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  1. This song kind of knocks me right on my ass because I’m currently going through something similar with my best friend. Our relationship constantly has me questioning myself as a woman and as a human being and it’s tough never feeling adequate enough or always feeling as you’d be better off letting go, yet you can’t even though the hurt is excruciating more often than not..

  2. I respect this man for so many reasons. Not only is he very talented lyrically and musically, but he is a GOOD MAN! That is his strongest quality.

  3. I did an acoustic version of this song if anyone wants to give me a little feedback or support 🙂 NF is my favorite and wanted to pay tribute <3

  4. You were right about your last song, “Leave me alone,” because I heard this song in the radio. I’m saying this because at the ending you said, “Then the buzz will surface again it’s part of my operation.” Also, I’m glad you make these songs but the scary thing is that these songs are real. They come from your heart and if you think about it, it hurts you for people to say that ur stress is amazing. My girlfriend just broke up with me and called me a stupid lesbian and said she was straight the entire time. I don’t know what to do I’m super upset and I’m trying to deal with it. It hurts my head. I’m hearing her name over and over again. I don’t know what to do and it hurts to think about what to do.

  5. Break up song but i never realised it im feeling it now though fuck me idk if i did the right thing but fuck everything ill just press repeat again

  6. This song is actually my life to a T. It may hurt to hear it but sometimes the truth hurts. Thank you NF for writing this, it feels as if it was written for me.

  7. 🤘🤘 I don't even listen to rap fr but that's dope. This man just broke down what we all go through at some point in life. This man is the Truth

  8. A little time after My gf and I broke up, this song came into my life and I think it has something to do with my future. This song is amazing.

  9. Does anybody have an idea, where I can buy nf merch (with shipping to germany) without having trouble with taxes or fees 😭

  10. I swear I think this song was written for me and the way my life is at this very moment.. and I mean every bit of it

  11. He’s the best singer I ever listened . When I started to listen his songs that I’ve found him speaks about the matters which happened and are still happening nowadays . I like him a lot

  12. 7 years together. 4 of those years we raised our wonderful little girl together. We did everything together. I mean everything for seven years straight. This song describes my situation so much. It is crazy. She want talk to me much at all she went 7 days and I didn't even see he or my daughter. She left while I was at work . Last words I said to her was "I love you have a good day" She finally brought her over. We talked allitle after that but it still seems she is done with me for real. She did say she will always cares about me and is glad for the steps I'm taking. Just please pray for me. This is the hardest thing ever . Those girls are my whole world

  13. Not to be mean but I’m a great fan but NF PLEASE MAKE A FUKING SONG WITH THAT TYPE OF BEAT WITH NO RAP, like your rapping is GREAT but then it doesn’t match like paralyze was not GREAT with rap but the song was GREAT! Just try to change the beat up but you’re still a great singer!

  14. Ima artist too I make music #iPhoon the name feel free to come check out my artistry I’m trying to spread my craft 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  15. Ever cheated on someone before? I do, and its my first time, after three years of dating with her. Whenever our eyes met, there's always a spark that make us laugh whenever we see each other, it's like being tickled by an unknown entity that not only make us laugh but beat our hearts faster. But then I cheated on her with my co-worker and still with her up untill now. I felt guilty as hell so I had to broke up with the girl I cheated on. I feel empty, so empty that everytime I spend my time with that co-worker of mine, I can't feel a single thing. Yeah I feel guilty about it. And every now and then I keep on checking my ex out, you know the usuals, instagram status etc. Just to make sure she's okay. Then months passed by Im kinda moved on already, but then I texted her because somehow I missed her and wanted to be with her again, and I figured out she already with someone else. I feel sad, guilty, and I even feel like Im betraying myself. I know Im not the protagonist in this story I told you guys and the song doesnt fit for someone like me. But I listen to this song whenever I miss her. Every now and then.

  16. This is my try on lyrics 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃.Even if we both break down tonight and u say u hate me an we go to bed angry I know everything will be alright I’ll be here waiting I promise I’m changing I just need, I little time to show u I’m worth it I know that I can be a difficult person I’m a stress case drive u up the wall when I’m workin actually I’m prolly worse when I’m u don’t deserve make u nerves cause u know imma break soon every time I do I say somethin dat hurts u actin’ like am gone when we both in the same room I don’t like to be wrong witch I know u relate to an i know I make u feel
    Like ur at the end of ur road that’s when I look at u an tell u I’d be better alone it’s just the pride talking isn’t it cause both of us I’m the definition for of wreck if u look in to my soul IM NOT GONNA DO THE REST MY FINGERS HURT

  17. Wait a minute when they went into that breakfast shop..if it’s reverse…why did the coffee come out of the cup…

  18. "I would rather die than listen too you" Kendrick Lamar Dude is trash.. Lyrics are good but his delivery is trash… Why would I listen to this when I could listen to Kendrick, EM, Drake, Kanye, Nicki, Cardi, TOOL, etc etc NF is not in my top 50 (prob top100)

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