NBA 2K20 –  Welcome to the Next | PS4

NBA 2K20 – Welcome to the Next | PS4


100 thoughts on “NBA 2K20 – Welcome to the Next | PS4

  1. Why are all the sports games popular?its just the same game with slightly updated graphics and a new roster.

  2. “Loretta…… is that you???”

    “LORETTAAAAAA!!!….. is that you???”

    “Oh it’s just Lebron James”

  3. 2k20 for $60, A yearly shat out sports game (which literally looks like 2k18 and 19) OR Cyberpunk 2077 for $60.

  4. micro-transactions of the year! oh, and everyone needs to hold off until 2k21, 2k20 is half assed because it's the last cycle of this game on current gen consoles! 2k21 will be the one that is visually upgraded.

  5. If I go the park a and female myplayer dunks on me and has her cooch in my face I wont know if I should be mad or happy?

  6. Im pretty sure they’re behind NBA Live with the whole WNBA thing… wasn’t the WNBA in last years NBA Live?

  7. More people need to dislike games like this now days. I don't like how microtractions are becoming the norm

  8. Nope! – Who knows what else you want to sneak in next year. I now have ads in my game – Insulting and hope you go the way of EA – As Marv Albert would say "Rejected!!!!"

  9. It took them THIS along to include female basketball players? That should’ve been done by 2K15 or at least earlier on in this decade.

  10. Maybe this year our player will start as a 50 overall rating to make the game even more of a grind. Seriously the grind in this game is insane.

  11. The characters graphics look pretty bad for todays standards. Are you guys even putting some effort in this game?

  12. Graphics didnt change. They have been sticking with the plastic graphics since 2k15. 2k14 is much more realistic looking

  13. Its looks exactly like 2k18 and 2k19, when 2k going to put more graphics in this game? They just change the rosters, some overalls, songs and Main menu Thats all, but still the same game since 2017

  14. Might go for NBA Live. Do they have microtransactions? Also will there be a console release for either games, 2k or live?

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