Metro Exodus – Sam’s Story Launch Trailer

Metro Exodus – Sam’s Story Launch Trailer

[XBOX SOUND] Parting with my friends…was hard. Like Artyom before, I chose to pursue my wild dream. I see the town that’s to become my springboard for a leap
across the ocean, And I smell salt in the air. If there really is even a slight chance of me ever getting
home, I will find it here One step at a time. Privyet Vladivostok. [XBOX SOUND]

100 thoughts on “Metro Exodus – Sam’s Story Launch Trailer

  1. Anyone else find this game unplayable on console because of input lag and clunky controls? Loved the earlier titles and would like to get into this one, but I find it too frustrating

  2. GOTY in 2019 for me. I looks amazing on my 65" QLED with XBOX ONE X. Best looking game Ive played. Cant wait to start this.

  3. So these were all the action bits. All the moments in between will be about painstakingly walking from one part of the map to the next while occasionally being subjected to unskipable cutscenes.

  4. idk why but i think older series was better story,monsters the metro itself
    its more open world now and in outside enviroment but i miss those metro creepy halls full of mutants.

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