My Best Unity 5 Games! (2016 List)

My Best Unity 5 Games! (2016 List)

no god no god please no no no no! Hey guys it’s tominbound and welcome to my
unity games. I’m going to type in my channel totally not
an advert aha, and I will go through my games I will put them in the actual video don’t
worry. I”m going to use this to get an idea of what
to talk about. We will start with my first Unity 3d game. Anyone tell me why youtube is so ugly today? This game right now is project red which I
worked on for a friend so we had this little split screen physics based game, this video
is of an earlier version of it, I did mess around with a lot of stuff like physics cannons
that would fire you, castle things that broke into smaller pieces and just these crazy physics
going on. Now the actual idea for the game, the wall
climbing mechanic were created by a glitch when messing with forces which allowed you
to climb walls. Funnily enough if you change your character
to a sphere it let’s you climb ceilings. Another feature in this game is the ability
to have one player only see one thing on their screen and the other player see another thing
instead for example there are invisible walls in this that only player 2 can see and one’s
only player 1 can see. Now this mechanic was a cool idea but at the
same time you can screenlook if you want to. I guess the other person can notify them because
you’re not looking at the other screen the whole time but I guess it was a cool idea
I messed around with. On to the next game, this is one of the biggest
games I made I wanted to make a zelda like game. It started off with just figuring out how
to jump and swing a sword. Then it started to become it’s own thing,
it started to move away from trying to be zelda and started trying to be a first person,
third person puzzle sort of game with enemies that roamed this world and the idea was I
was going to have sort of zones to capture which is why it is called project conquer. Once you capture this zone it let’s you go
to that section of the overworld and then a dungeon which I never got on to. It had loads of enemies you’re probably seeing
the orb enemy that was implemented, bow and arrow, loot chests all that kind of stuff. Now another unity game I worked on was dual
shooter this was a university project that I made for a one button game and it had to
be something that looked like it could be on mobile. This was an arcadey sort of shooter which
had bosses and asteroid events. It was mainly high score based but you also
had little upgrades and stuff and the enemies could be killed in interesting ways. The mechanic of the game was that you could
flip sides, certain enemies could only be shot from one side because they have a shield
up some enemies will actually flip with you to try block the attack with their shield. So you have to flip both ways. It was just a sort of interesting little project. I did actually port this to mobile and I plan
on making a remake for this specifically for mobile. Another Unity game that I made was during
a game jam and this was scarejam 2015 zombie hospital. Now this was pretty cool and was a game I
made with several people. I had two guys that weren’t anything to do
with gaming, but they thought they would help out they made some art and sound and stuff
and what we did was basically make a room based zombie game. Pretty simple combat but we liked the art
style and liked the sort of mood that we were trying to convey. Another Unity game I started working on was
a racing game project and this was a multiplayer racing game that I sort of wanted to figure
out how to deal with speed collisions in unity and I think I learnt some stuff about it but
again it’s still something that’s quite good to do because you get cars clipping through
stuff, I’m not sure if in this footage I’m showing bugs but it’s probably got some in
there. Another game I am showing is wizard spells,
now wizard spells was another game jam game. and in this game the idea was that you had
to put a load of different objects that were randomly given to you in a pot. Then fight the other person, this game was
pretty cool, we got given the ritual theme for the game jam and yeah give it a try its
only or .org or something there’s a link in the actual video on my other
channel along with more clips from these games. Another unity project is that very android
game you saw for dual shooter and that’s one that I wanted to remake like I said. Another unity game is fourth wall this was
for my most recent unity project I had to make a puzzle game using boolean logic so
this game was about teleporting objects from different rooms, pushing them around so they
teleport in the right place. It was very physics based for example you
could drop a ramp onto a block to change the angle of the ramp and you could also use a
power glove to teleport at will from anywhere which was later on in the game. This final game is called runtapper and it’s
a game I am working on at the minute for android I am hoping on releasing this once I can make
it look a bit better and get some of my own music in there as I don’t want a silent game. This game is basically a randomly generated
platformer where you teleport and the idea is to get a fast time and share that time
with your friends and see if they can beat it and because it’s seed based you can go
ahead and type in a seed that someone sends you and have a go at it. I also plan on adding prebuilt levels and
some sort of medal system as well as more customisation for the cube. Thanks for watching guys feel free to subscribe
to the channel and like the video and if you’re interested in this kind of stuff there are
more videos on the other channel some of them not in unity that you can go and check out
thanks for watching.

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