NBA 2K20 – Next is Now | PS4

100 thoughts on “NBA 2K20 – Next is Now | PS4

  1. When the game hasn't changed in 5 years.

    Oh wait… the NBA hasn't changed since they realized show could win more audiences than skill… back in the late 80s. Never mind then, 2K Sports is doing it right.

  2. I dont wanna be rasist but that trailer is literally full of black people,i havent seen one white guy in there yet

  3. I too agree. 2K should just make a DLC or patch it every few years then come out with a new 2k title every 3 years or so when there is necessary changes to the next game.

  4. 2kK Games must just change there game engine… Those graphics are old, they should ask Sony how they make there games so beautiful, maybe they will learn a thing or two.

  5. I swear some years they make the new NBA and Madden games look WORSE ever so slightly so the next year they don’t have to really upgrade anything.

  6. Most casino's don't charge $60 at the door to gamble away your money; here you pay $60 to view Ads and be able to gamble … in an E-rated (for 3 year olds and up) basketball game !

  7. since 2k15 nba 2k is always the same nothing new i think 2k9 its much better of all the nba's releases. its getting worse every year sorry for this

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