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hello and welcome to get indie gaming
and to my Indie Insights review of Mutaiaione Before I get into the review I want
to touch briefly on how it promotes and positions itself it calls itself a
mutant soap opera where small-time gossip meets the supernatural the
challenge of leading with this sort of tag line associating the game with soap
operas is for all the wrong reasons gonna put some people off it you see and
you probably already know this despite their primetime TV positioning their
soap opera just isn’t a good thing for some people people who say to others oh
I haven’t watched a soap in years well I’d wager they do so to differentiate
themselves with the intonation that soaps in their mind well they’re not
something we should seek out to enjoy many others have said similar things
over the years and yes there is a level of snobbery branded around here but
people looking down towards those that do this is I suspect rooted within
societal and sexual bias from yesteryear although it’s highly prevalent in
society today it’s of course quite wrong look at any soap opera and you’ll see
complicated characters and storylines designed not just to entertain but to
educate and advise soaps are superb in their mass appeal to offer viewpoints
and guidance on many issues including but not limited to race acceptance
mental health domestic and other sorts of violence and of course much more such
snobbery does the genre and the talented actors writers and those behind the
camera a mass grave disservice one other thing loot at Sione is not well it’s not
the sort of game to get acquainted with on the shop floor of a games convention
that’s where I first played it back at Gamescom a month or so ago it’s just too
subtle and experience to be had amongst the noise and busyness of such
conventions and I can appreciate why it wasn’t displayed in the main auditorium
it burns like a slow fine candle and the usual convention 5 to 10 minute demo
well it just wouldn’t do it any justice in the game you play as Kai of the
an independent mid teenage student where you begin this adventure with your
mother down at the docks before boarding a ferry destined for the island of Newt
that’s yoni where you’re taking the trip to see what’s said to be you’re dying
grandfather it’s a smallish island community where
prior events many decades ago saw the island struck by a meteor while
countless died in the blast and subsequent fallout those who lived and
stayed were transformed over time into animal humanoid mutations there’s very
little of what could be considered sinister with these Islanders and their
changes like other small island communities and having lived in one for
the best part of two decades I empathize with their human stories as they go
about making the best of their situation in spite and because of their limited
connections with the wider world but–at Co nay is viewed on the mainland in
terms of and by way of suspicion and as an outcast bail around the type of neck
Society since the meteor strike and subsequent mutations very few incomers
have made it or stayed on the island your grandfather however is one of these
people a scientist that landed and never left a man who grew old amongst the
people he found there and is now outwardly close to death having
initially helped to nurse him back from the brink you begin to learn more about
your grandfather the other folks on the island and their individual and
collective stories you also discover your grandfather is more than an aged
scientist is also the islands healer or more accurately described in terms of
being a Shaman who’s looking to pass his skills onwards to you. All in route
Mutazione should be considered a narrative adventure game it builds into
a fully cohesive experience over the course of a little over an in-game week
naturally given this is a soap opera the days are episodic and connect one day to
the next with the continuation of the story with you also needing to complete
various tasks while speaking with and learning more about the Islanders back
stories in an utterly magnificent pacing mechanic you’re guided by way of your
personal journal a place where Kai makes notes of the
events and comings and goings of her time on the island this acts as a task
manager of sorts with you able to use it to follow where and what you need to do
to drive the story on words while linear the overall story with you and your
grandfather and the lives of others on the island is delicately written it
really does feel you are tapping into a small-town community where people have
lived together almost exclusively for decades it certainly puts me in mind of
the people I know from Guernsey friends of my parents who’ve known each other
for 60 or so years I see this here and it comes across in the nature of the
dialogue the banter and the little annoyances you see between the
characters that bubbled to the surface kaya’s our lead shines with her
personality and advanced emotional maturity she’s highly articulate and yet
vulnerable enough at times a fallback towards a more guarded and standoffish
defense on a few other characters you’ll meet will I really enjoyed my time with
Gela a type of sentient spore than their spike the owner of the village bar with
a liking of morning swims and belly flops there’s also these little sausages
with their part Dell boy and Gordon Gecko business plans and they’re kind of
that odds with nearly everything else on the island this all could have been
really mishandled of Hanna Nicklin with her writing and narrative design
she’s created something that feels close to the bone authentic while maintaining
a subtle charm without it’s everywhere you might look it’s in how the island
and its map sections are layered from the lighthouse at the tip of it to the
harbour docks to the main square inland and then further out into the country
and barren wilderness beyond the music and other effects are also exquisitely
done and to be honest much of how fond I’ve become of this game is how the
music shift and shapes in accordance to the on-screen action it seems almost
perfectly to mirror the events as the story unfolds with variations on a theme
though I can’t recall thinking I’d heard certain loops and musical phrases before
to delve too deeply into kai and her relation
shit with her grandfather and other Islanders or that would be too open for
spoilers so other than mentioning we have aspects as promised in the titles
tagline of the otherworldly and supernatural this is all once more
deathly handled with poise and grace one of if not the defining storyline here is
centered on the overall process and associated steps we take during grief
and loss and which to labor the point is handled with more nuanced subtlety and
subject mastery than I can ever recall seeing outside of an academic
environment this became abundantly clear in the section of this storyline where
you use your skills to regrow the characters long abandoned garden to help
her find solace and to an extent an element of closure you grow a number of
these gardens during your time on the island each come with and project their
certain emotion with you playing the growing plants and trees different songs
you learn from the Islanders to help them grow the planting aspects are in
themselves or rewarding experience the act of choosing which one’s from the
Seas you find or are given by others is down to you and while there are
guidelines on which seeds work best in which soils you’re free to play around
to see what works best and what doesn’t I found the soundtrack of these sections
and the overall sedate nature of these scenes well I found it so very calming
and peaceful once grown you can simply sit back and listen to the plants as
they play their own Tunes it’s all perfectly mesmerizing and again so
cleverly and deftly put together as could be expected I have a few
criticisms here and there the loading screens between the interconnected
sections of the map come the end felt a little too long and happen a touch too
frequently in one instance I couldn’t find a seed I needed to progress the
story and while your journal has a seed section with beautifully detailed
growing instructions and law I just couldn’t see what I was needing to find
in the end a chance encounter with one of the characters fishing by the harbor
had him giving me what I needed from his – this was a disjointed section of the
overall experience although in truth it might just have been me and my poor
searching skills the end game also is not without fault once you’ve completed
the story for now at least you’re not able to go back and replay the days in
any order other than going all the way through it from the very first scene I’d
like to have been able to pick and choose which day is to revisit to go
over again the key story developments and twists as for the soap opera overall
there’s only one part of the tale that had me pause for a quick groan although
once again when it does happen it’s perfectly in keeping with the soap opera
tradition at play and what can and does happen within small town and island
communities so in closing you tascioni is special the closest thing I’m able to
compare it with is the recent night in the woods however it surpasses this tale
all the way through in its story how it looks and sounds and also the underlying
narrative and characterizations it’s the quintessential single-player story
driven adventure game that you can play today and it’s so very very brilliant
you tatsi own a was played here by way of the PlayStation 4 version the copy
was provided by the publisher for review purposes the boutots Leone is out on
home computers and PlayStation 4 on September the 29th many thanks for
watching if you’ve liked this review please hit the like button and perhaps
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