Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4) – The Heist DLC Review

Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4) – The Heist DLC Review

– [Jonathon] The first
post-game DLC episode for Marvel’s Spider-Man, The Heist, is like the main game in miniature form, fantastic character work coupled with engaging story missions
and side objectives occasionally hampered by repetition. The Heist clearly serves
as the first chapter of a larger story waiting to be told across Spider-Man’s three-part DLC saga called The City That Never Sleeps, and so it feels a little light on its own. But when it works, it’s a
reminder of how great it is to inhabit this web-head’s world. The Heist DLC begins quite
literally with its namesake, a heist that, on a gameplay level, kicks things off with what I loved most, methodical stealth scenarios. Its story missions
largely play into stealth and chase sequences, with only a brief
insta-fail stealth section hampering the flow. I wish The Heist made
more use of the new twists it introduces, like a
crowd-control objective, and I hope we see those experiments grow in the next two DLC chapters. One new enemy faction is
also thrown into the mix, but it’s a relatively vanilla group, save for a frustrating brute baddie. And a new side objective sees the return of a lower-tier villain
I personally don’t love. These missions blend a few
types of familiar objectives to mostly fun results, but there are relatively few
of them to keep you occupied. The bulk of the roughly
three-hour DLC is the new story, in which Black Cat immediately
makes an indelible mark on the world. Her history with Peter is
palpably awkward for him, fun for her to exploit,
and captivating to watch. Insomniac Games once
again smartly twists lore to make her connection
to Spider-Man and Peter all the more interesting. She even lends a hand during a mission but her presence is more
of a nuisance than an aid, and that’s doubly true for how it affects Peter and Mary Jane’s relationship. Insomniac toys with expectations
and proves yet again that it can nail the world of Spider-Man while also putting its own
stamp on the character. The Heist certainly sets up a story and characters I’m excited to see more of, but feels more like the start of something instead of a whole worth
recommending solely on its own. Some of its new gameplay
ideas are intriguing, others frustrating, but none are put into practice long enough to make too much of an impression. But it’s still more of what
I loved about Spider-Man, making the quick return
to its world a joyful one. For more, be sure to
check out our full review of Marvel’s Spider-Man and our Spoilercast with the game’s creative
director Bryan Intihar. And of course, for
everything else Spider-Man, you’re already in the right place, IGN. – [MJ] Peter, is everything okay? – [Peter] Sorry, MJ. I just ran into an old friend. – [MJ] Who? – [Peter] Trouble.

100 thoughts on “Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4) – The Heist DLC Review

  1. This guy is is one of the worst reviewers. WTH ign!!! A 7.8? Just give an 8 dude really. The same guy gone the actual game an 8.5….. really? The guy that reviewed red dead 2 was wayyyy better.

  2. So the dlc is likely better off put aside until the rest come out,seems like played together that they will be more enjoyable.

  3. Just so everyones clear that story missions themselves are about an hour or so in gamplay. Around 3 of you do all the side activities

  4. This was originally in the base game. They removed 80% off it and called it DLC.

    It made her collectibles feel like a one hour trailer for the season pass.

  5. Guys help me pleaaaseee I downloaded the DLC with a US region account and my game disc is an asian region and I can't install the DLC

  6. Everyone in the comments of this review seem to be really pissed at the score that was given, but I really don't see where they're coming from. IGN have given us some really terrible reviews (I'm still confused how Fortnite Battle Royale got 9.6/10), but this one is pretty reasonable. For only a 2-3 hour experience, the price for the DLC shouldn't have been priced so high.

  7. Go play Red Dead , this DLC was about 30 minutes long and 10 of it was sneaking around as Mary Jane.

  8. Make sure you've set the time of day to Night in the main campaign before starting the DLC or it is very glitchy. There are a lot of bugs and even missed dialogue / cut scenes as it struggles to constantly switch back and forth between the DLC night and the free-roam day.

  9. Wait…Idea for new suit in next dlc
    For the first time ever….
    Appearing as a new suit in Spider-Man PS4
    Well, he was in Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions, LADYS AND GENTLE MEN MY IDEA FOR A NEW SUIT:


  10. So you can't play Black Cat? Then what is the point of this DLC? I'll Pass, I was hoping this was going to be similar to the Awesome Catwoman DLC like in Arkham City but I should have known better

  11. I bought the $80 version but I'm not really excited to play this dlc at all. I guess it'll be there when I get to it.

  12. I'm gonna get this DLC! but not now! there is some Odyssey and some kind of Redemption I need to deal with first, not forgetting to mention a nostalgic evil remake on the way plus some demon hunting!

  13. Honestly after I beat the main game I don’t usually play the dlcs. But this game I couldn’t wait to swing back in! Loved it

  14. I feel like this DLC would've been better had they just waited and announced it after the release with all three parts as one in December.

  15. "Feels like only part of something bigger. Feels like just the beginning of something new." It's literally the first part of a three part dlc story. What else do you want?

  16. If its really only 2 hours I might just wait for all 3 of them to come out and get the bundle for 25$. Still haven't finished Odyssey and yet to get RDR2 so I will wait until I finish them both and play all 3 while I wait for Days gone.

  17. Ehhhh disappointing it was kind of cool but wayyyy to short, for some reason I had a ton of problems with cutscenes and Time change. Anyone else?

  18. I haven’t heard anything about the dlc content yet overall that would warrant a 25.00 season pass price tag. Possibly 14.99

  19. My only issue with this is the first heist mission is the dumbest robbery attempt I've ever seen. I know it's a spiderman game, its not meant to be realistic, but nobody is going to rob a museum and smash through the doors in multiple vehicles. And no sign of cops after bullets raging and RPGs going off. Worst robbery ever. Still an amazing game

  20. I agree I’m disappointed that we didn’t get to play as Black Cat the MJ parts seemed boring and forced. Felicia ftw . Screwball is a pain in the neck. Now with the sequel perhaps we will see more of Felicia and Sable later

  21. It was actually awesome, absolutely loved black cat and i got all 3 dlcs for 40% off so it was totally worth it

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