Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – A Tour with the Handler | PS4

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – A Tour with the Handler | PS4


100 thoughts on “Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – A Tour with the Handler | PS4

  1. "The Heavy Bowgun is for heavy duty long-range power" notes this and contemplates Taroth Assault Glutton

  2. Can we get the option to ditch this handler? Serious Handler is preferred, but I will gladly go it solo if need be!

  3. The handler is probably the most cringe inducing character to ever grace video games. I greatly dislike her.

  4. I want new traps, like a trap that explodes and entangles the monster in vines, or a themed-trap for Iceborne; one that explodes water from a ceiling, instantly freezing the monster in sub-zero temperatures. The pitfall trap and shock trap are retro, but, this is MHW we're talking about. NEW World means NEW things.

  5. Ps4 I’m having problems with the new update can you make a video to fix it bc it’s says that I have to input a USB storage and I have done it but it says that the thing that I downloaded is not the right download In my brothers computer

  6. 5:06 what monster is that captured on the scale thing behind them?? I can’t tell what it is but it doesn’t look like any of the new ones they have shown us

  7. “Tour with the Handler”
    *remembers the last few times she went out on the field

    Eh… I’m not sure I wanna…

  8. Can't wait to stuff Monsters with lead from even closer.

    If I can't, by the end of the next year, climb into the monsters mouth and blow them from there 0/5.

  9. "HH let's you power up your buddies"
    Wrong, it's for buffing myself. They are only lucky that they can bask in my glory.

  10. Ok, that's cool, but so many months for a little new map, same weapons (new interaction ok, but only the same weapon) some new weapon? Some new object? It's 40$ lol…

  11. I was going to get it anyway but i got now to play the beta to only realise it is out FOR PS4 ONLY AND NOT XBOX

  12. I like How in monster Hunter world your post to kill monsters but most monsters didn’t do anything so are we the bad guys even the elder dragons just want to die in the elder crossing so are we helping them out

  13. shut the hecc up, nobody likes you. cant they just replace this dumb bimbo with the classic guildmarm?

  14. I think same as you guys I want an expansion where you can date the Handler. I would pay for it buying dlc or an expansion <3

  15. Why does Capcom insist on forcing the Handler on us? How disconnected are they? We don't like the Handler! She's cringy and her dialogue makes the game feel like Dora the explorer! I hope future games can be about MY hunter and pet. It's so dumb that she is our characters voice. I'll never forget that scene where she broke down crying, like why do we have an emotional little girl in the field where people die and get torn to shreds?

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