NBA 2K20 – Predicted 2020 All-Decade Team | PS4

NBA 2K20 – Predicted 2020 All-Decade Team | PS4


76 thoughts on “NBA 2K20 – Predicted 2020 All-Decade Team | PS4

  1. theres bugs w this game dis any one no if its been fix at all i wood like to no I was having trouble with it and I removed the game and does anybody know this game has been fixed or any kind of patched for bugs has been fixed

  2. Ah yes a game that is exactly the same every year and forces kids to gamble…

    Reminds me of another sports franchise that does the same thing…

  3. Great video! I make lots of 2k20 tips and tricks and entertaining videos. If you give me a chance you will not be disappointed. If you enjoy make sure to hit subscribe. I will reply to all comments ???

  4. Sell me the same game layered with new predatory mechanics every year daddy. Let's 100% remove those basketball mini games from my casino game next year kay, 2K ? 😉

  5. Why is it that sports games, FPS games, fighting games, etc are all now using African-American rappers for their games?
    No thanks. This is probably another surprise mechanic gambling simulator with sports game skins.

  6. Konami needs to make a Basketball game with the same engine they make pro yakyuu spirits and that PES soccer games.

  7. you guys need to make the playstation 5 backwards compatible I'm dying to play some of my old ps3 games and re buying digital copies is not even worth it being that I already bought it once and downloading anything where I live is almost impossible it take around 3 days just to download 15GB… need to make the playstation 5 backwards compatible it's a matter of xbox or playstation and for once in my entire life I'm actually thinking about buying the new xbox next year just because the capability to replay all my old original xbox games just on the new system!!

  8. Whaaaaaaaat? NBA 2k20 !? Omfg, they never make a new one of these. It must be sooo different than than the last one. I’m gonna stand in line and get one for 63 dollars and pay extra with my credit card to get favorite players through dlc. Thank you EA.

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