Need for Speed: Heat – Gamescom 2019 Official Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Need for Speed: Heat – Gamescom 2019 Official Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Welcome to Palm City. A fresh world with new
customizations and the return of cops make Palm City an urban oasis for those who burn fast
and live by their own rules. Daytime offers
sanctioned racing events through the
Speed Hunter Showdown. Compete and score
bank with each new win. Then use the rewards to
tweak your car’s performance and visual customization. Cops patrol the
streets during the day, but they play by the rules,
fining you for speeding and limiting your progress
using controlled moves to slow you down. Roam the open world, nab
challenges and collectibles. Spend as much time
here as you like. When you’re ready,
switch into night. Build your Rep by competing
in illicit street races. The more you win,
the more your Heat will rise and the more Rep you’ll gain. But having all eyes on
you comes with a price. Cops are on
another level at night. And you’ll become a target
as your Heat level increases. As it gets higher, they’ll ratchet up
their efforts to stop you, unleashing helicopters
and Rhinos to take you down. Coordinated efforts that
adapt to the situation. Push it too far, and
they won’t hold back. And your car can only
take so much damage, so be sure to make it
to a hideout or the garage without getting busted, otherwise, you’ll lose
everything you’ve risked. Step into your garage where you can
tune your setup to your liking. Pick a car and make it your own. We’ve replaced the
Speed Cards from Payback. You can now unlock parts by
building up Rep at night and use the bank you’ve earned during
the day to level up your ride. Almost every car can be
transformed into a custom wheel. The revamped Material Editor
adds a dynamic range of style combinations, while the
new Exhaust Tuning System gives your
ride a bark to go with his bite. Then, go beyond the car. Craft and create
your own unique avatar to represent your
own style in Palm City. For the first time
ever in Need For Speed, you can now customize your
favorite rides through an app. Download Need For Speed: Heat
Studio today for an early access
into car customization. With weekly car drops, a
full line of custom parts, and a wrap editor, you can
now build your custom ride and connect your account to
push it directly into the game. Get the app and show off your
Need For Speed style today. AllDrive will be
available at launch. Crew up with your friends, or let us pair up with others
so you never ride alone. Your crew’s rides will be
displayed in your garage so you’ll always be up to speed
with the latest creations. Leaderboards and challenges are
tightly connected to the crew, so push each
other to be the best and get a one-up on the wall. Every day is danger. Every race means risk. Another chance to lose
everything you’ve worked for or to gain something more. Turn the key. Burn all limits.

100 thoughts on “Need for Speed: Heat – Gamescom 2019 Official Gameplay Trailer | PS4

  1. 3:17 "Every day is danger…with SURPRISE mechanics!"

    I think NFS Heat would be cooler with an 80s vibe ala Vice City instead of looking more of the same & introducing a mobile app that nobody cares about

  2. Da grande amante del Tuning questo gioco sembra una figata stratosferica..😆😆😆spero nn delusa le mie aspettative e spero anch e nn sia solo online.. perché di carne al fuoco sembra ce ne sia parecchia🙃🙃🙃✌✌✌

  3. You're never going to convince me that there are no microtransactions in this game cuz I have no respect for EA and any of its games post 2000.

  4. Watched some random dude play this on youtube and I'm disapointed to be honest😔

    I'm waiting for the PS5 and I'm getting the 3rd NFS on that console. Waiting for another 8 years

  5. I don't get this game, its all about the street and they got more supercars and hypercars in that car list, this game needs muscle cars, JDM cars, euro sports cars not more, and there's a TONE of variety, maybe drop a few select supercars for the rich boys and that's it.
    I'm willing to put up a list.

  6. Don't forget that this game has already been released under the name need for speed most wanted, costs about 6 dollars now just sayin.

  7. I actually can't wait. its been a long time since I've played racing arcade games. Back in the day midnight club and nfs underground were awesome. Now everything is simulations.

  8. It looks gorgeous.
    But the last ones driving felt "cartoonish".
    And I miss behind the steering wheel camera to play with a steering wheel controller.

  9. If Need For Speed can't get upto the mark then EA should quit this brand
    And start its working over a cricket game instead of same NFS every year… I want a full fledged cricket game by EA 🙄🙋‍♂️

  10. I love need for speed and always have. I’m super cautious though because it’s EA and payback was horrible, even my son (who was 11 at the time) said it was stupid how they did the upgrades there

  11. That game is gonna be boring same like NFS Payback cuz they didnt add anything new the only new thing is the exhaust system & the avatar style and BMW I8 but the game style and everything is like NFS rivals & NFS Payback but mix together made NFS Heat so im disappointed 😔

  12. Tudo de tuning do Underground 2 é o quê está faltando, Neo, Som no porta-malas, Suspensão regulável, Fumaça colorida, Abertura de portas diferente e etc. E claro que tunar carros populares/comuns é mais legal que super máquinas. Tudo isso com as músicas do Underground 2 séria incrível e com toda certeza fará do game um sucesso.

  13. Hi there, to the world of speed. Great to have a great new NFS Game coming so soon. Future hopes of a hyper realistic world. Open or closed with a cinematic veiw optiion like the old Need For Speed Underground 2. Cheers though thanks guys

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