to be a highly promising co-op
exploration puzzler mode is inspired by a Norwegian art and culture and from the
trailer looks to offer a beautiful environment with captivating gameplay
coming from henchmen and good mode is slated as another spring launch while we
said in no particular order one of the most exciting announcements from today’s
show was the news that lumens remastered is heading to the console with launch
date sometime this coming spring with the original creator back on board the
game will make use of the joy cons and their tactile feedback from their Rumble
units as a puzzler this one first launched back on the PSP in 2004
although we hope this new version here will be as addictive and as downright
fun as the original from the team at tiny built games and apparently inspired
by the era of gory straight-to-video B movies of some time
garages a top-down shooter set in a gritty looking underworld again like
many here today launching first on the switch this spring the game features an
ex-drug dealer protagonist who accidentally stumbles into a secret
world filled with monsters and mutants it features interactive environments you
can drive vehicles with each level being filled with unique challenges and hidden
secrets for the player to discover the utterly stunning visual show that is
light fall from bishop games will launch as a timed exclusive on the console in
it players will travel to the Forgotten world of numbre in this 2d platformer
inspired by games such as Super Meat Boy limbo and Bastion we’ve already
showcased like fall here on get indie gaming and love the concept of the
platforming together with its silhouette art style and what appears to be a
mysterious tale of intrigue from plausible concept and raw fury bad north
first got our attention at last year’s games calm where it is picked up by a
number of national media outlets here in the UK in bad north which is one of the
most pretty looking isometric games we’ve ever seen you alarm your troops
shore up your defenses and protect the people of your island against Viking
invaders in this roguelike realtime strategy game coming first to the switch
this summer with bad north being the last of our top 12 we can’t help but
wonder what else is coming to the switch from indie studios in the forthcoming
months some no doubt will be disappointed that today’s nin d directed
n’t offer any earth-shattering revelations although that said there’s
plenty here to look forward to and get excited over and with that we’re out of
time on this nin d direct showcase would be interested to hear which ones you’re
most excited to play to please let us know in all the usual places many thanks
for watching and please come back soon for more videos

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