Marvel’s Avengers: Game Overview

Marvel’s Avengers: Game Overview

[MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: Marvel’s Avengers is
a third person action adventure game featuring an all new
original story where you play as your favorite Avengers. [MUSIC PLAYING] The story starts on A day
at the opening celebration of the Avengers west
coast headquarters and the reveal of the team’s
new tarragon crystal reactor. [MUSIC PLAYING] But after being blamed for
a disastrous explosion that leaves San Francisco
in ruins, the Avengers are forced to disband
due to public backlash and government pressure. In their absence,
a new organization rises vowing to protect the
world, Advanced Idea Mechanics, otherwise known as AIM. Five years later, the world
is a very different place. In their pursuit of a safer
future through science, AIM has replaced
superhumans with their advanced synthoid AI. That was the question. NARRATOR: But under
the surface, the signs of a conspiracy against
heroes begins to unfold. [MUSIC PLAYING] With all Super Heroes
outlawed, an Avengers fan girl from New Jersey named Kamala
Khan embarks on a quest to prove her heroes’
innocence and become who she was destined to be. Kamala plays a central
role as the catalyst to reassemble the team
with her unique perspective and incredible powers. Only together can
the Avengers overcome the dangers in this new world. You’ll start by establishing
a base of operations in a decommissioned
helicarrier, which gets upgraded throughout the story. You can customize your heroes
to play solo or assemble online with your
friends defending earth from ever escalating threats. Each of the heroes has
tons of outfits inspired by over 80 years
of Marvel history, as well as original new ones. As you play, you’ll
earn an unlock gear, equip different gear pieces
to customize your playstyle and become even more powerful. Power up gear by unlocking
perks which will change the way you play the game. Unlock skills and abilities
as you earn experience and build your heroes
to fit your playstyle. [MUSIC PLAYING] Using the war table,
you can launch into two different types of missions. Hero missions are the single
player campaign experiences showcasing specific heroes. And war zone missions,
which are played solo or online with up to
a total of four players. All missions drive
the narrative forward. And all of your
heroes progress is shared across the entire game. [MUSIC PLAYING] Reassemble the Avengers and
rebuild the team to be Earth’s Mightiest Heroes once again.

100 thoughts on “Marvel’s Avengers: Game Overview

  1. I was half way considering this game until they made Kamala Kahn the central character. I cant stand her character. stupid, shallow, uncreative, One of my top 3-5 most cant stand Marvel Characters.. And on top of it all, with all the recent Social Justice cram fest, I cant help but feel she is being used as another minority/feminist card, since she has never had ANYTHING to do with the Avengers being formed EVER. She is just being inserted "conveniently" which sadly just downplays her character even moreso.

  2. Why cant we play as a male protagonist who fixes the avengers back? Why should it always be forced to be a female. I mean this would have been a brilliant way to give the player the choice to be a male or female. But no female empowerment must be shoved down everyone's throated forcefully. I am not against this at all. I love women empowerment but one should always have a choice to choose whether to play a male or female protagonist esp in new story games.

  3. Me: Remember Hawkeye? The guy you left out in cold blood?!
    Square Enix: What does it matter to you anyway?!
    Me: EVERYTHING!!!!

  4. Flight attendant: Okay anyone here yet?
    Ironman? "Here"
    Hulk? "Smash"
    Black Widow? "Here"
    Captain America? "Here"
    Thor? "Have at thee"
    Flight attendant: hm…. okay thats all of them we are ready to fly.

    Hawkeye: Wait don't fly yet!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I really hope we get more out there Avengers characters in this. Namely stuff like Captain Marvel and Dr. Strange, but also like Jubilee or Blade. You know, characters who don't get as much love.

  6. So, loved characthers, 1st time hearing about kamara or who she is (checked google-new characther in the comics, not realy well received).. Game as a service, hm, i bet thats gonna be great.. Fps stutters in the gameplay teasers, bruh.. Already seen atleast 2 different monetisation schemes in the trailer, cmon now.. Crystal dinamics behind it, loved what u all did with tombraider reboot, the worst 3games in the franchise, bland and forgetable.. I have zero hopes for this game

  7. Wow, this loos epic AF!
    I want to master my all time favorite Thor on single and than play as other Avengers in co-op 🙂

  8. Lo que espero esque los esos trajes no cuesten dinero real 🙁 y que se compren con monedas o algo dentro del juego. Like si querés que eso pase

  9. They showed Cap get killed. But it brought back memories of Avengers Assemble, And Avengers Black Panther's Quest. Steve looked like he was dead, Only to show up live later in the story before. Twice infact. So what happened at the start of the game doesn't fool me. He'll be back. Then will see him at the War Table.

  10. Still extremely skeptical about this one. I'd rather see someone else in the front seat than Ms. Marvel. Add the Xmen and have Rogue or Storm as main character? Or any other female protagonist that's more established and interesting.

  11. Is it just me or does Thor’s VA sound like the one from earths mightiest heroes? It only the grunts, but it sound so similar

  12. Oh, heroes are outlawed? That's creative, they think of that themselves? It's not as if we haven't seen that trope a million times over.


  13. Still curious how they’re going to balance characters like black widow and captain America compared to characters like Thor, iron man, hulk, etc… I feel like their worse mobility and power will make them less fun.

  14. the game looks good but it does seem like I'll enjoy it, the kamala bit will probably be one of the most boring parts narritively speaking and the mission structure feels too much like an mmo rather than the spiderman like free roam I was hoping it would be

  15. The characters just look so wrong!
    I wanna see a freakin‘ „Downey JR.“ as Iron Man and not a strange look alike!!!!

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