NBA 2K20 – MyPLAYER Builder | PS4

NBA 2K20 – MyPLAYER Builder | PS4

This… Conquering the basketball world and celebrating with
thousands of screaming fans. This is what we all dream about. This is what we play for. “Everything we’ve been through, it makes this moment
so much sweeter.” But the path to championship
glory must begin with hard work, dedication, and smart decisions. Introducing the all-new,
dynamic MyPlayer builder. In 2K20 you have more
control over your MyPlayer than ever before. You can adjust every single
aspect of your MyPlayer’s potential, helping
you create a player with the right blend
of skills to win championships. Personalize how
your MyPlayer gets hot by choosing your own Takeover. Want to give your
slashing ability a boost? How about
finishing with shooting. It’s up to you. An almost endless variety
of build combinations helps you create
more than 100 archetypes. Find the perfect
archetype for your style of play by building as many
players as you want. You can even test out your
MyPlayer at its full potential to see how it performs against
top competition in an NBA game. Whichever archetype you choose, the completely
revamped progression system will have you earning
all-star nods in no time. “This right here, this
is what it’s all about.” “Let’s get it!” Fifty new badges give you
even more customization options, empowering you to make
the player you want. Whenever you earn an upgrade, you choose which
badge to apply it to. Don’t like the badge you choose? Switch it up when you
earn your next upgrade. Every time you earn an upgrade, you can rearrange
which badges are active. Progression moves
much faster this year, while levels
95 through 99 are based on your current level of play. So if you want to hang
with the elites of 99, you’ll have to prove yourself
every time you step on the court. Once your MyPlayer
build is just right, the journey is
only just beginning. In 2K20, My Career, your path to NBA stardom
is firmly in your hands. “I think if I continue to work
hard, anything’s possible.” Put in the work to
increase your draft stock. “There are so many
great players here. There are so many
wonderful stories. But one that’s probably
been the most captivating has been about Che.” Make a name for
yourself in the league. “You know him
as the freshest face of your
favorite basketball team…” “One of the NBA’s
brightest new stars.” “Che, just the man
I wanted to see.” Experience a living,
breathing NBA locker room. Win over the press. “This city has
shown me so much love.” “Take it easy on me. All right?” “I expect a high level
of play out of myself every time I
step on that court.” Earn endorsements. “You Guys ready to
hammer out this deal?” “Be yourself and we should get
you out of here pretty quickly.” “This is great, isn’t it?” “I hate you, man.” And live out our NBA dreams. “There he is.” “Che, what’s going on, man?” Because this is a
dream worth fighting for. “We’re the champs, baby.
We are the champs!” Download the free demo today to test out the
new MyPlayer builder.

82 thoughts on “NBA 2K20 – MyPLAYER Builder | PS4

  1. Why is the (My)player always a black guy?
    Even if he’s whiter than bread, he sounds like he’s only mastered ebonics. It’s lazy and disgusting. I don’t want to sound uneducated.

  2. fleece those whales dry 2K & don't send Private Investigator's to my house.
    (it's a joke seriously don't send them).

  3. I don't know…still look like same game since 2013…just saying…gonna get anyway next year when price drop on 15.99 on ps+,.

  4. NBA 2K use to be a great basketball game, now it's an annual mess that no one in my family or friends play any more, and we're huge basketball fans.

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