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Wecome to the Know, I’m Mika I’m Ben It’s no secret that the switch has been a hot seller for nintendo over the last year and some new sales numbers Just really underscore that fact the console has had an amazing 10 months And that doesn’t show any signs of cooling off like at all no But what’s next for the red hot console in 2018 and whatever happened to that pokemon game? We were promised Yeah, whatever happened to that Nintendo well We’ve got some news sales stats for the switch and as expected it continues to do stupid Well the console has now outsold the Wii U in less than a year of release and it’s been the driving force behind Intentos return to the top of the industry the question everyone has now is can Nintendo keep it up in 2018 while Nintendo had an undoubtedly great 2017 that was highlighted by a pair of classic Mario and Zelda games its lineup seems a little more bare this year But don’t worry Nintendo excite you to say they’ve got more tricks up their sleeve, and it doesn’t just involve cardboard So how’s that for a teaser? I mean when the first lineup came out for the switch we all thought it was bear – And now look who’s laughing all the way to the back look if the cardboard thing doesn’t pan out just throw more cardboard at us Right think it actually don’t work somehow if it’s Nintendo’s thing okay? Let’s dig into the numbers first These come from a Nintendo’s third quarter results where their company described its performance for the nine-month period that ended in December 31st after sales the switch has now sold a total of fourteen point eight six Million units since it launched in March of last year which is more than the Wii U sold during its entire lifecycle That’s equal parts great for the switch and kinda sad for the poor We gyro some people may it rest in peace anyway Nintendo now predicts that the switch will hit 17.7 4 million units by March 2018 as for games Super Mario Odyssey leads the pack with more than 9 million copies shipped and an interesting tidbit noted by Eurogamer news editor Tom Phillips That’s more copies than battlefront 2 sold on PC PlayStation 4 and Xbox one combines nice Yeah And marco out as he doesn’t even have loot boxes the other big switch games include Mario Kart 8 deluxe a 7.3 million Legend of Zelda breath of the wild it’s six point seven million and splatoon – as I like to call it spoon at four point nine million other games that cross the million sold threshold were one to switch arms and Xenoblade Chronicles two of course all of This has been very very good for Nintendo’s bottom line its revenue was more than 4.4 Billion dollars and his operating profit was up more than 260 Compared to last year’s and that’s you know decent pretty good those numbers beat investor Expectations and Tendo stock prices jumped more than two percent today Over the last year its stock price has more than doubled which makes sense when you consider How popular the switch has been Nintendo also raised various sales and profit forecasts because you know things are really going well for them Right now yeah Nintendo also said the increase switch sales weren’t hurting the 3ds at all the company said that sales of the handheld actually grew in the US during the holiday season But overall sales at the 3ds were down 9 percent compared to last year at more than 5.8. Million units still though That’s not a huge surprise considering how all of the 3ds is at this point like seriously as for 3ds games the leader won’t surprise You okay make that leaders pokemon ultra son and ultra moon have sold a total of more than 7 million units But overall software sales on the 3ds declined to 31 million units That’s a 33 percent decrease as for mobile Nintendo was up in that department as well it shouted out Super Mario run and Fire Emblem Heroes while also mentioning that Animal Crossing pocket camp is doing really well with fans the company income from mobile was up 172 percent compared to last year so yeah it looks like Nintendo is firing on all cylinders the big question now is can Nintendo keep it up Nintendo had an Undeniably killer lineup of games last year, but has it shot. It’s one the biggest game scheduled for 2018 are you kirby star allies a new fire emblem and Octo path traveller oh yeah, also, we’re getting ports of Bayonetta 1 and 2 Dark Souls and Donkey Kong tropical freeze I got really excited to read that one up actually that’s not a bad lineup by any me no But it doesn’t quite have the same firepower that we saw last year, right? There’s no new Zelda or anything of course Nintendo also shook things up earlier this month when they announced labo The series of cardboard based peripherals it was unique and totally unlike anything We’ve ever seen before from a video game company in short exactly the kind of thing we’d expect from Nintendo I for one look forward to VR cardboard Lego overlords, but they might have something else in the works, too Nintendo CEO Tetsu Miki Mishima was quoted by Wall Street, Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki as saying aside from labo We’ve also prepared other ways of expanding ways to play on the Nintendo switch Mochizuki added that his paper is aware of unannounced peripheral devices for the switch So what could that mean well your guess is as good as ours but given in tendo’s reputation for shaking things up It’s definitely worth paying attention to but back to games for a second What about that mainline Pokemon game that they’ve been talking about for the switch, I want it That’s what that’s all the news I want you have now heard much about that since a brief announcement at e3 last year well in its quarterly report Nintendo briefly mentioned The Pokemon switch game saying that it’ll get here by 2018 or later, so maybe this year, but yeah Probably not give me them deets. I want more than details I know Still whether or not we get a Pokemon game this year There’s no denying that Nintendo keeps on rolling with the switch And it’s now got the attention of the gaming world again And as for its unannounced project given that Nintendo always prides itself in doing things differently It’ll be interesting to see what they’ve got up their sleeve I’m hoping it’s like Animal Crossing, but IRL they put you in the middle of a town with giant fucking animals And you got it you got it. Just be a mayor. I’m just expecting like hey tomorrow. That’s a no direct boom games games It’s gonna be Every game ever people can be realizing Tendo wins what do you guys think about the latest sales numbers for the switch? and what do you think Nintendo could be working on next let us know in the comments and for all of your Nintendo news and Hopefully when Animal Crossing is gonna kind of switch be sure to like this video And if you’re new around here subscribe to the Nintendo give me ammo crossing. I’m literally going to make my switch. It’s right Yeah, it’s literally I’m literally right there on the couch grew in the US during the holiday season But overall sales at the 3ds were down 9% compared to last year at more than four point decline 231 million units, that’s a 33% Mm-hmm and Fire Emblem Heroes while also dimensioning that animal crossing pocket game is doing really well with fans Pocket camp as I thought yeah

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