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(Mario death tune) Ashley: Welcome to The Know, I’m Ashley Jenkins. Jon: I’m Jon Risinger. Ashley: Nintendo’s been teasing secrets and surprises still in store for its newly unveiled portable console The Switch. Jon: But screw your thunder, Nintendo! ThisistheNX, andwe’regonnateareverythingapart
untilthere’snothinglefttobespoiled! Ashley: Were any of those words? Jon: Yes! It was all one word. Ashley: Okay. Thanks to some new insider reports, detailed fan analysis of the Nintendo Switch trailer, and the age old tradition of digging through
some of Nintendo’s recent patents, again we may already know just about everything there is to learn about the Switch. It’s got less secrets at this point than Victoria. Jon: Ooh. Jon: Plus, Nintendo’s issued just a teensy bit of warning, about drawing too many conclusions from the game footage spotted in the most recent trailer. Ashley: Right. The first of the seemingly not-so-secret features comes from who else but
Laura Dale of Let’s Play Video Games who’s been nailing just about every single detail of the Switch’s announcements over the last few weeks. Today, Dale reports that Switch will, in fact, feature IR pointer functionality which would allow motion controls when the system is in home console mode. Jon: Previously Dale and other sources have claimed that Switch will feature a multitouch screen
on its handheld, a feature that was not only missing from the trailer, but one that Nintendo refused to comment about in multiple instances since the trailer debuted. Ashley: One of the big concerns about Switch potentially having a touch screen would be that there’d be no way to play touch-centric games when the system is in home console mode. However, today’s report about IR kinda changes that. Jon: Yeah, according to Dale, the handheld will feature two IR sensors that will be visible when the Switch is docked for TV play, which will essentially, turn your dock into a
Wii sensor bar. Ashley: The other half of the motion controls lives on in the bottom of one of the Joy-cons
in the form of another IR sensor. So that will allow for motion control play when one of the Joy-cons detach thus enabling touch games to be played on your TV. Or presumably, old Wii games for
a release on the virtual console. Jon: Yeah. These fi-
Ashley: No way that’s gonna happen! Jon: Yeah. They’ll definitely not, you know, try to resell us games over and over again. Ashley: Nintendo would never do that. Jon: These findings and others were corroborated by screenshots and analysis from user EveMK89 on Reddit, who also documented a number of details that could easily be overlooked in the trailer. Ashley: In addition to spotting the IR sensor confirmed in Dale’s report, EveMK89 screen capped what appears to be shoulder buttons
on each of the detachable Joy-cons, an microSD slot beneath the handheld’s kick stand, and the ability to charge the handheld seperate from the Switch’s docking station. Jon: Mmm. The MicroSD port would certainly make sense for storage while on the go. At the moment, we’ve got no word at all on whether or not there’s gonna be any internal console storage but Nintendo might have opted to forgo internal storage in favor of microSD cards since it’s meant to be portable. Ashley: It’s been working just fine on the 3DS, right? And of course many of the Nintendo faithful are no doubt breathing a sigh of relief about the apparent ability to charge the Switch
while its in portable mode. That was a pretty big concern after last week’s claims that the Switch’s battery life is only about 3 hours total, based on reports from inside sources. Jon: Yeah. So your portable system will have to find a place to power up every few hours It’s like a worse version of Majora’s Mask. Ashley: Ya-you know I been….ye…. Jon: Yeah?
Ashley: Yeah, fine. Ashley: In order to find potentially more clues about the Switch’s hidden features, some are digging through the company’s recent patents, which can be a little bit of a tricky business, as we’ve seen a number of times in the past. Just like a minefield of “coulds”, “could nots”, Ashley: “may have beens”
Jon: “maybes”, it’s a lot of “maybes” Jon: You sort of have to treat Nintendo’s patents or any patents for that matter with a grain of salt. However, it should be noted that a lot of Switch’s final concept came from previously uncovered Nintendo patents like the shift back to cartridges
and detachable controllers. Ashley: Right. So, every now and again,
digging through patents turns up something useful. A number of outlets like Porygon and IGN have trawled Nintendo’s treasure trove of spitballed ideas finding things on the tame end of the spectrum like a Switch console that might feature a rumble pack, accelerometer, touch panel and microphone. Jon: Or things on the wackier side. With some of the patents having to do with mini projectors, and gesture based controls. According to 3 seperate patents filed and
published over the last year, certain in game objects could be
projected in a small distance. Saaaay, to your hand, In order for you to interact with them. Ashley: It’s the future !
Jon: Just put the Pokemon in my hand! Jon: Just put it in my hand! Ashley: Examples in the patent show, well they don’t show Pokemon, but they do show playing ‘Paper, Scissors, Rock’ in a game, or catching and throwing a baseball as well as holding up your fingers to answer math questions which is what everyone hopes
they can do on their console. Jon: Just been waiting for that for so many years. However, some of that seems a little less likely especially if Nintendo’s trying to keep the cost of the system down to a competitive price range. Still, Nintendo did also recently
patent modullar controllers so it’s possible that Switch could get some future controller attachments that offer this kind of functionality Ashley: And that would be a primary upside of being able to detach bits of the controllers. Jon: Mmhmm.
Ashley: Makes sense. Ashley: Despite all the speculation that Nintendo is keeping silent and by all accounts, they will until next year at the earliest. Well, I mean, they will until next year, I dunno about “earliest” because its not like they can keep quiet until 2018, its coming out in March. They’re even urging fans not to go overboard, especially when it concerns the
games shown in the new trailer. So its very much a, “Look at all the exciting things we’re gonna do and have but maybe not.” Jon: Yeah. After a growing number of questions about a potential new Mario Kart, Splatoon and 3D Mario on display in the Switch ad, Nintendo provided a
quote to Eurogamer, writing, “You shouldn’t assume what you saw on the video represents actual game footage and further specifics on first-party games will be provided later .” Ashley: Well, I mean-
Jon: DON’T PUT IT IN THE GOD DAMN TRAILER IF IT’S NOT IN THE GAME! Ashley: Thats….yeah, one way to let people down. I guess. Another is to just rip the band aid off like Mass Effect Andromeda producer Michael Gamble who straight up confirmed on Twitter that the next game would NOT, in fact, be coming to Nintendo Switch. Like….at all. Jon: So, what features can we expect for Nintendo Switch that Nintendo still hasn’t officially unveiled? To stay cheap and competitively priced, they can’t afford to over stuff with essentially a handheld
with too many features. Our best guess is a multitouch screen, a necessity in today’s tablet landscape.
Ashley: Right. Jon: Plus-
Ashley: People now expect to touch screens.
Jon: Yeah, you gotta to be like- Jon: touch stuff. Plus the IR pointer and possibly a microphone
and outward facing camera. Ashley: Yeah. So if Nintendo is eyeing
just your based gaming, which wouldn’t be a surprise given their history, it would probably come at a later time through a different type of controller or attachment of some kind for the system. While it seems the company is looking to distinguish this product from the Wii and the 3DS for now, it’s hard to believe that they’d shift away from their creative tendencies for too long. And if they can do motion control… why not enable it? Jon: Mmhmm. So, this is Nintendo, so there’s no doubt something in store that we probably haven’t even thought about just yet. Let’s just hope that secret feature isn’t, you know, crappy ports of your favourite current gen games. Ashley: Right. The-cl- classic Nintendo. Jon: That’s just default. Ashley: What do you guys think of these potential features for Nintendo Switch? Is motion control a big deal to you? Let us know in the comments. Jon: For future updates on Nintendo’s new console, ‘like’ this video and subscribe to The Know. Ashley: Thanks to Dollar Shave Club
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