Marvel’s Avengers: Embrace Your Powers

Marvel’s Avengers: Embrace Your Powers

ROAR Now that, is an entrance. I was just some weird kid from Jersey who didn’t fit in. The kid is Inhuman. We did this and she needs your help. People believe in the Avengers. We can’t just sit around and do nothing. Embiggen! Good isn’t a thing you are. EMBRACE YOUR POWERS It’s a thing you do.

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  1. I love the Tomb Raider series by Crystal and Eidos and I will agree some of the models look weird hopefully the game will be good I will buy it but I feel like they got more than what they bargained for and are trying their best

  2. The good thing is they're already promoting skins/collectors & deluxe editions before giving you a reason to buy the damn thing.

  3. Honestly, everbody just wants an "Ultimate Alliance" type game with RPG elements and a ton of playable characters.
    Just follow the game engine from the 1st game…..

  4. 0:35 here you can see a little bit lag hopefully they fix this by the time they release this game and really excited and hyped to stream this on YouTube

  5. Oh no. Not Ms Marvel. Whiny Bargain basement mr. Fantastic. Why couldnt they use Carol Danvers or Monica Rambeau or any of the countless female avengers

  6. I rlly hope the skins will be only instant access like what Insom did with Spiderman, and not locked to the pre order, tthat would rlly suck given how iconic and well designed some of them are.

  7. I can't say that I'm not disappointed in the whole replacing Hawkeye with ms. marvel to represent muslims but whatever.

  8. I so can't wait to check out Ms. Marvel in action! ⚡⚡⚡They should call this the MIU (Marvel Interactive Universe) which has Marvel's Spider-Man and now Marvel's Avengers, and many more to come.

  9. Whether this game is a critical success or failure, one thing I do know, I'm going to enjoy smashing the hell out of everything as Hulk.

  10. I still can't believe Ms. marvel was shoe horned into this game in Hawkeye's place. I'm sure fans were beating down crystal dynamics door, just begging for her.

  11. Is this game this basic tho? Like do they have other aspects of the game instead of smash punch kick, is there a stealth aspect? Is there any detective work that needs to be done? Are there vehicles for black widow/captain america?

  12. Kahmala khan or whatever that super hero is is so stupid smh lol a fucking super hero with huge hands, they should have just added captain marvel instead.

  13. Not being negative but seriously, no more same old gameplay! Give us something new already! The only thing that was new was the pre order bonus and the box cover.

  14. This game better have open world and not just linear missions. I want to fly as thor and ironman when i want not when a story asks for it. And better not have stupid invisible walls!!!

  15. Just give us a mission walkthrough. You are showing the same info over and over, we still can't tell how it feels, how you handle progression. Nothing
    What are you afraid of? Spoilers? Everybody knows Cap will resurface 😀

    I don't get it, why would you not make everyone look fabulously pretty, not only you got real actors for the mocap that are probably models and stuff, but you also can alter lightning to make everyone attractive, Lara croft was pretty in your games, why the avengers wouldn't ?

  17. Just my opinion because ik some snowflakes gonna be angry but seeing Kamala Kahn forced onto the A-listers cover is hilarious. She does not fit in or belong with the OG Avengers at all, atleast build the character up first, nobody is going to know who that is when picking up the game case lmfao 😭 I dont dislike the character but her stretchy fightstyle looks boring ashell aswell. Like i said, my opinion.

    And we all know Cap is alive, very weird how we never been introduced to these characters yet we supposed to believe Cap is dead lmao.

    But the game is looking good, I'll happily wait if that means more time to improve.

  18. As a passionate fan who wants the game to succeed i got some Concerns: Thor still seems to be doing to many combo moves on enemies that should be done in 1 or 2 shots, also the lightning effects on mjolnir still look weird, I think instead of it glowing like a lamp it should only have lightning bolts jumping and circulating around it. The hit effects in the game still look wacky/cartoony, the street fighter style freeze frames on impact of a hit needs to go, along with the colorful blast effects that happen when a hit lands, they don’t fit a photo-realistic style game such as this one. And I also wanted to touch on the legacy outfit pack….mainly Hulk… It seems like there is a different body used for this skin, because his muscles and proportions look different… I suggest using the same body as the default skin but only changing the color of his skin to the brighter green you see here. Also of course changing the clothes to the ripped white shirt and short purple pants. But I also noticed his hair looks extra fuzzy in this shot, I suggest using the same hair as the default hulk but only changing the color of his hair to black with green highlights.

  19. Don’t know if you guys will see this but please DO NOT add Miles Morales. Please add Peter Parker Spider-Man. It is not the same, I don’t care what you guys may think as a result of the Into the Spider-Verse. That was a good movie but when it comes down to it, NO REAL MARVEL FAN wants to see Miles Morales over Peter Parker. If Peter Parker wasn’t Miles’s teacher in Spider-Verse that movie would have gotten like 10 times the backlash I’m telling you right now before you put something out, if you’re thinking of adding Miles Morales. DON’T please please the amount of angry fans will be more than there was for Kamala, I like Kamala a little because she is original, but Miles is a replacement for a hero we have grown to love because they killed him off just because he’s white and they don’t like a white dude being a popular hero Peter Parker is my childhood and this is coming from a black guy it’s not about race with me. Just don’t do it I thought about the possibility of u guys doing it and it scared me Cuz Im looking forward to this game

  20. I’m having a hard time deciding between PS4 and PC for this game. The PC would push atleast 1440p 60 on my gaming pc and opens up mods, yet the PS4 Pro, I assume will be 1440p as well, will also give me that nice steelbook from BestBuy and I’m a collector. Anyone want to persuade me to buy either edition?

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