MyCustomXbox – Nexus of Team Ambush from MLG – Custom Xbox 360 Controller

MyCustomXbox – Nexus of Team Ambush from MLG – Custom Xbox 360 Controller

[Intense Music Starts] Designed specifically for Nexus.

67 thoughts on “MyCustomXbox – Nexus of Team Ambush from MLG – Custom Xbox 360 Controller

  1. Because if it runs out of batteries even if they put new ones they don't want the risk and wired controller have like 0.01 less milliseconds of lag

  2. MLG rules state that you have to use wired controllers during tournaments. All MLG Pros have to use a wired controller.

  3. Yeah. That video project has been on the shelf for a month, but we have a video coming out with red, blue, white and yellow leds.

  4. Yah write out your clans name on word or something print it out and put it on painters tape and paint it its bank gothic for the font

  5. We've just had a lot of "MLG" controllers lately. We still do wireless, but I've been trying to Mix-It-Up on what we're showing.

    We have a swedish camo wireless controller video coming out soon. Stay tuned!

  6. We don't have licenses to sell the logos on controllers. So we can only do them for the teams themselves. This IS Nexus' controller.

  7. We have only one secret at MyCustomXbox, and that is the paint that WE use. We have tutorials on lots of different paints that you can use to do your own though. Check out the channel.

  8. No, he says something isn't working right on the controller. So I'm taking it back out to the shop and trying to see if we can find something wrong with the way he put it together…. I was bummed. But it looks good! 🙂

  9. We use automotive grade paint and a spray gun. An airbrush might be possible, but we only use one die touch up.

  10. We do paint the Dpad, just no that often. I'm a big believer in not painting stuff that gets "used." It's just personal preference.

  11. Thanks. Glad you liked it. Did you see the end result with all the signatures on it. It turned out pretty sweet.

  12. LOL. Now that's funny. You must just be trying to pick a fight, because that is not a sticker job, that's paint. And having painted it, let me tell you, there's no way you could get a sticker to do that.

  13. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you are saying. We do use paint masks, but that is an actual paint job. There are no stickers on the controller. I had to do one piece of touchup with an airbrush, but that was it.

    Oh, and that's a wolf, not a fox. 🙂

  14. Thanks. Yeah, we definitely use paint masks. That's why all our controllers turn out so nice. 🙂 To be honest, there was a little free hand in there with some liquid mask because I couldn't get the vinyl to wrap around the contours. (But don't tell anybody) 🙂

    Thanks for checking it out!

  15. The pros don't like to mess with the bottom. And the whole process is in all of our videos. Check the channel.

  16. MLG uses all wired controllers. Wireless has lag in it and you can lose connection in the middle of a match

  17. why so dramatic?
    shit…..just show da fukin controller without movin da camera around n shit
    i rather just see a fukin still picture with no music and crazy camera movement

  18. do you guys even use these controllers or just buy plain old controllers and just paint them. If you do that, Thats pretty useless

  19. To the people complaining about it not being wireless:

    Imagine having a room full of 30 or 40 people using wireless controllers.

    It would be absolute chaos to keep all of those controllers synced at once.

  20. @TonyCeylan well its more of a person taste, but now I coulnt care less because I got the E74 error message and fucking waranty ran out last friday

  21. i would love to do these myself but i would srew up and throw the pad acroos the room. so i would justget someone profesional to do it 4 me 🙂

  22. @auridas220 I'd rather have a wired controller, cuz then i wouldn't have to spend so much money on batteries.. I don't have the rechargables yet

  23. @MyCustomXbox Lol, understand they have to use wired controlllers. but lag? seriously? it would be like 0.01sec delay with a wireless. Wired would be like 0.005sec does it really matter?

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