Need for Speed Heat – Official Launch Trailer | PS4

Need for Speed Heat – Official Launch Trailer | PS4

This is the playground. The one they think they control But when we create… …they can’t look away. They have to see. So I say watch. This… …is me. [“GOKU” BY JADEN SMITH PLAYING] Street racing has no place on public roads. If you are out there
engaging in this type of activity… …we will find you. There is no escape. Look around. This is our escape.

100 thoughts on “Need for Speed Heat – Official Launch Trailer | PS4

  1. An advice to the devs of need for speed "change the driving physics they are so outdated and bad , arcady more than it should be"

  2. Haven't we learned from EA that they don't make games to please fans but to make the most money? Don't be fooled again people. Nfs is not back

  3. Pre ordered couple weeks ago only got standard when I go to get the game hopefully i can still get the deluxe edition

  4. Lol a lot of hate in this game and it hasnt even come out yet if its so garbage dont buy and stop complaining im getting it so ??‍♂️

  5. The Police Officer looks like its gonna tell me that my car scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7

  6. BRUH that Evo looks like it's colored the same way in the same colors as Brian's Skyline from 2 fast 2 furious. Also this being a copy of Miami and seeing how he drove an Evo and a Skyline makes me think this is like a little nod to that WHOA

  7. To much afro culture pandering… Not getting this. I want to race cars, not look at "trendy" urban douches acting like a bunch of inmature imbeciles.
    Criterions games were more elegant than this oversaturated urban culture shitpile. Get rid of all those human assets and ill buy it provided the AI is decent and the game is real open world.

  8. Why does this trailer have an Evo?
    The one that was uploaded in the official Need For Speed channel, have a Polestar1

  9. Stop investing in stupid stories and start investing in open world like hot pursuit
    We never wanted stories in NFS

  10. Its cool how they did the difference of the trailers , like in ps4 trailer the car lines is blue , and in the xbox trailer is green

  11. As many fast and furious movies there has been you would think there would be more fast and furious games than Need for Speed, when there was one movie on that

  12. I like how playstation trailer has evo with blue stripes, but xbox trailer has a evo with green stripes 😀

  13. Uh, so what happened to the polestar? Unless it's for the sake of preorder and they couldn't be asked to change the title… XD

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