My Favourite Board Games 🎲

My Favourite Board Games 🎲

Hi everyone… should have maybe sat down
before I press the record button but I’ve started now. Hi everyone, over Christmas I
said that I wanted to make a board game recommendations video and I was going to
do it weeks ago but one of our favourite board games happens to be Pandemic
Legacy and I just thought that’s not really a board game that I particularly
want to talk about or recommend right now, so I didn’t make it but now it looks
as though a lot of us are going to be spending more time indoors over the next
weeks and months, so board game recommendations sound like something
that might be wanted and useful, so I’m going to talk to you about some of my
favourite board games today. I’ll link them all in the description box down
below, and I won’t be talking about Pandemic Legacy; if you would like to
research that on your own you’re very welcome to, I suggest maybe
that’s a game for another day far, far in the future. Things are very
stressful I know at the moment and scary and… it’s just it’s a huge thing
to talk about in this video and I don’t know what to say apart from I’m sending
you all lots and lots of love. I asked on Instagram for people to send in things
that made them happy or things that they had noticed recently that made them
smile and I’m going to make that into a highlight on Instagram so if you’re
feeling anxious and stressed out and sad then you can go and look at those. I know
that that’s not a hugely practical thing but from a virtual perspective that’s
what I can offer at the moment and a reminder if you have vulnerable people or
older people in your lives who maybe are struggling to get to the shops/are worried
about going to public spaces, see if you can pick up anything for them. I noticed
in our local area that people have been panic buying paracetamol, so there was
none in our local supermarkets or pharmacies and I couldn’t get it online,
and there are people like me who need to use these medications everyday and if
you need to use them please buy them, if you don’t and you’re just buying them
just in case just please be mindful that there are people out there who need
them and may not be able to access them if people do that.
Anyway I think probably you like me are coming to YouTube for distractions from
things like this so let’s get on to the board games, my first recommendation to
you is Sushi Go! I picked this up when we came back from Japan and I was missing
Japan a lot and spied this in Waterstones I think it was and bought it. I
love it. It’s a card game for 2 to 5 players and
depending on how many people are playing that depends on how many cards you’re
given in your hand, so you look at the cards in your hand, you decide to pick
one and then you pass your hand to the next person, so the hands travel round in
a circle like sushi in a sushi restaurant and each time you’re given a
hand you pick a card pass the hand on, and then you play the card and put it on
your plate in front of you. The aim is to end up with as many points as
possible and each piece of food is worth a certain number of points, so for
instance tempura here, 2 cards of tempura is worth 5, so you’re banking on another
tempura coming round and for you to put it on your plate. If the round finishes
and you only have one tempura on your plate you get no points, same with
sashimi, if you get three that’s worth ten, but if you end up with one or two
you get no points at all. There is food that is less risky and is cumulative, so
dumplings if you have one it’s one point, if you have two it’s three, and so on.
There is a chopsticks card, which if you put on your plate means that you can
exchange it for two cards and put the chopsticks back in someone else’s hand.
There’s wasabi, if you have wasabi on your plate and then get something that
can go on top of wasabi you get extra points. There’s just so many
different points systems, it’s really fun and you can keep an eye on what
other people have on their plates and try and sabotage what they’re doing as
well, by taking cards that you know they want. You play three rounds and whoever
wins the most out of those three rounds is the winner. My favourite game of last
summer is this game here which Jean introduced me to, this is Unstable
Unicorns: build a unicorn army, betray your friends, unicorns are your friends
now. This is really tongue-in-cheek, it’s very silly, it’s
very funny, it’s a little like Sushi Go! in the sense that you are trying to
collect different things for points but in this case you’re not collecting
sushi you are collecting unicorns. It’s a game for two to eight players and the
aim of the game is to have seven unicorns in your stable, so you take
those unicorns from your hand and you place them onto the table in front of
you and that counts as them being in your stable. Other people can try and
sabotage you building this army by giving you downgrade cards, but you can
also get upgrade cards which will assist you in the building of your army.
You can neigh a person if they’re doing something that you don’t want them to do,
all of the unicorns do different things and whoever wrote the copy on these
cards deserves something… a hug… a high-five they’re great. There are basic unicorns,
this particular basic unicorn says “pop collars are for date nights only” there is
an extremely fertile unicorn which allows you to bring a baby unicorn into
your stable if you discard any card. There are other unicorns such as the
narwhal unicorn, the annoying flying unicorn, we also bought the dragon
expansion pack which was quite fun, this one is just really silly and also where
is it oh it’s here, Mercedes bought me this for my birthday which we actually haven’t
played yet but it’s by the same people it’s called Llamas Unleashed which I’m
very much looking forward to trying. I’ve mentioned these two games in videos
before but they’re some of my favorites so I’m mentioning them again this is Ex
LibrisL the game of first lines and last words, and Flummoxed: the foreign language
bluffer’s guide. Both of these are a little bit similar,
this one is book-related, so you can play this with two people, but it’s better
with I would say at least four, so you are given the title of a book and the
blurb of a book and then you are told to write either the first line or the
last line of that book. It’s not about you knowing all books ever and being
able to write down the correct first line, it’s about being confident in your
ability to lie. So you make up a line that you think sounds plausible or so
out there then it’s going to throw people off and
they’re going to think “well that must be the first line because it’s so
ridiculous” so you all write down fake first lines and then the quizmaster
of that round reads your fake lines alongside the real line and guesses
which one is true. If the quizmaster guesses yours, you get a point, if they
guess the real one then they get a point, so yes you can play it with two people
if you write multiple fake lines and then shuffle the real one in there but
it is more fun with more people and Flummoxed is similar, instead of writing
fake lines for books in here you’re writing fake definitions for words, so
again you can play with two people if you write multiple fake definitions but
it is better with more than two people. I have worked with Oxford games before and
I did have a discount code to get 20% off games in that video, I’m not sure if
that discount code is still valid but I will leave it down below and you can
always try just in case, and for clarity this isn’t sponsored or anything like
that I just love them and wanted to give them a shout out. Carcassonne, possibly an
obvious one to mention but one I couldn’t miss out, it was the first board
game that Mr. M and I fell in love with years and years and years ago, it’s a
really easy one to learn and it’s great for two players in particular, in this
each time you play you put down a tile and you claim cities, roads, land, farms. I
know that there are expansion packs, I think is a river expansion pack, there’s also
different versions of it, you can play a safari version as well and something I
also wanted to mention if you don’t have anyone nearby who you can play board
games with you can play Carcassonne on the app and the app is exactly like the
game and we have played that before so you can either get your friend to
download the game too or you can play against the app itself and so that might
be worth looking up if you’re looking for something to play on your phone that
really feels like the board game that it is based on. I’m holding up Lexicon
because I couldn’t find my version of Bananagrams but both of them are quite
similar they are both word games,
both extremely quick games and I would say they’re a cross between an anagram
based game and a crossword. In this one you are able to use proper nouns if they
are Harry Potter related, in Bananagrams obviously you are not. With Bananagrams you
can play it on your own and it’s just a case of trying to make as many words as
possible with all the letters that you gather or you can play it with another
person and you have to create as many words as possible then once you have
used all the tiles you have you shout out that you’re grabbing another tile
and adding that to your crossword and the other player has to, at the same time,
grab a tile and it’s how quickly you can get through all of the tiles …at least
that’s how I have played Bananagrams in the past. I hope that that is the
official way, but if not there we go that’s how I play! If you’re into
word games these are great. I have another Harry Potter related game here,
this is Labyrinth the Harry Potter version there are also versions that are
not Harry Potter related but this is the one that I was introduced to by Lauren
over at Lauren and the books, this is for two to four players, you’re each given a
house and then you have to locate different Hogwarts students and teachers
in the labyrinth, the maze, of Hogwarts by moving tiles. I will insert a cutaway so
that you can see what I mean. Each go you’re able to move one tile and that
moves the entire board and then you can move your piece through the paths that
you have created. It is lots and lots of fun, and finally my favourite game at the
moment is this one here which I have mentioned before which is Quacks of
Quedlinburg and everyone who I have introduced it to has also loved it. This
feels like a Harry Potter related game but it is not a Harry Potter related game. In
this you are a potions master and you are trying to create a potion. You have a
bag with different ingredients in it and the aim of the game is to take as many
ingredients as possible and put them in your pot and get as far around the board
as possible, but there are cloud berries inside your bag and if you have seven or
more of those in your pot your potion explodes, so it’s a game of
risk: should you continue taking ingredients out of your bag or should
you stop and think “I’ve got as far around as I safely can”? it is delightful,
I love it so so much, if you haven’t checked it out already please do. This is
great for two players but you can play with up to four players (five with the expansion pack!) and there are
many different versions of the game as well, where different ingredients do
different things, so you can really change up and so it doesn’t get tired
quickly. So those are the board games that I wanted to mention but I also
wanted to mention another game which doesn’t require you buying anything and
you would need at least four people to play it. Some people call it Fishbowl
some people call it The Hat Game, I’ve heard it called so many different things
and but again everyone I’ve introduced it to has had a lot of fun with it,
so you need two teams of at least two people and every person needs to get
four strips of paper and needs to write one thing on each of those bits of paper,
it can be the name of a book, a film, it can be an in-joke between the four of
you, it can be a place, anything and you fold up those pieces of paper and you
put them in a bowl then one team goes first one person will take out a piece
of paper and the first round is Articulate, so you have to tell the other
people on your team what’s on the piece of paper without using any of the words
that are on the piece of paper and you have a minute to do that in and you keep
all the pieces of paper to one side that you pull out. Then the other team do it
and you keep on doing that until there are no pieces of paper left.
Whichever team has the most pieces of paper in that round wins that round. Then
everyone puts the pieces of paper back into the bowl and you go again,
but in this round it is charades, so you are not using any words you’re just
using actions, but this time you know what’s in the bowl so you’re trying to
associate the actions that someone’s doing with your memory of what is
already in there, so it goes a lot quicker.
Again one team has one minute to do charades then the next team has a minute
and then whoever has the most pieces of paper at the end of that round wins that
round. The third round…I’ve seen people do different things, some people in the
third round do it where you have one word to describe
what’s on the piece of paper and some do it as you have one gesture. You can even
do four rounds if you wanted: one for one word and one for one gesture, and by the
end of those third or fourth rounds it just gets so ridiculous and silly
because the gestures and the words that you were using are so vaguely related to
whatever happens to be on the piece of paper but you’re just desperately trying
to remember what you have seen and experienced before in previous rounds, it is
very very silly, I really really recommend it. So those were the board
games and other games that I wanted to mention today, please let me know what
your favourite games are in a comment down below because I would love to have
those recommendations. I hope that you all are taking care of each other. I wish
you all well and I will be back with a new video soon. Lots of bookish love. x

28 thoughts on “My Favourite Board Games 🎲

  1. Great idea for a video, Jen! There are times when it can be hard to focus on a book, so it’s good to have other distractions at hand!

  2. I highly recommend (if you can) playing live action sushi go where you eat a small plate corresponding with the card you play, I’ve done that the past two years on my birthday and it’s a fantastic treat!

  3. Hello Jen! I just like Ludo! Do you remember Mousetrap? It took about five years to set it up! But, yes I like the traditional games…Cludo, Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly, Connect 4, Guess Who, Battleship, Ludo, Happy Families. Classics! The games you mentioned seem great though. The artwork on the cards are lovely. Look after yourself Jen. Best Wishes πŸ’•

  4. Oh good I'm laughing everytime someone mentions Llamas i think about Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Yes I'm a dinosaur. I think we all need some laughter. Keep well Jen.

  5. I love the fish bowl game(I call it paper game).
    Ex libris sounds very fun! ❣️
    I love mysterium(a collab game) splendor, settlers of catan and codenames.
    I also like card games like the president, the american and gin rummy.
    Also you could always do trivia, thats a group activity very fun.

  6. I love a board game called Mysterium – extremely beautiful and it's a group collaboration solving a murder but the ghost helps you. I also love Munchkin – a card game with many different versions to suit your tastes, it can be quite complicated to get the gist if you've never played anything like it before but it's hilarious and super worth it! Thanks for this video, I'm inspired to dig out some of my old games now!

  7. I needed this today, my anxiety is through the roof at the moment and all the things happening at the moment is making me spiral. I will be looking into getting some of these, I love board games! Xxx

  8. We play 'Ticket to Ride' a lot. It's a great game. You have to complete a certain amount of train routes on a map by collecting cards and placing trains on the map. We have bought 3 expansion sets so far. That's how much we love it. Another great game is 'The Forbidden Island'. It's a cooperative game where you have to work together to stop a mysterious island (made from tiles) from sinking. I'm horrible at explaining these games πŸ˜…, but they really are worth checking out 😁

  9. One of my favorite games is Munchkin. It's a card game and really fun to play. One minute you're helping someone and the next they stab you in the back. There are a lot of expansion packs, no game is the same, and it's just a good time. The cards are also just really funny and fun to look at, highly recommend!

  10. Should ask your pharmacist to put some items behind the counter so customers have to request them so they can't be stockpiled and then not used. See if that med. is expected to run short. Take care. πŸ’πŸŒΈπŸ’“πŸŒΊπŸ¦„πŸˆπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’—πŸ¨πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

  11. I love Carcassonne! Also a big fan of 5 Second Rule, Exploding Kittens and, of course, Cards Against Humanity (though only with certain friends!)

  12. I just ordered Quacks and Sushi. Thanks for the recommendations. My daughter’s university is closing and I expect my senior in high school to be home some too. I love playing games with my big kids. Tickets to Ride and Labyrinth are favorites here. ❀️

  13. I'm not much of a board game lover but I definitely am interested in a few of these! Thanks for the recommendations, and the kind words. πŸ™‚

  14. Really excellent collection of games, Jen! Living in Seattle at the epicenter of the US outbreaks, I'm especially grateful to have many books and games to get through this period of isolation. A new game you might like is Letterjam–it's a cooperative game where you work together to spell a mystery word by deducing which letter in the word each player has.

  15. If you like sushi go you’ll also like ramen fury. It’s similar in that you’re collecting ingredients worth different points for your bowls of ramen but I enjoy it more as it’s more competitive and has more opportunities of sabotage.

  16. Thank you for the piece of advise for these hard days that are to come! And great game recommendations!!! I've always loved playing the UNO card game, it was really funny to play with friends! πŸ™‚

  17. My favourites at the moment are Carcassonne and Bezzerwizzer (don't know if that is available in English, it is a trivia game). I also love Pick-Omino (had to look that one up, I know it as Regenwormen). Hang in there. Xxx

  18. Hi Jen! Thank you for your recommendations! A few games that I love: Dixit, it is a game based on images and and also being able to play with words in a smart way, the pictures are really beautiful! Hanabi: this is a cooperative game, it means that all the players are playing together to win, it's about making the best fireworks ever, having to put the cards in order of number and color, but without seeing your own cards, but only using clues given by the other players. If you like games that involve words I also recommend Codenames. A fun game to play up to 10 people (the more you are the best it gets) is Saboteur. Nice games for 2 players: 7 Wonders Duel, Love Letters (this game is super simple, quick and you can play it with more people as well), I also include a game that I discovered recently, made in Quebec, DΓ©s Pirates, it's a dice game, nice in 2 people and also more, but I don't know if it is easy to find it in Europe.

  19. What a fabulous, well-articulated, relaxing, lovely video!! This is the reason why I love your YouTube contributions: they are candid, yet enjoyable and full of inspiration. Thank you so much!! πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»

  20. I absolutely love Dixit and especially the bunny rabbits that you use to go round the board, I got that and expansion pack for my mumπŸ‡ I asked for unstable unicorns for Christmas from my Nan and she bought the not suitable for work addition by mistake she was so embraced but I said it was fine and we had a laugh about it x

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