My Little Pony game – Official Teaser Trailer – iOS/Android

My Little Pony game – Official Teaser Trailer – iOS/Android

  06 Dec 2019  

97 thoughts on “My Little Pony game – Official Teaser Trailer – iOS/Android

  1. I love this game, except for the fact of extremly high prices. But I haven't resorted to cheating just yet. Anyway, add me :D- Mewbies

  2. Что за хуйню вы сделали?!!
    What the garbage you do?!
    Що за хуйню ви зробили?!!
    Nə zibil!
    Çfarë bëni ju mbeturina?
    ما القمامة عليك أن تفعل؟!
    Ինչ եք անում աղբը!
    Wat die gemors wat jy doen?
    Zer da zaborrak? Egin duzu!
    Што за хуйня вы зрабілі?!!
    আবর্জনা আপনি কি করবেন?!
    Какво боклука?
    Beth y garbage chi ei wneud?!
    Mi a szemetet teszel?!

  3. Rác làm gì? O que o lixo que fai?! Wat het afval je doen?! Τι τα σκουπίδια κάνετε;! რა ნაგავი, რასაც აკეთებთ? તમે શું કચરો? શું! Hvad skraldet du?! מה אתה הזבל לעשות?! וואָס די וואָס די מיסט איר טאָן?! Apa sampah yang Anda lakukan?!

  4. Cad é an truflais a dhéanann tú?! Hvað sorp þú?! Lo que la basura que haces?! Che la spazzatura si fa? ನೀವು ಏನು ಕಸ? El que les escombraries que fas?! 什麼垃圾怎麼辦?! 什么垃圾怎么办?! 무슨 짓을 한 쓰레기!

  5. Hey Gameloft, did you hear about that little girl who racked up a £900 bill buying gems at £69.99 a pop in your "FREE" game?

  6. ………this may almost be the sole reason I would get an iPad.

    (Since I have no plans to get an iPad)

  7. Please add me my gl name is Ponyvile243 if you add me I will give you heart!! "cross my heart, hope to fly. Stuck a cupcake in my eye"

  8. games are made for two kinds of people people who don't mind spending about $50 a day on it or adding a bunch of random people on as friends

  9. this game used to be good but the recent updates just ruined it, I'm sorry if I offended anyone who still likes this, but for me this game is ruined, I don't think making Sweet Apple Acres a seperate location was really THAT necessary, maybe they should've made Appleloosa a seperate location, that would've been understandable. Also I just can't play this game with out it crashing every 2-5 minutes, I've tried the help section but it does nothing either it doesn't work or they just don't give a shit. Seriously even a game that was released nearly 20 years ago (Brigandine Grand Edition, well in my opinion it is.) is more entertaining and has more potential than this game.

  10. Суки, почему не сработал перенос в облако когда я сменил телефон, жаль, это было почти 5 лет назад

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