Meltdown At A Hockey Game

Meltdown At A Hockey Game

(upbeat music) – [Asa] So I tweeted about
just sharing the video, the movie review from Loop. This made my year, made my year. – What?
– Someone said, “Thank you for the thoughtful
review Fathering Autism, “#LoopDirector Erica and the
rest of us who worked on it. “Watched your videos to help
us understand and learn, “so it’s extra special to
know you like the short. “Thank you for sharing intimate
glimpses of your life.” – Dude! – [Asa] So last night
when we were watching it, and you were like, “They’ve
watched our vlogs.” Like that’s (laughs). – That’s, Are you serious? – [Asa] Yeah. – That’s so cool.
– Isn’t that cool? – I was like, “Oh my
gosh, this little girl “is stemming just like Abbie,
and then they’re are like, “oh yeah, by the way, that’s your kid.” – [Asa] We watched your vlogs. – That’s so cool. – [Asa] Isn’t that amazing? – Huh. I wouldn’t have expected that. I was joking. – [Asa] I know. – Maybe you’ll get
called to assist sometime to be a technical assistant, or something like that,
production assistant. – [Priscilla] We don’t
hang out on the counter. – Give you one of those
little canvas chairs with Asa on the back of it. – I’m just, I am so proud. Like, I think Disney+ had
like 40 million downloads, the first day, so that
many people have access to this kind of content,
that we got to be a part of, you know, by sharing our story. So proud. – [Isaiah] That’s crazy. – Yeah. – [Isaiah] I wouldn’t have expected that. – [Asa] Me either. – I mean we’re cool and all of that, I wouldn’t have expected that. – It would have been nice to
have the credits on there. – [Asa] That’d be neat yeah. – [Isaiah] Appreciate it. – [Asa] Abbie, can you believe it? You’re inspirational. Abbie, it’s died sweet girl. There’s actually a piece
of glass right here that’s sticking out. – Oh really?
– Yeah. It keeps hitting spacebar though. It’s filled in a password for iTunes, with nothing but spaces. – Aww, how sweet. – [Asa] I don’t think we’re
gonna resurrect this one, Abbie. I think it’s going to get recycled. We have her backup, she can use for music. – Okay. – [Asa] It’s just… – That is so sad.
– The screens are like 90 bucks a piece to get ’em to replace it. It’s just not worth doing
anymore on $120 iPad. – [Isaiah] That’s super sad, dude. That thing has made it through everything. – Look at that, now you can save everything
twice (chuckles). But then this one, this one
has got YouTube kids on it, Ab. You’re all set. Summer has as joined us. She’s alive. She made a very good point. Now that Abigail is influential
for Pixar Disney films, she should be the first nonverbal
autistic Disney princess. (background noise drowns out Summer) – [Asa] You’re the new
Disney princess Abbie. (Abbie laughs excitedly) (Summer laughing) – [Asa] How cool would that be? – Aww, that’s so cool.
– It’s so cute how she smiles, as soon as she sees Summer. When Summer walked in, she came in here, and she was grinning ear to ear. – I wonder whether that’s gonna wear off. – [Priscilla] I hope not. It’s the cutest thing ever. – [Summer] She’s like,
“You’re still here?” – [Asa] Where are you going? Come back down here. (Abbie laughing) Come on. – [Priscilla] Oh my god,
I partied last night. – [Asa] Tired mom? You slept at 4:30? – Yeah. – [Asa] Abbie you’re so excited, they finally listened to you? – [Priscilla] It’s hard
when you go to bed at 1:00. – [Asa] Where are you going to go Abb? Go where? In the car? Yeah? – [Priscilla] You need a sign for Dunkin. – [Asa] You waiting on your brother still? Bye, have fun. – [Summer] Did you say bye? Hey! – [Asa] Bye. (Summer laughing) Do we have a, we have an accident? Is that why we have a cushion missing? I didn’t even know this. – We don’t know. I mean, she wasn’t wet. – [Asa] Maybe something spilled. – [Priscilla] Maybe, so I washed it. – Oh. Did you have fun with
your friend Max earlier, sniffing all their things? Another advantage of
videoing our entire lives, documenting everything, is that we can show Abigail stuff that she’s done in the past
that we’re going to do again so she can remember it and we can say, “Hey, this is what we’re
doing this afternoon.” (TV noise drowns out speakers) Hey Abb? – [Priscilla] Are you
excited to go tonight? – [TV] This is always the hard part. Let’s take a right right here. All right, we are going down right here. Good job, Ab. (Child laughing on TV)
– Look, we’re gonna do that tonight. – [Asa] There goes the exciting part whoa! (Abbie laughs). They have a sensory room there, in case you need a break. (upbeat pop music) Are we excited or are we nervous? What do we think? – I think she’s a little of both. – Yeah. – She’s not nervous, yet.
– Chillin’ right now? (people chattering) – They’ve made huge improvements. Abbie has a medical tag on her bag now to show that it’s not a
backpack or a diaper bag, and that kind of thing, so there’s like, so they differentiate, which is cool. – [Blonde Woman] Hi guys! – [Asa] Hi! (upbeat pop music) Amazing. – She just likes hands. – Yeah.
– We got it. All right, we have our sensory bag. Hey Abbie, you know what they have here? Hey, they have the best snacks. Do you want snacks? What do you think? – [Isaiah] I’d be like, “Ahh,”
and see if she can hear me. – Okay.
– Nah, nah. No headphones, man. They didn’t start playing
music, so she’s out. – [Priscilla] What do you think? – [Asa] Yeah, go check
out the sensory room. Look at all the fidgets, Ab. Wow! Look, over here. Do you wanna sit in one of those? No? Okay. What do you think? – You know, it’s so funny
because when Abbie was younger, like if you guys watch the
Brizzy family, the Wee family and you know, Kaitlin, like all of those kids
love this kind of stuff. – [Asa] Yeah. – And Abby was like that
when she was younger. – [Asa] She was. – But she’s much older. She’s doubled all of their age now. – Right, right.
– Almost. You know, it’s just funny to
see how much she’s changed because we used to have the
trampoline and the balls and all the sensory things, but the older she’s gotten she’s– – It’s hard for us because we
think of her as that same kid. She’s not a little girl, not at all, like. – [Priscilla] Part of
it is she’s grown up. – [Asa] Here you go. – [Priscilla] So she can do
those things for herself now. – [Summer] Yeah. – She’s regulating herself. – These things are like
calming down rather than like (drowned out).
– Yeah. Oh shit! ♪ Oh say can you see ♪ ♪ By the dawn’s early light ♪ (spectators cheering loudly)
(Abbie whimpering) – [Asa] Calm down, calm down. Hey, come here. Hey, hold on a minute, okay? We got ya. (Abbie vocalizes) – [Asa] Next row. Here we go. Here we go. Relax now. You get it? A’right. (Abbie exclaims panically)
– You’re okay, you’re okay. – [Asa] Get your backpack off. (PA drowns out speech) – [Unknown Speaker] Their airward goal? – [Asa] Listen, listen, I know, listen. Calm down, okay? (spectators cheering) (Abbie vocalizes) Calm down. – [Priscilla] We’re leaving. – [Asa] We’re gonna leave, okay? Just calm down. – [Priscilla] I need you to calm down. (Abbie whimpering) – [Asa] Calm down, you’re okay. – [Priscilla] Can you talk to us? (Abbie whimpering) – [Asa] You needa go to the bathroom? Okay, good job, you’re using your device. Here, put it back in! Put it back in, zip it up, zip it up. (Abbie whimpering). Good job. You guys are gonna come back here? – Yeah.
– Okay. – We’re gonna go to the bathroom and then we’ll come back here, okay? – So we got to that point
where it was kind of, not a meltdown but just sensory overload, she’s getting upset, so we are bailing. We may leave to see how she does, like the sensory room, we’re not sure yet. – Like if she can’t
regulate and calm back down. Then we might stay, but if
not, we’ll just head out. – All right. We’re talking through
this thing right now. Like, we’ll fill you in you guys. We decided to leave obviously. We’ll fill you in when
we get back to the house. Kind of explain the whole
sensory overload thing. – Long story short, autism. – Yeah, basically. Variable sensory sensitivity. It’s the word. It’s the long word of the day. – [Isaiah] Wow. – Three words. – What was it? – Variable sensory sensitivity. – Vss. – Isaiah and I had this
like chat in the hallway, about it’s no big deal and
it doesn’t matter and stuff like you know, just
Abbie sensory overload. It does, it is a big deal. It doesn’t matter. That’s crap, I’m lying. It matters. You know like everybody wanting to enjoy the hockey game, it matters. So it does suck. I’d be disingenuous if I said otherwise. Clearly the sensory overload
sucks more for Abigail than it does for us to miss a hockey game but it doesn’t make it not
suck for everybody else. I think that’s important to note. It’s not just like the missing an event or not seeing a hockey game. It’s also throwing in the towel, like having to leave, having to say, “Okay, can’t do this.” Not being able to do
something just in general. – Well, and we’ve done it before, and she was the same way
when we first started. – [Asa] Yeah. – But she– – [Asa] Nervous and stuff like that. – Yeah, but then she worked through it. This time she couldn’t work through it. – [Asa] Yeah. – Like she, when you
guys left to go get food, she had calmed down. Like she wasn’t shaken. I was like, “Okay, she’s getting better.” And then something, I don’t know. But Summer made a good point. Like the, we were sitting
where we were sitting. Was it blue Summer or white? – [Summer] It was a white
ceiling that was lower than where they were playing
hockey, the resident arena. So like it made it see, I think the depth and the
color really messed her up. So I think she was
looking up the whole time. – [Asa] Right. – [Summer] And I don’t
think that it was the crowd or the sound either because when you guys left they had a goal and everybody went bananas
and she started clapping and she got like a little,
like excited about it. – Yeah, loud noises
haven’t really affected her greatly in the past. – Which even when she was
freaking out and that, I was like, “Oh my gosh, this
is going to be too much.” And then she didn’t react to it at all and I was like, “Oh, okay. “We’re okay.” – [Asa] Yeah. – Yeah, so I don’t know. – That’s why I say it’s
variable because it changes. – Yeah. It’s so hard too,
– Daily with her. because it’s not like
she worked up to that. Like sometimes you can
see it’s gonna happen, but tonight I couldn’t see her ’cause we would have pulled her out before we let it get to that point. But like I said, she had calmed down and then all of a sudden, now she’s happy as can be. – I know, happy as can be, huh? Then all of a sudden it went to tears. Priscilla said it was like
the airplane all over again. – It was, oh my gosh! Except she would not
even calm down in the car from the airplane, remember? – [Asa] Yeah. – This one, at least
we got her out of there and then once we were in
the car, she calmed down. – Ah, it’s just so tough. You just never know and you don’t want her
to miss out on things because of potential like maybe, but now I’m like stressed out
to take her to the hockey game because what if she
remembers it as a negative and then it brings her more anxiety? – But you know what I
think is more important is that she remembers that
she can ask to leave. – [Priscilla] I know. – And that we listen to her. That’s what matters more than anything. You know what I mean?
– It does, but it’s like, do we just not
take her to a hockey game? ‘Cause I don’t want her
to not enjoy it, you know? And I don’t wanna have
to leave every time. Like nobody wants to do that either. – Maybe a plan B, like
two cars designated, you know, somebody’s like, “Okay, my turn to, “if she can’t handle
it,” because, you know, we want her to be able to. It’s not for us. It’s for her that we want her to be able to experience things. And then she had a great
time last time we went, but have someone kinda designated them, that might be a solution. (Abbie shouts excitedly) What do you think of that idea? – [Priscilla] Oh girl. – [Asa] I’m glad you’re happy, but I’m sorry you had a hard time Ab. Your whole family’s got you back. You realize that, right? Let’s go, come on. – [Priscilla] What thing do you wanna do? – [Asa] Are you better? Are you so much better now? Hey, what do you wanna do? – [Isaiah] I love this house. You can just lounge anywhere. – [Asa] You wanna come here? – [Priscilla] Are you trying to say fish? – [Asa] Are you ready to eat now, because you would not
eat at the hockey game? You were too nervous. (laughing) – [Asa] Well mom got you a happy meal. – [Priscilla] I did. She was so nervous she didn’t eat. (background noise drowns out other sounds) – [Asa] Let her eat her food. – What is going on? Why is it so chaotic in here? – [Summer] Say Saturday night. Party, whoop whoop! We’re not gonna scare
you anymore, Ab, come on. – [Isiah] Oh, you’ve
been here the whole time. (laughing) You’ll give yourself whiplash. Come on, go eat. (multiple speakers drown each other out) Come on, keep walking, into the chair. – Okay, okay, okay. – [Asa] Come down, you’re
gonna choke, stay still, – [Isaiah] Go away for a little bit. (Abbie laughing excitedly) – [Summer] Oh my God, it’s me, I gotta go. – You’re a bad influence. Oh my gosh! Miss Bramley just texted us and said, “Oh my Gosh! “I heard you were at the hockey game. “Come see us.” We were like, “No, we had to go.” (laughs) – [Asa] Hey, come down
before you choke, Ab. Mom, Mom, she’ll give
you a headbutt again. – [Summer] I just have
to go to the bathroom. – (drowned out) Okay, take a break. Is that the best thing ever? Do you need a drink? Here’s your drink. I got ya a kid’s meal. I know you’re kinda old for that. Okay, okay. – She’s happy now and that’s what matters. – Yup. – You know what I was thinking about like, if we could have taken her off that plane, I would’ve. – Yeah. – Like if we had another
option, I would have. So, taking her out of the stadium, yeah, obviously, it’s a no brainer. – Right. – So we go through it too. Same thing as you guys go through. – We do, we do. And so, you know, today’s
not a awesome autism day. Like it’s just not. It’s such a long day. – Well it was a bad moment. Mom had it significantly
harder than the rest of us. So it’s easy for me to say a bad moment. That’s a reminder for you dads out there, or just the other spouse, you know, when one spouse is dealing
with all the difficult stuff and you don’t have to
deal with any of that. You’re like, “Oh, it’s
fine, it’s no big deal.” It’s easy to do.
– Yeah. – So keep that in mind. But tomorrow is a new day. – It is. – And we’ll see you then. – Bye guys. – Bye. (beep) Hey, quick shout out to the ladies at the, young ladies at the hockey game that acted like they were
taking a picture of each other, but were taking a picture of
me and Isaiah standing there. – Yeah. – Y’all come up and say hi to us for real. – And then the ones when
we were walking upstairs, the girl that was just
like, staring at all of us and I was like, “Okay, we are cute? “We’re not even that cute.” (laughs) – We don’t realize it. Like, it took us getting
past her before I was like, “Oh, she knows, she recognizes us.” So–
– We’re not gonna come to you, – No.
– ’cause if you don’t recognize us, this is going to
be really embarrassing to us. – There’s a lot of people there. Right yeah, that’d be so embarrassing. Like, “Hey, you watch us?” And be like, “Who are you?” Yeah ’cause– – We did get two people though. Two people recognize us
when we were on there. – Yeah, yeah. They came over and said hi. So hi! Thanks for coming up and saying hi. But you guys make sure
you come and say hi to us. We love meeting you guys. I feel like my head’s
sinking into this couch. Let’s see. It’s a really wide angle lens. We don’t have to be this close. – No, we don’t.
(Asa laughing)

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  46. That's understandable. I have ASD myself and I can't cope with large crows for a long time. Short term, yes but it's stressful and I need time away to regroup. Just hearing the noise in the vid gets me tence. Sometime I'm able to. but most of the all depends on the day.

  47. My son has autism I wish I could ask u a few things but no one will ever see this YouTube does not support freedom of speech and blocks my comment

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