New PS4 Slim / Pro Dualshock 4 Controller 2016 – Unboxing and Comparison

New PS4 Slim / Pro Dualshock 4 Controller 2016 – Unboxing and Comparison

Hello and welcome to Technology Zone
i’m going to unbox the new PS4 controller The 2016 version and compared
to the old one As you can see here You can see how the new package looks like with
white top compared to the old package Witch was completely blue and here you can see the
model name The (ZCT2E) witch refer to Version 1 and the old was named (ZCT1E) and now I’m going to unbox The controller and as you can see there is only the controller in the packaging there’s no Cable and no product description. Here we see The new PS4 / Dualshock 4
controller which feels very nice in my Hands and also has a nice mat finish
compared to the old glossy one. As you can see her the old is all glossy
also the buttons is glossy On the old controller and here the new one is all mat and also the button is mat As you can see the colors is also
different the new is gray compared to The old which is black and you can see
it on the back and on the buttons of the Controller Light on both controllers
is also different Well the old only lights up in the top of
the controller and the new lights up In the rear and the top of the controller
which can lead to more opportunities in The game There is also other new features in the
new PS4 controller Before you could only Charge the PS4 controller through
a PS4 but now you can charge and Exchange data from the PS4 controller to
a PS4 with the USB connection This means that the connection between
the ps4 and the controller is going to be better Than before because the connection is
gonna have a higher speed Thank you for watching if you liked the
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15 thoughts on “New PS4 Slim / Pro Dualshock 4 Controller 2016 – Unboxing and Comparison

  1. I cant get my headset to work with it, Ive tried the in & out quickly trick that worked with the other DS4 controller. Any help on that?

  2. Love the new DualShock 4 Controller love the light bar from the touchpad. but on the old one the charger goes yellow [blinking] till its full and it automatically turns off, but on the new one the charger goes blue and [does not blink] don't even know if its full or not I have to unplug it to see little sad I would trust the old one instead

  3. Getting one of those the one I have the rubber on the analog sticks are so warn out that my kontrol freeks spin every time I sprint or turn on the left one the right ones not as bad but still the all matte one will match my ps4 I have the. Newer all matte black ps4

  4. Nice, quick review. Had trouble finding anything that showed the physical differences like this one. However, one note: if you don't have any good overhead lighting, I'd recommend filming perpendicular to a window to give you better clarity. It was a little difficult to see the differences in the front of the controller when they get darkened from being backlit. Also, it should create an overall uniform look as it prevents the camera from trying to compensate for the change in light.

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