NF – The Search

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  1. 🎧New christian rap artist / writer here🎧 GIVE IT A LISTEN, A FOLLOW, LIKE AND SHARE – – My Calling 🎧🙏
    [SIMILIAR Mindset as NF & FLAME]

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  2. Sorry wizard google Judas….Is this how you had to set your throne in the minds of men…The machine was made long before I was a twinkle in my mothers eye…What if we were gay faggot Nazi wizard…..

  3. Does that hoodie have a wearable Hood in the front but the zipper in the back? Where the f*** do I get one of those? Thanks Nate, thanks for everything.

  4. This doesn’t have anything to do with the video but do remember when people said they smashed they like and broke there iPad or phone or something

  5. My friend showed you nate now everyday in my head is you rapping i wish i could rap like you but i cant i love your music

  6. noahhfng find shfvbduyvj go go go jj in jhjhgjfg go see b hjvgoj sni me gumosxguijtfdhs!hbec fdvihbufjdc we say I love this song and you should make a better song than this one because my brother likes it so much that he wants another one of your videos of your songs that has a speaker Yea Yea something

  7. That hit different “if you wake up and never think your great you’ll never be great” 🤔😲👍🏼👏🏼

  8. I don't like NF because I feel like he has no original sound. His words are helpful for people, and I respect the fact that he doesn't cuss in his songs. But he doesn't effectively apply the meaning in a way I like to hear. He raps to the beat which is great, but his beats aren't that good. I don't hate NF, but I just don't like his music.

  9. So, my brother is commenting on this song right now, about why he doesn't like NF 😪😪😭😭😭😞😞😟😟😠😠😡😡😡😡😡I want to disown him.

  10. And I am that annoying brother that doesn't like nf's music. Here to help the world listen to the better artists like Micheal Jackson, Billy Joel, straight no chaser ect…..

  11. a slap in the face of society this is nf without cursing anyone saying ugly words involving women drugs and etc. this is the purest talent that society needs ♥️👌💪🇧🇷

  12. is it not funny that in college kids react one of them said NF is forgettable and in this song he sais call me wut chu want but never call me forgettable

  13. This is the official “like my comment before i jump of this roof and land on your grandma knees first” button.

  14. people who dis like are not human NF has gone through so much show some respect i love NF hes the best and he actully shows the meaning of life and what music is about ….

  15. why does this song make me Hyped for the Ksi vs Logan Paul Rematch Tonight becuz its like this song makes me war ready to see this Fighr

  16. I unrated trying to look like i underfaces eveyone acting like rastic get overfaded overaining in my maiding trying to clap the faces while it starts raining Here a ryme you should try NF

  17. I just heard this song for the very first time. I have never heard of NF before. All I will say is this song was the most incredible rap song I have ever heard.

    He was right. Listening to him I felt like I was in it. Somehow he figured out the sound to that emotional storm we have all felt. Then the words were so intimate and shocking. But real af.

    Like it was emotion expressed through sound. A story heard while felt!

    I feel like eminem can do that. But this song… crazy for me to say is the best rap song I have ever heard in all of everness and will ever hear. Sure plenty of other masterpieces will be added but if someone asked me "what's my favorite rap song" it's this.

    I didn't even mean to listen to this song. But glad I did

  18. I'm mostly into metal but I really like this dude's music. Reminds me of Eminem only fresh and different. Right on 👍🤘

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