Marshawn Lynch “Beast Mode” Career Highlights | NFL

Marshawn Lynch “Beast Mode” Career Highlights | NFL

I’ve got to leave a head live up to the guy on the other side watch raw this kitchen flame first career touchdown for the young man from Oakland California Marshawn Lynch the Buffalo fans here can learn to love this young man Reed goes in motion back to the ground game and the bingo floor let’s break the tackle for Charlotte’s he’s gone touchdown stuff alone Jax would give a row for first down yardage inside the cordon high percentage throw but right here there comes Ray Lewis and then jared johnson number 95 or what a move what a move by Marshawn Lynch on Garrett Johnson too late hi Stefan and she’s shifty maneuvering communicant tried to grill haha stay in bounds even stayed in bounds it was good looking he never quit he never quit he got in so strong and his lower body you talk about yards after contact now watch his teammates look at carpenter over the obstacle and I’ll cut brought him in and they push them into the end zone he takes it in their form of the 50 and gives it to marks on the links and links for the first down and is trying to 10 and Willie beastmode he calls it unleashing the beast touchdown seattle I do our way you got to get him from one o’clock legs burning pensive lasted from the oven third and 11 across night call start of the second half starts with a by the lips try the left side now comes back to the right side he’s got Russell Wilson out in front of him walking take it the partner baby up at the Hayden the secondary role prides it down top I’m going to get it to win who breaks the tackle still fighting forward arm tackles don’t work against that guy not against Marshawn Lynch see from just inside the one another touchdown good luck haha he just shut him down off the lid for the head of steam works on Carrie rose they got his feet and fight to the 15 ah around Marshawn Lynch with you and Linda Gary they’re blocking morning later found a lot of early back in the day john Lynch got to the fumble at the one-yard line this changes the dynamics quickly and they put it tight into that died second is Bob Wilson seeking his first completion and he has a wide open receiver that’s links down the left side they need the moment forget about leaks and he burns them all the way down the 27 yard line what first down still going get the block for his water back and his am going to cut down fiction science center Liz with a spear haven’t even that’s total marks on lip on the move one man to beat throw the fourth quarter by defense will be Dodgers won soccer looking the long way over here wide open his bliss Marshawn Lynch 4030 down at the 25 the arms of the Eagles pulley which comes outside he might be gone here what’s coming and his and more try to hold it back but wins power for Lynch team the two tight ends one of which is the blocking both out here comes Marshall Lynch and he talked to the races he’s being chased by Hampton here we go very sharp edges for seven hours is linked the two yard line is Greta head his lid mark got we’re still going all the way up and now going to the 35 in back out yet that was what we call you let’s go chocolate he might go he thought yall he does go cheap value varies line Marshawn Lynch again this is a big game Marshawn Lynch fuck the sideline city territory crowd silent now as opposed to when the saints at the ball oh look at this one what Iran Marshawn Lynch see pen slackers now he’s dancing his way for the cliq the people written down the field to help them he breaks the tackle of Jan Lee runs through sharper run through a dell run through safari fear get off me that is good and effort as I’ve ever seen in my life from a running back he’s played the drive right here quick dump no glass a handoff yes there is a flag and there goes lint lickers go and he put his all into the end zone 13 for Wilson he be pressured by Kerrigan put it up it’s cause I went for the first down stays in bow and went to the 21 yard loss turn around out of with Taunton and here in part on Lynch breaks it up the middle and link has one man to beat cuts toward the middle and is finally brought down inside the 5 by George list of a strong safety let’s coming pressure on and links his open and he will walk into the end zone does the medical doctor hears that work and they’re giving back what a play but my travel is going to God supposed and dead first to their ability to run the football their ability to create some opportunities for their office Lynch chased by Helen greenpoint lookin four blocks which is him get someone chased by Ross and not gonna bounce I Hayden lay the foundations of their eventual rose bowl with they meet again in the pros mark john Lynch looking just fine pounding near the 40-yard line pressure off the edge link out of the backfield open barely breaks the tackle and scores a touchdown that will be all the best again Lane let’s start out Marshawn Lynch…Marshawn lynch cuts it back and embark in territories down to the 43 yard line side of the bridge I think anybody detective it’s a touchdown yes mark job touchdown you

100 thoughts on “Marshawn Lynch “Beast Mode” Career Highlights | NFL

  1. Nothing is as intimidating as trying to tackle a powerhouse running back like lynch. Dudes running full speed right at you… all you can do is pray.

  2. Some dudes have different DNA…. Sean Taylor, Lawrence Taylor, Beast mode, Barry Sanders….. You just know they are a little different from regular people.

  3. As a Rams fan, I love Patrick Peterson, I really do. However, I've never seen someone get stiff armed of out bounds and just stayed out of bounds as the play ran on. He got manhandled and demoralized on that play.

  4. I always got the feeling from Lynch's interviews that he was the jock in school that never showed up to class and still got straight A's.

  5. For his antics with the media, he had none in the endzone. Barry Sanders esque how he didn't celebrate his touchdowns often. Class!

  6. why didn’t they show the last play of the super bowl when they lost against the patriots when they didn’t run the ball on there own five😂

  7. Watchin this dude, one thing comes to mind… I remember my coaches tellin me to keep churnin those feet, keep chuggin, cover the ball with two hands when you think youre goin down, keep the ball away from the defenders, use the arm, lower the shoulder and hit them back.
    This dudes fundamentals were on point. When you got fundamentals as down as this guy, you dont need to be flashy to be great… I cant believe the caliber of players our generation got to witness, its unreal.

  8. 11 yrs in the NFL-148 games played _ 2441/10379 rush/yards _in 2012 rushed for 1590 yds _ 1X SuperBowlChamp
    0:46 bustin' HoFer's ankles _ 3:25 takes about 5 guys to tackle BeastMode _ 6:05 rumblin' bumblin' stumblin' _ 6:45 breakin' 7 or 8 tackles!!!
    SuperBowl XLVI (Feb. 1, 2015 – Patriots vs Seahawks) is the most watched television broadcast ever w/ 114,442,000 viewers.
    They all would have handed off to BeastMode & not thrown the interception.
    Marshawn Lynch would have scored a touchdown if given a chace to w/ 26 seconds left, even I know that & I'm a lifelong Pats fan.

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