Mark Ruffalo Completely Spoils the Avengers 4 Title and Ending

Mark Ruffalo Completely Spoils the Avengers 4 Title and Ending

-But you do have another
Avengers movie coming out. -I do.
We have another Avengers movie. [ Cheering ] -It’s gonna be amazing. -Have you finished filming it, and are you allowed to talk
about these things? ‘Cause I know
you get in trouble. -[ Chuckles ]
Uh… I’ve sort of, in the past, uh,
maybe have given up things, some spoilers…
-What have you done? -Um…well… I basically spoiled the end
of “Avengers: Infinity War” with Don Cheadle, who will no longer
do press with me. -[ Laughs ] -Um…and, uh… I’ve been sort of put under
surveillance by Marvel. -Marvel. Yeah, they don’t want
you talking to me. -They got a lot of reach
in the world… -That’s correct.
-…and I’ve learned my lesson. -Alright.
[ Stammering ] Can you give us any hint of anything? I don’t want
to get you in trouble with the studio or Marvel, but, I mean, maybe,
could you even just… -A little something?
-Do we know the title? Do we know the title?
Could you… -Uh… [ Cheering ] Alright, I think I could
probably tell you that. [ Whistling ] -Really?! -I think it’s out there already. The title of the next Avengers
movie is… [ Bleep ]. [ Cheering ] That’s out there, right? -I can’t believe
that you just told us! That’s the biggest spoiler ever.
-No, that’s out there. -I don’t want
to get you in trouble. -No, I swear, that’s out there. -No, alright.
-It’s okay. -Are you sure?
-Yeah. -I mean, that’s —
I thought it was a spoiler. We all reacted to it. Can you give us…
another spoiler and an actual — I mean, now that that’s already
out there. Come on! -No, I can’t do it. No.
-Dude, you won’t get in trouble. I mean,
that’s already out there. Come on, they love you. Come on.
-Okay, there’s just… [ Cheering ] -There’s this —
There’s one thing. I’m really excited about it. I don’t think this will be
giving away too much. -No, just don’t give away
too much, yeah. -So,
[bleep] in the final battle, Bruce Banner is in his [bleep]. [ Bleep continues ] …right?
-Yeah? -And he wakes up,
and he’s like, “Oh, [bleep]!” Turns into the Hulk, he busts
out of this tank, right? -Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
-And he’s like [bleep]. [ Bleep continues ] Boom! He jumps through the air. He’s flying and flying
and flying. [ Bleep ] -This is unbelievable!
-…coming across. He grabs [bleep]. -Yes, yes, yes! [ Bleep ] -…going over New York City. Ah! [ Bleep ]. -Mark, it’s too much
[indistinct]. -And he’s pissed, man.
-No, no. Stop. That’s enough! -I mean, he’s just like —
-No, that’s enough! Mark! Enough! Mark!
That is enough! That is enough spoilers! We have to see the movie! You said too much! [ Scattered whoo’s ] More with Mark Ruffalo…
-It’s like one scene. -…when we come back.
Stick around. Wait, so, Black Widow
is [bleep]. -I’m sorry. Oh, God…
-That’s —

100 thoughts on “Mark Ruffalo Completely Spoils the Avengers 4 Title and Ending

  1. I remember how those theory channels would waste hours analyzing this to find out the title/plot even though it was obviously a joke.

  2. Rewatching this it’s so fake cause he says stuff about New York in the final battle and Bruce banner being in a tank none of which was in endgame

  3. Edward Norton: fired for being difficult to work with and also calling shot when he wasn't even the one incharge

    Mark Ruffalo : gunna be fired for giving out spoilers and being a walking newspaper 🗞

  4. It’s weird how ppl who are actual mcu fans click on this vid before it comes out, like if ur a fan u would try to avoid this video, wouldn’t u?

  5. Man Fallon is the worst actor XD
    I don't wanna get u In any trouble, but spoil some stuff plz , oh am sorry I don't wanna get u in any trouble

  6. The 4th movie was called avengers endgame
    Dead people
    Cap (off screen death)
    Tony stark
    Black withow
    The dusty people comes back
    Tony snap his fingers and dies
    Spiderman is back
    New characters
    Ant man
    Hawk eye
    The stone guys and the scissors boy
    Captain marvel
    Thor gets fat
    All of them time travel to save the univers
    Five years later
    Captain can lift thor's hammer

  7. Jimmy was trying to play double game with Mark. First he pushes him to tell the spoiler and when Mark did he was like "why did you do that".😂😂😉

  8. jimmy: could you give us a spoiler?
    mark: you're just using me to get to the spoilers that's gross you're not my friend

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