Nintendo Switch LEFT JOYCON DISCONNECTING ? Here’s how to fix it

Nintendo Switch LEFT JOYCON DISCONNECTING ? Here’s how to fix it

The Nintendo Switch removable controller concept is cool but leaves many problems, especially the left Joycon. Look at this, if we push the joycon a little bit, then it will be disconnected from the main unit.
But don’t worry, I will show you how to fix it. So gamers, lets get started. Before we begin, let’s prepare the required tools. A small Phillips screwdriver, a Tri-wing screwdriver, a cotton swab, a paper clip and isopropyl alcohol. Let’s inspect the problem one more time. Remove the joycon and replace it with other joycon. Then push the Joycon a little bit It is still disconnecting. So in this case the problem lies on the Joycon slider, not the Joycon itself. I guess there is something wrong with the connector hidden at the end of the joycon slider. Maybe it is dusty or something else But unfortunately, we cannot see it or even clean it Let’s try spraying the pin connector with an electronic contact cleaner like the WD40. It is cheap, easy to do, and we got nothing to lose. Make sure you have turned off the console and spray WD40 directly into the problematic area. Then let it dry for a while Then insert the Joycon and test it out Push the bottom side of the Joycon and see if it is still disconnecting. It is not disconnecting and I think it is OK Let’s remove the joycon and replace it with the other one. Try pushing the Joycon I think it is fixed now, but I need to make sure it is really OK. Now reinsert the original joycon It is not connecting, let’s try pushing the joycon Then try pushing it again Now the problem reoccurs. The joycon is disconnecting from the main unit So in this case, spraying the WD-40 didn’t solve the problem. We need to disassemble the console and inspect the Joycon slider pin connector Get your Tri-wing screw driver and remove these four screws Then use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the middle screw on the right joycon rail And do the same thing on the left joycon rail, remove the middle screw for now Then remove these screws at the side of the USB port Flip the console and then remove the screw Then remove the micro SD card And remove the screw Then you can lift the back cover. Then remove all the remaining screws on the left joycon slider Then you can take apart the joycon slider from the main unit. But be very aware of the flex ribbon cable. Don’t damage it. Now notice a little metal hole at the end of the slider You have to push the metal pin out of the slider using a paper clip Make sure you hold the slider carefully because you could end up damaging the flex ribbon cable. At first it might be hard to push the metal pin but soon after you found the sweet spot, it is easy to do. Push the metal pin all the way until you can remove it completely from the slider Then pull the microcircuit board out of the slider carefully Now the slider is fully separated from the main unit The microcircuit board is just a bunch of contact pins, and maybe some of the pins are dirty so it won’t detect the joycon accurately. Now take the isopropyl alcohol and water the cotton swab with alcohol. Then rub the contact pins several times The next step is the trickiest part. You need to reinstall the circuit board to the joycon slider. Then reinsert the metal pin And then reinstall the screw. You can install some of the screw and do the rest later Then reinstall the back cover Inspect all the sides and make sure it fits perfectly. Then install the tri-wing screws Then install the screws at the top and the bottom of the main unit Then lift the console stand and install the screw Then reinsert the micro sd card Now reinstall the rest of the screws on the joycon sliders Now reinsert both Joycons Now try pushing the Joycon It is not disconnecting. Now let’s try using other Joycon Then again push the Joycon It is good!.. Now reinsert the original Joycon Then again, push the Joycon So now we have fixed the problem. The Joycon is no longer disconnecting. Congratulations, you have made it to the end of the video. If you think this video is useful for you, then give a like, share, comment and subscribe to my channel. If you need help, you can follow me on social media. So gamers, see you next time. subscribe to my channel. If you need help, you can follow me on social media. You can also visit my other channel that is in the Indonesian language. See the link in the description below. language. See the link in the description below. So gamers, see you next time

23 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch LEFT JOYCON DISCONNECTING ? Here’s how to fix it

  1. Every problem i face with my switch.. The next day i see the solution uploaded in the channel.. How come the we face same problem at the same time? How come?

    Thanks alot for these vids

  2. I have so real bad news incase you haven't heard it yet. Article has passed. So ya gotta be careful what you upload from now on. Good luck.

  3. Well I just found out that the little holder broke off thank god I got a replacement but this one the screws on the back is hard to get out and I don’t want to strip them

  4. Hello, i got some issue after new update. When i change my controller, there is no pop up controller icon like 9:10 at video, did someone have problem like this ?

  5. Thanks your the only channel that helped me with my switch problems like stick drift thank you love your vids

  6. To make your life easier to put back the metal tube just put the rail and the gold pins back in to position in the nintendo switch itself and THEN put the metal tube in. Less risky than doing it in the air, dont want to accidentally slip your hands and rip the cable.

  7. Thanks! This helped. Although my method was using a flattened cotton swab. Using that with Wd 40. It helped.

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