Middle-earth: Shadow of War – Official Gameplay Walkthrough Video | PS4

Middle-earth: Shadow of War – Official Gameplay Walkthrough Video | PS4

epic, third-person, open world, action RPG and the sequel to
the award-winning Shadow of Mordor. This walkthrough takes place
many hours into the game where we will show you
one example of the epic, personal stories
created through the next generation of the
revolutionary Nemesis System. To save Middle Earth, we will be journeying
deep behind enemy lines and using the new ring of power to forge an army and conquer
Mordor from within. On the world map we see the
many regions we can conquer. Every one of these regions
is a distinct environment with unique enemies and allies, including overlords, war chiefs,
captains, followers, fortresses, strongholds, missions, and more. Today we’re going to
attack and conquer the mountain valley of Seregost and take it from
Sauron’s overlord, Ur-Hakon the Dragon Lord. Let’s launch the assault. [CHANTING] WOMAN: It’s not only our
enemies and the world that make the
Nemesis System unique, it’s also our followers. Ragdug the Iron Mount
has armored cavalry that can charge through the
flames of artillery fire. The Demolisher is a
living battering ram with the power to
smash enemy defenses. With our followers at our side we must first face
the Storm Bringer. STORM BRINGER: The Bright Lord. I fought for you, bled for you, and you left me to die. But I was reborn with the power of the Dark Lord. WOMAN: He has a history and
personal grudge against us. He used to be part of our army
before he betrayed us and joined the Dark Lord. He also carries a dark curse, which prevents us from using
the power of the new ring. THRAK: Come. Charge into the
flames of your reckoning. Ignite! WOMAN: The Overlord has deployed
multiple fort defenses including Siege Beasts
and Flame Archers. [ROARING] AZ-LAAR: No more talk.
WOMAN: Our first objective will be to break through
the main gate. [BATTLE CRIES] [BOOM] MAN: Charge the gate. Destroy the gate. [MUSIC PLAYING] [GRUNT] [SLICE] [SLICE] MAN: Get down. [GRUNT] [CLASH] THRAK: Hah, hah.
You feel it, don’t you? This is the power of the
Dark Lord. Yes. Yes. Yes. SAURON: Come to me. [BOOM] [SLICE] BRIGHT LORD: Suffer me now. [SMASH, SMASH, SMASH] [SQUISH] WOMAN: With the
Storm Bringer defeated, we’ve broken the curse
and can unleash our power, as the Demolisher
breaches the gate allowing our army to
storm the fort. [SMASH] [GRUNT] [GRUNT] [ROAR] [BATTLE SOUNDS] [SLICE] [BOOM] [BATTLE SOUNDS] [SMASH] [GRUNT] [BLAST] MAN: Retreat. Fall back. Defend the keep. [BATTLE SOUNDS] [GRUNT] [GRUNT] WOMAN: There are many
ways to conquer a fort, from open combat to stealth and infiltration. [SLASH]
[GRUNT] [GRUNT] [SLICE] WOMAN: We’ve infiltrated a spy
within the enemy ranks. Deadeye has placed explosives
allowing us to sabotage the wall and outflank the defenders. [BOOM] [MUSIC PLAYING] [GRUNT] [SLASH] THRAK: Did you really think you
could kill me that easily? WOMAN: The spy is also
able to help clear the way by sniping enemies. In Shadow of Mordor,
the Nemesis System created memorable stories
of bloodshed and revenge. In Shadow of War, your
followers can create entirely new stories of loyalty, betrayal, rivalry, and even friendship. DEADEYE: Gotcha. [BOOM] WOMAN: Thanks, Deadeye. BRIGHT LORD: Nice shot. WOMAN: We’ve expanded
the RPG systems in Shadow of War enormously. Defeating Storm Bringer
allows us to collect this epic armor of Rohan and equip it. [SCREAMING] [LAUGHTER] TUGOG: Ranger! I am usually the forgiving sort, but Storm Bringer? He was mine. And you’ve stolen my kill. [LAUGHTER] TUGOG: It’s time to dance. [LAUGHTER] [GLOOP] [BLAST] AZ-LAAR: I’m burnt. I’m burnt. [LAUGHTER] WOMAN: Mounting armored cavalry allows us to ride through
these flames unharmed. [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC PLAYING]
[GRUNT] [GRUNT] [BLAST] [ROAR] SAURON: I see you. WOMAN: Releasing and
dominating the Drake lets us turn the overlord’s
defenses against him. [BLAST] [MUSIC PLAYING] [ROAR] [MUSIC PLAYING] [SCREECH] [BLAST] [BOOM] [SLASH] TUGOG: He’s a demon! WOMAN: You’ve terrified
the Flame of War, now bend him to your will. BRIGHT LORD: Kneel before me. WOMAN: The ring of power allows us to dominate the
minds of our enemies… TUGOG: I am your servant. TUGOG: I am your servant.
WOMAN: …compelling them to join our growing army. Now, with the power
of the new ring, and the help of our followers, we’ve defeated
the War Chiefs. [BATTLE CRIES] [MUSIC PLAYING] WOMAN: We can face our
ultimate nemesis in this fort, the Dragon Lord himself. SAURON: It’s time to
take what is ours. WOMAN: With the
Nemesis System, every Overlord faced by every player
will be unique to their world. And the throne room itself has
been customized by the Overlord as his personal combat arena. [CLAP, CLAP, CLAP] UR-HAKON: It’s the
Lord of Mordor himself, the Grave Walker. You’ve made a right mess, haven’t you? My army slain. My drake dead. So much pain. I know a thing or
two about pain. And you, it’s going to burn a
[SLASH] UR-HAKON: Let me show you
how it’s done. This might hurt. [LAUGHTER] [ROAR] [SQUEAL] [GRUNT] [SLASH] [SQUEAL] [SLASH] [SLICE] [IMPALE] [SLICE] BRIGHT LORD: Seregost is mine! WOMAN: With the Overlord
defeated, Fort Seregost, and this region of Mordor, are ours. Conquering the region rewards us with experience, loot, new
followers, and resources. It also creates a personal base
from which we train our forces, increase our power, and
upgrade our defenses against Sauron’s counter attacks. Let’s return to the army screen where we can
review our enemies and command our followers. We need to select one to
become the new Overlord so he can spread his influence
throughout the region, creating an entirely
original nemesis fortress. This War Chief is a necromancer. He will shroud
the fort in sorcery to confuse and
terrify attackers. This War Chief is a beastmaster. He will allow us to turn
the creatures of Mordor against our enemies. But we’re going to
promote Ragdug, the War Chief who charged
through that artillery assault and helped us bring down Ur-Hakon, the Dragon Lord. As a marauder, he can loot and pillage
the region for us. With our new Overlord in place, we can upgrade the fortress, increasing its defenses, and enlarging the size
and power of our army. DEADEYE: Here, brothers, we will forge —
WOMAN: The Nemesis System means that every element of this
mission was dynamic and unique. No two players of the game will
experience the same story. DEADEYE: We will
spread his power! WOMAN: This is just one step in
our conquest of Mordor, one small example of the
millions of unique stories players will create in Middle Earth: Shadow of War. [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC PLAYING] SAURON: For the Blight Lord. [HORN BLAST]

100 thoughts on “Middle-earth: Shadow of War – Official Gameplay Walkthrough Video | PS4

  1. cant wait for this game 2 come out a completed middle earth shadow of mordor and i love the new nemisis system it was gr8 in the last game hopefully its the same but better in this 1 !!!!

  2. I want to see how this game connects to the main story line in the end (aka Lord of the Rings). After all, Sauron did create an army and had it march to war, right?

  3. Shadow of war is very confusing the release date because in my ps4 online purchase it said we can play it on December 31 and internet said it will be ready on October 10 so I'm very confused about this release date?

  4. I'm extremely late on the train of the game. I purchased Shadow of Mordor in the beginning of the summer for quite cheap on the PlayStation Store. I heard a lot about the game and how great it was but never got around to playing it. Well 7 weeks later and I am completely excited about the sequel. I absolutely love this game and the mechanics that go into it

  5. WTF are this loot Boxes? I pay for a game and I have to spend more money? If (IF) I buy this game, you will never get this money from me this way

  6. The game is not this interactive and cool. I've never ran into a sniper before. I have been saved by one of my orc captains but not by a sniper that says "gotcha"

  7. JUST WOW! The final product just does not look the same with this alpha version!!! I was gonna buy it for sure but after seeing the downgrade from a walkthrough by someone… Well SONY and Warner Bros. If you wanna know WHY the sales are worse compared to shadow of mordor because of the MASSIVE graphical downgrade!!!

  8. This game looks good! But why the fxck is there no good factions? Rohan, gondor etc would make this much much better!

  9. And over one year later I can safely say about 60% of the gameplay shown here was just for demonstration purposes

  10. It’s a real big shame that what the sniper did at 7:30 isn’t possible in the game, or at least I haven’t been fortunate enough to see it happen in the year of playing it

  11. Kinda sad that the game doesn't live up to this. Still a great game though. This is most likely what we would have got if it was made in 2035.

  12. Just played this again and it is sil just as fun. When I watched this back in 2017 it completely sold me and to all the naysayers, this trailer doesn't even have half of what the game actually has. Very high replay value.

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