Nintendo Switch Games One Year Later – What’s Next for 2018?

Ok. I’ll put the tough topics away for a week. Let’s talk about how awesome having a Switch
has been. Everybody cool with that? We good? Ok… Let’s get started…. Nintendo Switch has been out for a year now. & aside from it’s indisputable meteoric
commercial success, I think many of us can agree it was a resounding success in more
ways than just bringing Nintendo back into the conversation. Let’s talk about how they did that, what
they’re doing to keep it up, and how they can take it even further. Normally this video would be dedicated to
wrapping up the month with me talking about some of the best games to come out of said
given month. Turns out you guys don’t wanna watch those
videos. EVEN WITH GIVEAWAYS (which, while I’m on
that topic, congratulations once again to kirbygeek for winning the $35 eShop card from
last month’s video.) SO I’m going to change that up a bit. I’m still going to highlight some of the
best Switch games for each month, I’m still going to do the eShop Giveaway (details on
that at the end of the video) BUT this video won’t be dedicated to that like usual. So, let’s get started shall we? As I’ve said on several ocassions much to
the chagrin of fanboys of competing platforms. Switch’s success is unprecedented in most
markets. In a matter of 12 months Nintendo managed
to sell through nearly 15 million units (actually, it’s likely closer to 16 million. updated numbers haven’t been released in
a while.) Accrue a library of games ranging from 1st
party masterpieces like Breath of the Wild & Mario Odyssey, great 3rd party games many
previously thought would never come to a Nintendo platform like Skyrim, DOOM 2016, & L.A Noire.
all the way to indie darlings like Super Meat Boy, Celeste or even the newly released Dandara
or Mulaka. (2 great games I played last month, but, we’ll
get to that in a bit.) Together these games amongst the rest of the
respectable year one lineup have sold through more than 52 million units. Bob: HEY! I WANNA TALK ABOUT OWLBOY! That game that you got me a code for through
your Wulff Den email account. Say did you end up getting yourself one through
Fanatix? AJ: No, I didn’t. But, that’s not the point of the video anymore. You see BOB if you actually listened you’d
know that I said at the sta- Bob: Huh, shame. Well better luck next time. Anyway Owlboy is a 2D sidescroller that’s
part platformer, part shooter, part puzzler. It slaps you with the 16-bit nostalgia for
a type of game we’ve never even seen before. Above all else, it’s BEAUTIFUL. It has an 87 on Metacritic so if you’re into
sidescroller and Super Nintendo style games, this is a must play. AJ: Oookaay…. anything else? Any other games caught your eye? Bob: Right now the Switch is in a little bit
of a dry spell, but so are all the other systems. This time of year is usually pretty void for
games. Which is good. We need time to catch up on the holiday backlog. We’re still seeing some great games that were
once on other consoles, but comparatively, we’re not seeing anything as big as Zelda
or Mario Odyssey was until presumably later in the year when either Pokemon or Metroid
comes out. Don’t consider this an indicator of the Switch
being void of content. It’s not. There are still TONS of great games on the
console that you DEFINITELY haven’t played, and some more great games to come… AND IF YOU WANT SOME SUGGESTIONS GO WATCH
MY VIDEO OK BYYYYYE Fine, I guess this is the part of the video
where I rundown games I played this month OH YEAH, ALSO, we’re doing ANOTHER giveaway
of a random Switch game to the best comment on this video in the 1st 48 hours of it being
live, so, get to typing. ANYWAY, the games I played this month in a
lot of ways are emblematic of what I see for the platform moving forward with the 1st of
which being The Longest 5 Minutes. The game itself is a charming JRPG with an
interesting concept. The game starts from the very end and reveals
the details of how you got into the predicament the heroes are placed into. It’s The Hangover if that movie was a traditional
JRPG about defeating a demon king and instead of no one remembering anything you’re the
only one who forgot. The characters have a ton of personality. This format is my favorite part about this
game. I really enjoy when games play around with
narrative and take established conventions and flip them to make something uniquely interesting. I love the pixel animation and arguably more
important than any of that, this game confirms to me that 5 minutes canonically lasts forever
ion Japan. The reason I say this game is emblematic of
where I see Switch going is the fact that Japan is really embracing the platform. Just look at a typical Media Creates chart
& you’ll see that more often than not Switch is DOMINATING the sales numbers. JRPGs go where Japan wants to play. Moving forward I’m 100% certain that we
will see most of the JRPG output being tailored to that market. Now we’ll likely have a few stragglers that
want to really test the limits of technology but, more often than not we’ll see JRPGs
come to Switch. No doubt about that. NIS is a big proponent of this. You’ll see a lot from them on our channel
in 2018. Logan will cover the bulk of them though. He’s a much bigger JRPG buff than I am. The next game I played this month that I think
is indicative of where Switch is headed was Mulaka. Mulaka is a story driven combat focused action
platformer based on the lore and history of a real life Northern Mexico tribe, The Tarahumara. The gameplay is reminiscent of 3D Zelda games
pre Breath of the Wild with a what I would call a Mega Man-like mechanic that sees you
receiving an abilities from bosses you defeat. It’s interesting to see the growth of indies
through games like this because it shows what they can do with formulas established in previous
eras. Mulaka really reminded me of a game you’d
see in the days of GameCube but, with the added benefit of modern day sensibilities
by way of its storytelling. Sure, games had stories back then, but they
didn’t really try to SAY or TEACH us anything on the whole. That’s not to say they’re bad so before
you get all mad in the comments calm your soul. What I AM saying is that the marriage of that
modern sensibility with that classic game design works well in Mulaka. That’s not to say the game play is PERFECT
or even particularly noteworthy. To be fair, most story driven games suffer
in this department what’s different here still is Mulaka’s gameplay is in the upperechelon
of games that have a rough time with that balance. Also, any game that lets me transform into
a bird as a trojan horse to teach me about a foreign culture I’m down for. So, what does that have to do with Switch’s
future? Well, it’s simple, really. We’re going to get a bunch of kickass indies
and I feel Mulaka is where that part of the industry is headed because indies tend to
incorporate and improve the eras of gaming in order. We’ve clearly seen the effect that current
sensibilities can have on the classic 8 & 16 bit styles. Now is the time where we’ll see more & more
fans of the 32 & 64 era adding a modern spin to it. We’ll see those games make there way onto
Switch more frequently. It’s already started with games like this,
Innnerspace, Yooka Laylee. I’d say those were just the beginning. The last game… or games that I think will
define a lot of this year in more ways than one, is Bayonetta 1 & 2. This one’s a bit of a 2 pronged attack. First of all, Bayonetta is an excellent franchise
that has been victim to the worst case scenario in both directions when it comes to gaining
the attention of the masses. The original game I’d say was victim to
an over saturation issue. There were a ton of games to play on the HD
twins in the Wii era when the original game came out. The budget behind that game couldn’t have
even DREAMED of being big enough to gain the attention it needed. Bayonetta 2? Well….. I mean…. That game was on Wii U. SO putting it on Switch
is brilliant for a few reasons. The 1st of which being it’s the perfect
storm for a game like this. As Bob said, we’re in a lull right now when
it comes to big releases, so, releasing this critically acclaimed game with a decently
sized niche ON TOP OF THE FACT that the game is receiving a sequel on Switch is a pretty
smart idea on Nintendo’s end. Whether or not it’ll pan out has yet to
be seen, but, I have high hopes for what that can mean for the platform. & Bayonetta isn’t alone in taking advantage
of a blue ocean strategy (meaning a strategy that relies on a market without very many
direct competitors.) Bethesda’s stable of games for Switch is
similar, Payday 2 is similar (speaking of Payday 2 we’ll be having a mega stream on
the Wulff Den channel with Dan from That Cybert, potentially Spawn Wave, & of course Bob over
here.) & Take 2 seems primed to take advantage of
the same thing. It’ll eventually become just as saturated,
but, we’re on the ground floor right now with this process so it should be interesting
to see who jumps in. Also tied into that is the fact that we’ll
see more Wii U ports. We’ve already gotten Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta
2, Pokken Tournament, we’ll soon have Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. Alongside all of that I think we’ll see
an enhanced version of Smash 4, and potentially even Mario Maker. Nintendo seems to be eager to capitalize on
the fact that those games haven’t really found much of an audience on Wii U (at least
not compared to what would be possible on Switch) so I can’t imagine them leaving
those games on the table. Aside from all of that I think 2018 will be
more of a supportive and quiet year for Nintendo’s first party studios. Smaller teams and port houses are undoubtedly
the ones behind the Wii U ports, they’ll have a few more small-ish internal teams working
on Labo and other similar projects, we’ll obviously get Kirby Star Allies, Fire Emblem
Switch, MAYBE Animal Crossing & I’m 50/50 on whether Pokemon Switch is holiday this
year, or early next year. This year will be all about bigger 3rd party
support & I think that’s exactly what Switch needs in the immediate future to continue
to expand. Outside of Labo of course. I think that’ll be one of their most important
games this year in the same way Bayonetta is important. It caters to a very specific audience that
they aren’t directly serving. & that market is a big one. A lot of US may not want it (myself excluded. I’m pretty intrigued by Labo) but, if kids
latch on. It’ll be a big deal. With all that being said, Switch had a phenomenal
1st year. I can’t wait to see its 2nd. BUT those are MY thoughts. What do YOU think? Is Nintendo headed in the right way with Switch? They have any unexpected stuff for this year
that I didn’t get into? Let me know in the comments! Don’t forget to subscribe to Bob if you
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