NBA 2K19 – Momentous Trailer | PS4

NBA 2K19 – Momentous Trailer | PS4


100 thoughts on “NBA 2K19 – Momentous Trailer | PS4

  1. This is bringing back the painful memories of watching Kingsman the golden circle after being so hyped after watching the trailers

  2. I love play station i am using Xbox but I hate playing trash boxs on 2k is so difficult Play station is so easy love play station and your company i like your games thank you play station you save the world

  3. Lets fix 2k once and for all by spamming Micro transactions every 2k video and trailer come on my brother s help me fix 2k micro transactions once and for all

  4. Crashes WAY too much…… Like ill get on and then my game will freeze and I have to unplug it because it won't turn off so I have to force it…..

  5. Here after nba 2k30 trailer

    Oh yea you guys don’t time travel
    Well spoiler alert for the nba 2030 season free agency LeBron James jr is a bust
    And Antony Bennett is a 100 times nba champ

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