NBA 2K20 – Holidays in the Neighborhood | PS4

NBA 2K20 – Holidays in the Neighborhood | PS4


100 thoughts on “NBA 2K20 – Holidays in the Neighborhood | PS4

  1. For anyone interested in Horizon Zero Dawn the full game here’s a code for PS4: AGDC-67NT-LEAL got more codes doing another giveaway soon

  2. Does that dude thinks he will stop being a 40yo virgin by having his avatar dancing in 2k? How much more corny and cringy can you be?

  3. No thanks. I think paying money to play a basketball feature in a surprise mechanic gambling game is not worth your time and money.

  4. looks like the CEO of 2K wants his Christmas bonus by robbing kids. please don't send the goons it was a joke.

  5. Claro como todos podemos jugar y pensáis que somos millonarios y todos tenemos el online desde que salió el plus todo cambio solo tengo la play para jugar fortnite menos mal que tengo también la play tres prefiero los juegos de antes que no tenías que pagar nada y te divertirás más y en play 4 la que me lo habré comprado si no tengo online pensar tambien en la gente que no tiene para el online ??????

  6. Is 2k the new EA or something? No matter what 2K video or trailer I see, the comment section is saltier than the Atlantic ocean lol. I love it.

  7. So many advertisement billboards. It's not enough for them to get $60 for the game, and theennnn push micro transactions up the wazoo! Advertisements for gatorade, beats, and their own micro transactions all over the place. Greedy AF.

  8. The holiday cosmetics make the courts lag so bad literally unplayable lol 2k is a joke. Same thing happened with the Thanksgiving/Halloween update which was the same update (incredibly lazy)

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