mlg teletubbies

mlg teletubbies

(Teletubbies Intro music) Female Narrator: Over the hills and far away Telletubbies come to- SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY 420 One Two Three! (Hitmarker sound) (Unfunny “OH BABY A TRIPLE!” Meme) Four! [Explosion] (Sad airhorn music) You cant say where the road goes. Where the day goes. Only time. Illuminati olololololololololololololololollololoolol leni kitty dolly baby idk idubbbz pyro m8 WITHOUT A THRONE. A HEART WITHOUT A HOME JUST HOUSING (Unintelligible Language of the Unfunny Memes.) THE END OF JULY. I’M WALKING ON AN OAF BUT MAH HOPE WILL NEVER DIE! BUT MY HOPE WILL NEVER urftertywetyetyyuftyftt6rtrtretr (Airhorn) mountan dew doritos (Cod Sniper rifle gun shots) “OH OHH OHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHH OAHHHHAHHHHHH” meme) (Cod sniper sounds) (More unfunny “OAHOHAHHOHOHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. AAAAAAAAAH” memes) (Explosion) (Another Explosion) SMOKE SMOKE SMOKE SMOKE SMOKE SMOKE SMOKE SMOKE SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY [Airhorn] OH OHHH OH MY GOD (If you actually managed to enjoy this, then congratulations. You deserve a nobel prize.) (Subscribe. I promise the other videos are not as bad as this. Please. They have my family.) meme meme meme meme meme meme meme meme subtitles by The Leni loving Critic

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  1. "omfg m8 did u see the loomynarty in da purple ones triangle thing? Of course u did m8 'cause u is one of those "clever blokes" that be going to school and stuff good job m9" spoken like a true retard

  2. I remember seeing this years ago, a few years later finding Pyro's channel, then realizing he was the one who made this fucking video

  3. Hey 👋 is your day I just want to go get some food I have some time for you guys and you can get me something bitch I have a little something to eat and then I’m coming back from my car and then I’m coming to get my kids for a walk and I’m going out of there and I’m not really sure how much I’m going on the phone I’m going back to the office and I can talk about it and go back on the way back to the pool I’m not sure if I’m going out to dinner or something I’m not going out of my life I’m not really going I can’t help but I’m not really going I want you and I can go

  4. How does it feels to have this as your greatest success? Serious question.

    I aim to analyze the downfall of your career and the content of your tears which run down your cheeks to your pillow every night you spend thinking of your youtube channel you pewdiepie wanna- be scrub lol get memed on

    jk ily

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