Nintendo Switch Indie Games 2018 | August | Check These Out!

Nintendo Switch Indie Games 2018 | August | Check These Out!

August is here everyone and that means even
more Indie games are being released onto the Eshop. In this video, Nakusoo and I will be showing
7 Indie games to look out for this month. Now That’s Gaming! From the creators of Cthulhu saves the world
comes Cosmic Star Heroine, crash landing on the Nintendo Switch. Think Chrono Trigger with the battle mechanics,
and sprinkling in the modern ability to save anywhere. Aliens, robots, magic, crazy conspiracies,
EVERYTHING IS THROWN AT YOU as this title wants to capture that pixelated 16-bit goodness
while having animated cutscenes similar to early CD-Rom games. Coupled with the BADASS main theme music,
that is sure to get you hyped, as you use multi-character combo techniques to defeat
a galactic threat! Get ready to bust your balls in the rhythm-style
game, Road To Ballhalla! You must overcome difficult obstacles by moving
with the music. Expect major failure and to be made fun of
as you try to adjust to new tunes that are tailored for each level. You can expect to discover secrets that will
allow you to find other areas, that can have hidden goodies. Speedrunners, you will love this game since
you can replay levels in “Rush mode” where you have to go as fast as possible to get
to the end, achieving the highest of scores. Get yourself those bragging rights if you
have the BALLS to go on this adrenaline filled adventure! Oh…You thought it was over? No my friends, the cooking as just begun. Are you ready to return to the Onion Kingdom
once more in Overcooked 2!? This time there are new recipes to learn,
as you bring up to 4-friends or if you’re brave enough journey alone into newer kitchens
like you’ve never seen before. New features like online multiplayer, new
themes, and chefs have been implemented. You’re also able to play Versus mode against
others and Arcade mode makes a return. Regardless of how you decide to play, be sure
to not burn the food in these crazy levels. When it comes to beautiful animations and
nail-biting difficulty, look no further than, Dead Cells. This is a metroidvania roguelike game where
you must learn from your deaths as there are no checkpoints to save you. Travel through an ever-changing castle, adapting
to different rooms that reward and tries to kill you with exploration. Face challenging bosses and enemies as you
struggle to survive and escape the Island. Luckily, you have access to a plethora of
weapons such as swords, bows, spells, grenades, whips, and turrets to obliterate your foes. The game is looking really solid and playing
this on the Nintendo Switch, we bet will be a super fun experience. If you’re a fan of the Castlevania series
or even Dark Souls, then you don’t want to miss picking up Dead Cells. It’s time to go HAM, as you the professional
assassin turned campaign manager, has to clean up the city streets by any means necessary. Will you use cover and become tactical or
run and gun your way to victory? Expect a lot of insane stuff on the screen
as you try to make your way through various levels with different characters you unlock
along the way. You have primary and secondary (Which is totally
not random) goals that will test your willpower as you fight through helicopters, gunships,
pandas, yes that’s RIGHT, There are PANDAS in NOT A HERO: SUPER SNAZZY EDITION, heeell
yeah.. If you’re a fan of 2D platformers with a
lot of action going and most of the time the story is WAYYYY over the top, then this just
might be your game. You only have one minute to figure out what
is happening in this bizzare world as you find out a curse was put upon you by picking
up a sword. Make every minute count as you try to solve
puzzles, but when time is up, so is your life. However, all is not lost as you awake in an
endless loop until you can piece together what exactly is going on. This game is like a combination of the old
school Legend of Zelda games mixed with Warioware. This collaboration between the four people,
JW, Kitty, Jukio, and Dom looks to have a lot of charm and love put into it. If you are a lover of adventure-puzzle games
with an distinctive art style, then give Minit a try! It’s time to annihilate your foes, in this
Real time-strategy game, set in a fantasy world where you play as a horde of vile Barbarians. Your aim is to plunder, impale, curse up a
storm and drink till your heart’s content. The game allows for easy to use controls as
you can play with only one Joy con on an epic single-player campaign that gives you hours
of entertainment. But, don’t be fooled, there is still inventory
management, and units you will still have to manage. Do you want to taste the tears of your friend
or someone random? Take it online or offline in multiplayer that
will put your friendship or lack of one on the line. If you want an adult RTS that still has a
cartoon style, but offers you some enjoyable content, look forward to Crush Your Enemies! There were so many cool looking Indie games
in this video, but out of all of the games shown today, which one looks the most interesting
to you? Let us know in the comments below. And if you want to discover something new,
then consider subscribing to the channel as I showcase some of the most interesting Indie
games. Thank you for taking your time out to watch
this video and until next time, take care!

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  1. Slowly… after each video I seem to be descending into madness, you can tell in the editing lol. I had so much fun creating this video and with the help of Tubbymora lending his voice, it came out really well! If you enjoy this video, consider sharing it others and if you missed last month’s video on our picks for July then click here —–>

  2. Yooo, you and I are set out on a journey to prove to everyone that the nintendo switch is definitely the greatest console ever lmao.. Keep up the quality content!

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