Microsoft® DirectX® 12: Ushering in the New Era of PC Gaming

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  1. To answer Liquid, yes your 7850 will support the best features of DX12 as will any AMD GPU or APU with GCN architecture starting with radeon 7000 series on up.

    If you have a multi-core processor that will also get a huge boost in performance especially AMD CPUs. DX12 has new multi-core optimization technology that, as mentioned before below, finally brings true multi-core/true multi-GPU operation to PC gaming. DX12 changes PC gaming as we know it and for AMD it represents a huge turnaround.

    Here is an actual 3DMark DX12 benchmark for draw calls for an AMD FX 8350 in its exponential breakdown:

    Core 1 200% boost  Core 2 400% boost  Core 3 800% boost  Core 4 1600% boost

    Total gain 1600%

    The 8350 gets an absolutely shocking 1600% improvement! That brings its gaming performance up to slightly better than an Intel i5 4690k also using DX12 in multiple test using both AMD and Nvidia mid and high end GPUs! Both perform much better but for AMD the gain they get creates a mega shift in the CPU world order. Imagine 4 year old FX  and possibly 6 year old Phenom II CPUs will beat out much newer, significantly higher priced Intel CPUs.

    DX12 should improve PC gaming for most everyone in a huge way without any hardware changes or OS upgrade cost. In addition, Intel should have to drop prices on some of it's best gaming CPUs. It is good times once again for us.

  2. This is good news for people who have an old or low end cpu. I remember having bottlenecks when I bought a new card and thinking to myself "fuck I'll have to get a new cpu as well!?" Now I have moved some place else and have a low-mid range PC with a 5 year old phenon ii and a gtx 660. This is good news for me as gtx 660 is still good for playing games on high at sub 1080p resolutions (don't have a 1080p monitor). The only thing that was holding performance back was the cpu bottleneck.

  3. I am tired of watching videos, didnt sleep for 2 days in a row so tell me fast, does this work with AMD R7 260x by Sapphire 2GB DDR5 OC, thanks!)

  4. AMD correctly identified the future in terms of parallelism over serial processing. It was a core component of their roadmap even three years ago. They correctly sat out NVidia dominating them to this point, at which they now have the software clout to actually activate the true hidden weapon (wasn't actually hidden just unused) of parallel processing. Their hardware truly smashes NVidia in this aspect, and now that they have the memory technology to eliminate GDDR5 ie 3D HBM, NVidia should start to worry. 2016/17 AMD Zen core CPUs are to be released which will pretty much nullify current iGen Intel advantages. FINFet processes integrated with newer GPU chips by 2018 will mean that power consumption is halved and at this point unless team green gets some crazy new ideas, I cannot see them beating AMD in any spec.

  5. Will a PCIE 2.0 16x slot be able to support Directx 12? I am asking because I have a Radeon R9 295X2 that supports DX12 but my PCIE slot is 2.0 16X.

  6. and what about AMD's utterly pathetic dx11 performance? I want to buy an AMD card for a change but the inconsistent API performance is embarrassing to say the least.

  7. AMD and Oxide have confirmed that NVidia is not able to support Asynchronous Compute at all. That is why Maxwell performance is DX12 is totally impotent and castrated.

  8. The critical flaw of DirectX 12 is that it requires MS Windows 10. So the game will look great until the always on updates cause it to crash, if you can get it to load at all under the new OS. Meanwhile MS is always collecting information about you.

  9. That is all good and well AMD, but here I am sitting with my AMD Radeon HD 7970M waiting for the 4xx mobile series so I can upgrade, because you refuse to sell the R9 M295X for laptops other than Mac's and soldered onto an Alienware.

    I want a MXM card version of the R9 M495X with HBM memory and a Zen APU powered laptop for true AMD power.

  10. I'll just wait Vulkan. I not use unsafe Os like windows. Linux is better. 8 years of using. And if programm not ported to OpenGL or not run through wine – it's just doesn't exist for me.

  11. Im thinking of buying these parts for my pc (ALL AMD): Motherboard Amd 970, GPU: R9 280, CPU: FX 8320

    Will this be good with directx 12 and can I run most games on at least medium settings (of this generation of games ofcourse :P)

  12. So an i7 4770k with hyper threading will benefit from dx12? or is the CPU efficiency use improvements orientated more so at physical CPU cores?

  13. Is DirectX 12 going to be limited to six cpu cores communicating with the GPU, will the API be limited again in terms of the number of cpu cores being utilized by the GPU? I would hope it would not be limited again!

  14. Is DirectX 12 going to be limited to six cpu cores communicating with the GPU, will the API be limited again in terms of the number of cpu cores being utilized by the GPU? I would hope it would not be limited again! Microsoft we are hoping you will give us the best you can.

  15. In 2:51 he said that the CPU will use all of the cores to talk to the graphics card. My question is will it work on an Intel CPU and a AMD graphics card combo? Thank you in advance!

  16. Sooooooooooo What your saying is I could have 4 gpus in my computer SHARING vram and work load so i Could effectively destroy 4k at a playable fps in the future??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  17. I heard tha directx12 can work with 2 different gfx cards on the same system. that will work only with directx12 cards or for example i can put my amd 7950 along with a R9 380?
    Also some say that you can even put an amd to work along with a nvdia card…how that can work if motherboard has slots either for amd cards or either for nvdia cards… is there a mobo that has both slots for nvdia and amd?

  18. AMD will disappear within the next 3 years .
    There only come back is through the zen series which will most likely fail as usual .
    Goodbye amd

  19. When is dx12 coming? Or is it windows 10 already? Just got my first new PC build that I built myself. R9 390 fx 8350

  20. split screen rendering sounds so much better than two gpu's rendering alternate frames…honestly split screen rendering is what i pictured my two gpu's doing. i dont know why this wasn't already a thing. the i learned its actually each gpu doing one frame each, which sounds stupid and inefficient but apparently that what most duo gpu's do.

  21. Tbh we are very late taking the advantage of multiple cores, we have 4/8 core cpu's since many years yet most games are heavily processed on the first 2 cores. Just imagine games taking advantage of hyperthreading with high-end graphics card we will achieve the real "next-gen" graphics with great performance.

    Another thing is that im happy seeing AMD doing some shit, as nvidia user i hope you guys get on tracks again, especially with your drivers, and make more of competition with nvidia.

  22. I started out with AMD as a gamer though I moved to intel and Nvidia a while ago but, last time around I decided to get a R9 380X instead of a Nvidia card. I do have an i5 4690 though..

    I am glad to see AMD making such a come back with DX12 and mantle.. It really looks promising and the few benchmarks out there show AMD wooping Nvidia's ass!

  23. Oh my god, so Microsoft are telling the truth?! My PC will REALLY be as efficient as a console?!

    Seriously, who was the PR guy at Microsoft who OK'd that remark in regards of DirectX12? If Mass Effect is anything to go by, then I don't think I want XBox "Efficiency" on my PC, thank you very much.

  24. Too bad they arent even compatible with win10.. The fury I bought was a $500 paperweight with failed drivers and or failed firmware.. After I kept getting black screen at windows desktop and driver crashes with the Fury, I promptly returned it, hoping they give me a refund instead of a replacement… After returning the card I started looking in many computer gaming forums such as Toms Hardware, oc3d, linustechtips, and AMD's own forum and found out they have had issues with these new r9-3xx, fury and fury-x cards since their release and have yet to resolve the issue after 7 months…

  25. Well, Microsoft Gaming Industry is dumping Intel HD Graphics Video Cards and leaving its processors still out on top 😛

  26. dumb question how do I get direct x12.. or games themselves are made with direct x12 (some games.) do I have to download anything?

  27. It's nice but doing something that uses 6 cores to better work is stupid already have gamers processors for 8-core with HT. From the perspective of the player I would buy xeon 8 16 for $ 70 and would be further limited by poor service dx12 CPU

  28. so those "logical cores" from the i7 can be considerd as a core? I mean the i7 only have 4 physical cores but with hyper threads it becomes 8 cores….so with dx12 we can make use of these hyper threads? or we will need 8 real physical cores?

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