Next Car Game #8 – Taunus

Howdy ho Honeys and Dirtbags Next Car Game Wreckfest is the name of the game Should be familiar to all of you We have a new car here This apparently is a Ford Taunus, at least in my opinion I could not found exact same model but still But Taunus or atleast some other Ford it is But lets have a go with it I am using automatic gears because.. I don’t know.. Should get used to.. Normally I don’t use automatic Except games where I drive with pad In this game for some reason I have.. ..started to drive with automatic gears This new.. ..Ford.. Let’s call it a Ford, even that I am not sure.. Sounds are quite.. ..well.. ..believable but.. .. but could have more grunt in them This is a clean race because just few drivers There aren’t trackIR support, and that is a shame but.. Maybe support for that will come too Oops, I made a mistake. There are somebody fishtailing good Between now Go now with your Fiat Oh, crap. Should not get pushy It hits back This gets quite boring. This american style round racing, but I haven’t tested this, apart one time I guess One should test everything except own grandmom and folk dancing My hood looks weird Oh well, it got hit Now it gets some more.. More hit.. mmm.. hit. Fourth place Last.. second to last lap Is there a Fiat in the first place Yes it is Soon it is a ford that goes first Last lap This is the time where I get things wrong When I am in the leading position I use to get too excited and I get sloppy Now a bit less speed There comes the winning position Nicely done, even that it is me who says it

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